The Joy of Being Human

“Let’s talk about joy.  Joy is a complicated and powerful emotion that can change the world. To have joy you must have love as well, but joy is unique in that it is harder to hold onto. Those molecules floating in the air as thought forms can enhance joy or destroy it. The choice is up to you. Being human allows you to follow your joy, create joy, be drawn to others’ joy and desire joy.  It is simply a choice.  There is a pattern to it and by following the pattern that comes out of your mind then into reality will continue to bring you joy.  You must recognize it or it will be lost.  You become joyful when you have joyous thoughts therefore, try to hold onto that thought pattern for as long as you can.  It’s not as easy as you may think but it is extremely powerful.  When you are in the state of joy your vibration turns faster and you are elevated and more visible from the higher realms, we see you, we feel you, and we can more easily communicate with you.  Just the simple energy exchange between us and you can have a great affect for the better onto your soul and understanding of who you are, and that you are not alone in the universe, ever.  Joy is magic.  People don’t focus on joy enough.  Children have such a wonderful ability to be in joy for long periods of time during the day.  They flicker in and out of communication with us so much, it’s hard for them to know which plane is real, this one or yours.  This is an active practice.  It takes work but it is rewarding work.  To be human is to be joyous if you focus on it.  It also manifests into it’s own energetic mass. It can be measured, seen and touched, but your technology is not at this level yet.  The human brain churns out these physical manifestations of joy when deeply engaged in it, that’s why we can see it.  If everyone focused on joy your world would change overnight.”

– My Guides

When I asked my guides about finally sharing the information they tell me with the public, the title: The Joy of Being Human popped into my head within seconds.  Now, I had never thought of this prior to asking them.  This only came up once back in 2010 when The Joy Pattern, was first explained to me (I’ll have to dig into the archives to retrieve this one).  Then it literally never came up again!

As I type these funny messages out on my computer, I have to admit, I am still filtering them.  My ego is just so nervous to share all the other stuff that came out during this particularly long channel this evening.  I was so in the zone that I literally jumped when my son coughed on his baby monitor.  It popped me back into reality and I had to stop.  This bit about joy feels extremely important to share and I apologize if it seems confusing.  They assume I get this on a very deep level, partly because I feel them as well as immediately know what they are saying in my mind and on some level when it comes through it makes perfect sense, but when I stop,  go back and read it, I sometimes think, OMG, that’s some complicated sh*t!




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