Being Human is Magnificent


“To be human is to be a beautiful hybrid of cosmic stardust.  We are trying to bring this to your awareness every day and as this, we know,  stirs up your conventional programming with religion, culture, customs, and everything you thought it was to be human; we are here to push you to the deepest expanses of your mind.  You know that one or more of us, your guides, is from another planet, star system to be precise.  What’s more important than the details of who I am is, what you are.  You, as in, the “collective” you.  Yes, there is that word that seems so prevalent in your lexicon these days, “collective.”  You see, God is responsible for your soul, but we, the ancient races who have lived much longer periods of time before humans, were given the task to create a new kind of being; the human being.  We have experimented and delighted in the coming together of galactic friends with creating your kind.  You see, you have a piece of all of us in you.  It’s not simply one “alien” ancestor dear one it is the collective of the galaxy.  You are a collective of races, intelligentsia, energies, love, divine, light and dark.  Each individual walking upright on your planet is a walking galaxy!  You have it all, the good and the bad (but this isn’t the word that truly suits it, but for now let’s use it).  The so-called negative species the Reptilians gave you your burning sex drive, the intense physical need to either reproduce or simply sex for pleasure.  There is a lot of dark and light energy spiraling within this dimension from them and each of you journey to whatever side pulls you at any one particular time.  There is no judgment, it is literally what you are: light and dark, and each teaches you so much about what you like and don’t like about yourself and the world you live in.  The Arcturians influenced your intelligence by helping you understand complicated concepts whether it be physics of all kinds, math, the sciences, dimensional understandings, etc. they push you to ask the hard questions in life to think, but with your higher brain, and to get your life in order so you can advance to the next level.  The Arcturians are pushing you to advance your consciousness to the next plane or dimension.  They are the ones that keep telling you about the third dimensional plane on earth and how it’s coming to an end so everyone needs to start doing the necessary work to advance or be left behind without the incredible opportunities to grow your soul, and finally feel a kind of peace that other planets know. The Pleadians are here to expand your heart, your empathic connection to everyone and every living plant, animal and rock around you.  These beings awaken you to mother nature and her beautiful knowledge and how you must listen to her, take care of her for she is your home and she truly is beautiful in all ways, yet dangerously destructive and she is now changing her landscape to accommodate for all the climate changes happening.  The Pleadians want you to be prepared and not be surprised by the immense changes coming, so your “P” DNA is being activated to wake up!  The Lyrians have given you the power to be courageous with your life to push yourself to unthinkable levels and go past fear in order to follow your passion, your life purpose and your true calling in the world.  To them, there is nothing you can’t do. Like loving parents they watch over you and praise you for all the times you’ve used your courage for love, life changes, manifestation, to fight something that is morally wrong and to take a stand for who you are in the world.  There is more, so much more.  In order not to overwhelm you and to allow this channel to flow we will let this soak in.  As you type, you get the visuals in your mind that goes along with this.  It is a deep sense of truth, isn’t it?

We are not gods.  We never have been.  We honor our one God far too much to take that kind of title.  We are you dear one.  We truly are part of you.  We are engineers of your body and influencers of your heart and mind.

Be proud of what and who you are.  Learn with a discerning heart and mind as much as you can.  More humans are waking up to this truth and more are being compelled to share like you are in order to help others simply wake up to their magnificence.

Instead of focusing on the news which is a downward spiraling, spinning, mind trap, focus on this.  Believe it or not, now is an excellent time to be alive on Earth.  You and all others who resonate and are ready to accept this incredible knowledge will find so much freeing peace and awe within these words.  Help others wake up farther.  You are responsible for your life, your destiny, your mark on this planet, you signed up for an incredible adventure and you need to understand now, at this very time that you are made up of not only human ancestry, but star ancestry as well.  Does the word “alien” really resonate well with all of this?  We think not, WE are your ancestors dear one, we ARE pushing you to reach new levels.  We see how this will GREATLY affect all the lifeforms and planets in the universe, it is now time for you to embrace what and who you all really are!  Take time, let it soak in, meditate on this and let the inward journey cause you to fly and soar among the stars.  In the future your planet’s issue with racism will no longer be a “thing.”  You will be integrating so much knowledge and appreciation as your cells wake up to share all the cosmic knowledge trapped in your body.  Are you ready to wake up?  Are you really  ready to de-program and let go of all the programming that doesn’t serve your soul any more?  We think you and others are.  Not all of you, but the ones looking are. We are here to say welcome home, we’ve missed you so much.  We are so excited to take you to the next level of human growth.  It is time and all the teachers are gathering.  You now call them spiritual woo-woo people, but they are the first wave of teachers here to help so the second wave can come in.   For all of those lost and wondering where you are from, our answer is the galaxy.  Take time to learn about these different ancestors from the stars and use your heart as a guide to feel into which ones you may resonate with the most, call them in, you will get incredible downloads when you are ready.  You must first make your body and soul a vessel to receive them and that requires raising yourself up.  Think about what you eat, your thoughts, your own issues that need work, and do the work it’s all part of the journey, you will be rewarded greatly!”

– Your Guides

As you can imagine, I’ve been thinking about other worlds a lot these days.  I have been a bit obsessed and trying to figure out what to believe and what not to believe.  The internet is now becoming a place where more people are posting knowledge about aliens on YouTube.  Check out Bridget Nielson and GiGi Young on YouTube if you want to go deeper into this world.

As I was playing with my son outside today, I kept hearing in my mind, how magnificent it is to be human for much bigger reasons then we fully understand.  I know how crazy all of the above sounds, trust me! At the same time though, I love it.  I feel so lucky to be getting this super strong awareness about myself.  This isn’t for everyone and that’s totally ok.  Everyone is growing, evolving and changing at their own pace, I get it.  The feeling behind this particular channel was that our/my alien ancestors are just as important to learn about as our human ones.  I feel that the more we study about who we really are, and what makes us up, the better people we will be.  Look, we are all basically varying different portions of just about every race on the planet, there are DNA tests to prove it so, why not expand this to our galactic heritage? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to help people with this, but it would be super cool!  Just as we can use a simple cheek swab to find out our different ethnicities, I believe we can use meditation or past life regression therapy to unlock or connect to the higher wisdom and linages inside of us.

Here is a little something I found after posting this.  It’s from Sonia Choquette a big time author in the spiritual community (Hay House).  She talks about what it means to raise your vibration.  Take a look this might be really helpful to get a better grasp on this whole thing of “raising your vibration.”  Enjoy!

Click on the link below:

How To Raise Your Vibration by Sonia


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