The State of Planet Earth

“The shift has begun.  Most of you are not ready for this incredible transformation of your home, but it is going to happen.  Like all living creatures, the earth must be understood as being alive.  From the core of the planet to the rocks on the surface, all elements, creatures, plant life, and seemingly non-living entities on this planet are indeed alive.  You are not solely responsible for the success or health of all the creatures on this incredible planet, but you have had a great impact on the future survival of several, if not all of the species.  There is so much going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of or could possibly comprehend.  Mother Earth is asking that you recognize her and treat her with utmost respect, love and simple kindness.  She is here to provide a place for you to live out your years, but the foundation of this place is changing as it always has ever since she existed.  The Great Mother is shaking off debris collecting in her energetic field as well as pushing mankind to come together as a more collective species.  You will see these changes as violent storms, great earthquakes, intense heat, more rainfall than ever noted in history and the decline of coasts that are currently inhabited.  You are here in a time of enormous change.  You must work together to survive so to speak, you must learn how to drop your selfishness and think of others, you must change your thinking and use your heart.  Mother Earth is changing everything as you now know it.  You must start shifting your thinking and consciousness.  Think of the masses, meditate for peace for the masses, think of mankind in peace and unity with one another.  Forget all the divides that are part of the third dimensional illusion.  Raise your awareness, go higher, push yourself, feel your vibration elevate, this is where all people need to be.  We want you to aim for 5th dimensional conciousness.  You will know it when you feel everything and everyone around you and have a deep (never felt before) compassion, and love for ALL things.  This is where humans are headed and the Great Mother is pushing all of you to reach this state.  It is for your own good and all of the crystalline structures in the DNA of the newer generations were built for this rise in conciousness so it is in your ability to do so, do not be afraid.  Use your heart, see with your heart, hear with your heart , feel everything with your heart.  Turn off the TV, the computer, the phone, – all distractions to your heart.  Ignore the mass messages of lack, fear, death, suffering, racism, sexism, and kind of thinking that makes you feel separate from your brother or sister.   We are never separate.  When we pass to the other side we work so beautifully together.  There is no separation, all is understood.  You must strive to bring back that part of yourself to your world at this time.  Remember we are all connected.  There is no reason to listen to the negative forces who are using mind control to dominate your thoughts and fears.  You and all other humans are born with God’s love inside of you.  Gently bring yourself back to this.  Feel his/her love inside you, know deep within you that ALL is truly okay, there is nothing to fear, especially if you all learn to help, love and work together.  You are an unstoppable force.  Mother Nature is teaching you this critical yet seemingly painful soul lesson.  Learn and change.  Grow and transform who you are.  Your species is at a critical level of development that it has never been to before in its history.  The great secret is: nothing can stop you from being the God Spark that you came here to be.  How that will look is completely up to you, but nothing can stop you are free to have the most beautiful, abundant, loving, happy, joyful, honest, life possible.  Great things are possible for humanity.  The push you are receiving may seem bizarre, but trust that it is all for the betterment of the human species.  If you choose to live in fear, separate yourself, judge everyone harshly, live with racism, hatred, but mostly fear in your heart, you will have an extremely difficult time with the inevitable shift, and I dare say you may have to leave your body sooner than expected.  Have faith, believe in Jesus, God, the Angels, no one is meant to be left behind, but you MUST do the work, for the work is truly beautiful and you are MADE for it.  There are no accidents.”

–My Guides

Wow, this one was a powerful one.  My fingers just flew across the keyboard.  When I do this I truly feel my head space being pulled up higher.  It’s almost like a gentle pressure around my head and I just let it take me away.  I believe the reason planet earth is coming in so much is mainly because I’ve been watching the news and have been just amazed at all the changes that have happened already this year.  The number and intensity of hurricanes this year has been staggering.  My husband used to live in St. Croix, Virgin Islands and the island was truly devestated after Irma and Maria had their way with it.  Something big sure does feel like it’s happening and I do get scared.  Every year is a new surprise with new disasters and it’s fascinatingly scary.   Take what you will with this post, it was intended for everyone not just me.  Excuse me if the language sounds like it’s geared towards me, it isn’t.  May we all reflect on how to be better people to one other,  that’s what this post is about.


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