Soul Contracts

“You choose all the soul contracts, otherwise known as friendships/relationships in your life.  Every single person you come into contact with has an impact, a purpose, whether it be short-lived or until the end of your days.  We see all the struggles you’ve had with some of your more challenging contracts.  We would like to point out that these are teachers not just friends or enemies.  They take many forms and even if they have caused you deep pain, you learn the most from them, do you not?  We understand that these contracts sometimes need to be terminated in order for you to be free, grow, and strengthen your understanding of your own personal power, and we honor you for your courage in doing so, however, do not discredit those painful teachers.  They have reached deep into your soul and brought up something you were hiding from.  Those aspects of yourself that hid behind the closet, peering out, but never really addressed.  Sometimes when you are not learning or growing at the pace that is needed in order for you to reach your soul growth’s goal before the end of your life, you need a bit of speeding up.  We help create situations, coincidences, opportunities, and bread crumbs for you to follow.  These nudges from us help lead you to these teachers. We watch destiny unfold with love as you go through the phases of expansion.  People who you have an unexplainable connection with can cause you great pain, do not be afraid of those relationships as they can bring you IMMENSE joy as well.  Just as the dark and light dance within you, these are aspects from the same place.  No one was ever meant to be on the planet alone, it truly is impossible to grow alone, you need others to water your soul soil, to cast rays of soul sunshine onto your spirit, to fertilize your garden of imagination, and most of all nurture the love inside of you and the Godmind your were born with.  You need all of these soul contracts; they are ever-giving, ever-supporting, ever-loving, ever- listening to all of your wonderful ideas and heartsprings inside of you. When you feel betrayed and mistreated by these “teachers” just simply learn.   Let all the emotions and reasoning to understand what happened be a guide, then sit back and simply learn, as painful as it might be.  Sometimes you need to physically experience something in order to grow from it and never let that “lesson” repeat.  There are the joyous contracts and the burdensome contracts and you are, my sweet soul, meant to have both.  The souls that come into your life and lift you up are as precious a gift as your very being is, you must cherish, appreciate and respect those friendships. They will take you to fifth dimensional consciousness.  You hit the 5th dimension when you communicate without words or the ideas and thought forms come pouring out of you both at the same time.  You hit this dimension with another when you speak their very words before they say them.  You are in the 5th dimension when you can hold immense love for them when they have pulled away from you.   You have risen up to the 5th when you can listen as though it was your very own story.  This is where humanity can go!  This is where so many others on other planets already are, isn’t wonderful?  Enjoy your life.  Enjoy your variety of teachers.  They all have a purpose for you.  You couldn’t do this Earth thing without them.  You are all living and breathing for each other, even though you don’t know it.  You are all brothers and sisters on more levels than you could possibly know.  When a contract is over it can be liberating and joyous or painful and cause great sadness.  Both are good and both experiences are needed and you simply couldn’t grow your soul to the place it needs to be before you depart this world without one another.  We love to watch you grow.  We understand it is painful.  We are cheering you all on, we love you all so much.  Keep learning,  keep being courageous with each new contract as it will only lead you to growth.”

–Your Guides

I felt this needed to be addressed for not only me, but for lots of people.  I have had and do have some amazing friends, and, well, I’ve had some pretty shitty ones too.  Before marrying my husband, I told him that I have this bizarre knack for attracting aggressive women into my life.  I’ve actually had more problems with women being toxic for me than men.  I am not sure what that’s all about, but it’s true.  I was kind of a tom-boy growing up and I think being raised by a single dad until I was twelve may have something to do with how my own inner masculine/feminine energy is, not sure.  Anyway, I’ve learned some really harsh lessons from women.  That crazy, Khali-like fire that is a take no prisoners, screaming banchee kind of woman, yikes!  Healing from painful experiences from any human can feel like such a roller-coaster and then there’s the stupid depression. Following the depression is the working out and getting yourself back in shape phase.  I also like to call this the “training sequence” like you see in movies.  “It’s time to look hot again, feel good again, and let go of all that crap that I felt!”  So, I guess this channeling is my guides saying that was a “soul lesson” I needed to learn.  It never feels good, but apparently it’s necessary!  If you are going through something, take care, it will pass, and don’t forget, it was your soul’s choice! Ha!

2 thoughts on “Soul Contracts

  1. I find women to be more toxic than men as well. I have an incredibly small group of women that I call friends and most of my friends are male, including my bestie. It is amazing how much we can love to tear each other down instead of raise eachother up. Loved the post 🙂

    1. Inkwell87, thank you so much for your comment!! Yes women can be very tricky with each other. I have found that since I’ve been more aware of this issue, I am able to create boundaries and “Thai Chi” myself away from women who immediately make me feel weird or have a super negative vibe. I am currently dealing with gently letting go of friends who were once close, but are no longer showing up as friends I want to surround myself with. It’s a constant process! Thanks so much for your input, and I very much get how much easier it is to have guy friends.

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