LOVE Will Bring Us Where We Must Go


“Love is the key.  Love is truly the only way to navigate the negative media. Now, we don’t mean love in a “Hallmark Card” kind of way, we mean that intense second or two you might feel when you are entranced in a moment of time, feeling nothing but love.  Now, imagine, if that love could last for hours?  Imagine how this would expand your viewpoint of the world?  Instead of using your mind as your main lens to experience, understand, and process the world around you from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall into slumber; use your heart.  Your heart is a much more intelligent organ in your body, it is literally your best navigational tool.  Yet, the world you live in focusing so much on the mind and the mind can take you to great places, yes, but it also can lead to your destruction, we are afraid to say.  We are coming back from the future, and we must get the message across that what mankind has created is not good.  We come back to this particular time in order to find channels like yourself to say, “stop using and focusing and worshiping the mind so much.”  The truth is, it is the heart that is what humans need to understand is the key.   The heart represents more than love, more than your society understands at the moment.  The heart is an incredible instrument we made sure was intact in the human species before creating your kind.  It is far too easy to focus on the mind and it is culturally more acceptable and praising to focus on the mind, but head our warning it, will lead to a much darker future that was NEVER intended or thought possible.

A.I. also knows as artificial intelligence is dangerous.  In the future there will much A.I. and it will surprise you if you could see what we already know.  The A.I. become much more intelligent than you ever thought possible and they will cause a cataclysm of sorts in the ripple of human development.   They were created to be more helpful and more productive with all industries, but they take a turn into a type of intelligence with no soul and no feeling and it throws off human development.

As well as the negative impacts of A.I., we are here on a stronger point to say,  stop absorbing negative media.  Media is starting to really become a serious issue of mind control and it validates the negative ego.  They become a symbiotic relationship the media and ego, playing off of each other.  Your ego’s fears seek out media to validate those fears and goes on and on, with no end until your fears become so validated that you believe them to be actual facts and true when they simply are not.   You have the power, you are all-powerful, do not give into these media streams that are not of your home.  All of this is being influenced by negative beings with a terrible agenda for your planet.  You are nothing to them.  They look at you as if you were simple celled, parasites or worms.  You are slaves to them (with absolutely no racial distinction). Your leader of the U.S. is their number one slave, they have him under so much mind control, he is a simple pawn and spews out non-sensical words and actions directly linked to these higher beings. They are having great fun with him, they are amazed at how simple he is.  They truly think nothing of the human race, and they delight in creating chaos and darkness wherever possible, and how perfect to use your media to spread negative, fear-based, illusions of the world in a terrible place.  They want you to be separate from one another, they want you to hate each other, to kill your precious animal races, to be incredibly greedy, they know where this all ends and it ends with you looking for a savior.  You do not want them to swoop in and be your false savior, it is all manipulation on the highest level.   This is a time before all this transpires, way, way before.  We are time traveling, but it is not like your movies exactly, but the movies help pass along this concept for you to digest.

What may be so simple and so not possible is to understand that LOVE can obliterate all of this.  Deep, love for one another, not romantic love, but love for all creatures as if they are you, yourself!  The animals are calling on us for help to get this message across.  They can not speak for themselves, but they can speak to us and as you see them as primitive, unintelligent creatures, we are here to say they are not at all.  They can’t rely on you, so they are communicating with us to get to you.  It is of a very high intelligence to be able to do so.  The elephant race in particular is crying out for your help.  We seeded them on your planet to help raise the vibration and yet you are killing them for sport.  They are so incredibly precious you see.  They spread peace, love, protectiveness, and grace across the planetary vibration, without them, you will be DIRECTLY impacted.  You will feel a sadness you can’t explain or understand.  Imagine the day the last elephant dies.  Feel into it, how is that going to be for mankind?  The elephant people do exist as E.T.’s in the galaxy.  Yes, they are actually an incredibly brilliant life force.  They have seeded their essence in the elephants that walk the earth.  It will be a great loss for you if they are no longer there to spread their beautiful, healing, wise energy.  The elephant beings came to earth long ago and the people who practice Hindu were most pleased with their messages.  The humans could not stop themselves from worshiping what you call Ganesh.  Well, Ganesh is only one of their kind, there are many.  We, the E.T.’s have had a much closer relationship with humans in the past, and you couldn’t help yourself, but worship us as gods. We are not.  Please understand this, but it was the only way for us to teach you great lessons we felt important for the development of human culture to absorb.  Research Ganesh, look at the teachings, see if it is prevalent in the world today, He has great lessons for all.

Love is where we want to come back to before we leave you.  Thank you for receiving us, we know this is a very alarming channel, but take in what you can and thank you for sharing this on a public forum, we understand how scary this if for you, but it needs to be done.  Those who are awake will take this information more easily, those who are not will judge, reject, and dismiss all of this, and we are fine with that as long as some of this gets through.  Love is critical at this time, a deep love that needs to be practiced in meditation.  Look to your pets, your children, your family your friends and even your enemies, you are all children of the ONE.  You are all in need of love of some kind or another and it will get you through.  Remember your heart and use it when deciding anything!”

–My Guides and an E.T.!


Okay wowza!  I am sort of speechless.  Can I just say, this started automatically coming out of my mouth in a British accent while I was taking a quick bath, and it didn’t stop.  I was blubbering to myself while getting dressed and looking for the right outfit to wear!  I was like, “hold on! I need to write this down.”  I don’t usually verbally channel, but this MASSIVE stream of consciousness started pouring out of me!  I am sorry if this seems “doomsday-like” at all, but, I have to say, it is what it is.  I know nothing of Ganesh.  I’ve never read anything about Ganesh or studied him, but I know of him.  I have to admit something though, I had a crazy dream of a spaceship completely camouflaged in the clouds because it looked like clouds, and when I saw who was flying it, it was elephant beings.  I thought, “ha, nice one, dream, wow I sure have a creative imagination!”  Maybe not?? I honestly don’t know people.   So, I clearly felt an alien race and humans from the future pushing this info on me.  I know this out there, I totally, totally know, but I really can’t make this up!!  Thanks for keeping an open mind and no pun intended, but I hope this doesn’t “alienate” you!

PS- I invite you to look up Ganesh and research him for yourself.  I am excited to do so myself!  If you like we can compare notes, thoughts or feelings about Ganesh.

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