Trust Yourself

Six images that combine Chandra data with those from other telescopes.

“It is clear from our perspective that not all models of occupation are built for everyone.  We see you struggling with work, we understand, we feel you, and never forget we know your heart’s deepest desires.  The word “work” doesn’t correctly resonate with the gifts you were given in this lifetime.  The world you live in uses such labels, but just remember they are only labels.  Your purpose, your reason for existing is so much more than “doing work.”  Your soul is here to create, to love deeply, to connect to all the beautiful souls who have incarnated at the same time as you. You are here as one of God’s most loved helpers.  You love being this as well, your soul has been a “helper” for many lifetimes, but in this current lifetime you have so many beautiful options on how to bring together the most incredible, magnificent, and unique ways of helping.  Every single soul walking on the planet is so incredibly unique.  It is your duty to figure out what makes you special.  We know, but it is not for us to give you all the answers.  What good would a life with so many lessons and discovery be if we simply handed over all the answers to you, this is part of being alive; remember you chose this.  You aren’t supposed to have all the answers dear one; this is the beauty in it.  The more you connect to God and love the more all will be revealed and it is ALL in divine timing.  It is not for you to worry about when, how, or why things are as they are, just focus on your heart’s truest desire.  Nurture it, and then watch it grow.  The path will show itself and you get to choose, how wonderful is that?  God is truly magnificent.  You have before you, multiple life paths showing themselves and you simply get to choose which path to follow.  No path is wrong.  If you could step back and see the magnificent grid of dimensions you would see this all displayed in a mathematical way, but that is not what you are supposed to see.  With deep meditation and enlightenment you most surely could, but it is not necessary.  You simply need to follow your heart.  Follow it dear one and don’t be afraid.  Break the mold, break the models, and live your life the way you know is possible, but not common.  You will be taken care of, the flow of financial security will come rushing your way.  You will swim in the stream of total security and float within the riches and love it brings you.  Wealth is not only currency, it is within the heart.  If your heart is full, happy, fulfilled, content, and confident all will come, in fact, so much more than you ever imagined.  You are loved, loved so much that if you got the smallest taste of it, you may feel an implosion inside your body.  All the molecules, atoms, and cells would swell with so much happiness and joy you would never question what is possible again, because you would see, feel, taste, know, and almost float away in the ecstasy of the divine.  It is not truly possible to explain this in words.  Telepathic pictures, enchanting music, beautiful sensory experiences like the orgasm is perhaps the closest you could get.  Know that you have all the power, all the knowledge and the ability to make a dream life you so deeply want come to reality.  Trust, Listen, Take Your Time, and Create dear one.  You have our support, love and most of all belief.  We believe in you, we always have and always will not matter what setbacks you may think you are going through.”

–My Guides

I was listening to music this time while tapping in and I felt so peaceful after writing this.  I’ve been dealing with a block to channeling lately.  I can’t help like feel like a fraud on some level.  All this writing from a deeper place messes with my ego and this nasty ego wants to stop me from sharing any of this.  What a crazy internal battle I am dealing with every time I think about writing.  However, this time it really flowed with the help of some music I found on Spotify.   If you’re wondering what the song was that sparked this very heartfelt/angelic feeling post it was: Big Black Delta – brookes was here2a .  This is yet another reason I love Spotify, you just never know what kind of gem of music you are going to stumble upon.  It felt really stinkin’ good to reach up into the other realms today, thank you Big Black Delta, you literally raised me up, and helped me get out of my way! I recommend playing this song and reading this post again, maybe a few times if you  want to.

PS- This is a message for EVERYONE not just me.  I feel that this is for the collective, so if you resonate with this, awesome.  If not, no worries.  I write all my posts from a place of knowing that we are all super connected, like, on a cosmic level we are LITERALLY all brothers and sisters.  There is no distinction between ethnicities, race, or gender.


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