The Beauty in Silence

“Sometimes dear one, you need to rest, go inward, and listen to the still, inner guidance that dwells inside of you.  There is great change on the horizon.  Taking time to rest is incredibly critical these days.  You have felt immensely tired and we see that.  Your body is so in tune to what is happening to the stars you don’t even realize it.  There has been a lot of planetary shifts in energy and it has been affecting most Light Beings, Starseeds, Awakened Children and other Sensitives in a very negative way.  Moodiness, energies that bring back old wounds, fear– lots of fear, is creeping into the collective consciousness right now. With great change on the horizon, it is imperative for you to “clean your house” so to speak.  Look at all the areas in your life that need your attention.  Like a giant check list we see that many things need to be addressed, set-up, organized and arranged before the great change in your life, and in so many other’s lives happens.  We are here to support you and help you on your journey and sometimes that means our communication needs to go quiet.  You have a very precious life you are taking care of right now and he is demanding a lot of your time, as he rightfully should.  We applaud you for taking the time to give to your son.  He needs you now more than ever for he too is sensitive so much, more than you, to be accurate.

We talk about this over and over its true, but there simply is no other message that is more important.  Focus on love.  Focus on loving ALL of those around you.  Watch and feel the effects it has on them.  Whether it be listening with a pure and open heart, or asking others about themselves so they can revel in the story telling, or to give without asking or expecting anything in return.  There are so many ways to give and show love.  You are hardwired to love dear one.   Your heart chakra radiates such a gorgeous beam and it gets bigger and stronger when you feel good.  Right now the energies are incredibly dense so it’s extra important to take care of yourself and let your soul and body guide you into what it needs.  A restorative 15 minute nap can do wonders for a weary body and mind. The more your take care of yourself, the more love you can give to all, and at this time there are so many needing love.  Love brings a simple joy to people and laughter is one of our favorite ways to see people buzz with joy.  With all the heavy issues and changes happening around earth, we think it’s best to keep things light.  Focus on the simple humor of things, and know that all of you are in this (life) together.   When you are in joy your heart is bursting a huge white light and literally charges every person and animal that comes into your sphere.  No words are needed.  A simple exchange of electrons as well as positive and negative magnetic charges occurs when you are in joy.  If you don’t fill your cup up with a break from time to time you can’t share this incredibly healing energy.  Whether you like it or not, you are a healer.  Your hands and heart radiate a certain kind of frequency that can actually be measured and your particular brand is especially healing for women and children.  Your husband gets the benefits as well, but he’s special.  When you hold a child near your heart they get a buzz of sorts as it enhances their energetic field.  We can see this from here, but we know you can feel it.  Children have been giving you the most beautiful signs of late. Have you noticed how they like to snuggle next to you or be on your lap?  Your brand of energy calms their heart-rate and soothes them to a point where they feel very secure and completely relaxed.  It takes a lot of energy to produces this, not only for your own child, but others around you so, of course, you feel tired, so please take care.  Getting fresh air and putting your bare feet on the ground will give you the nutrients to sustain such a high frequency.

Our message to you today dear one is simple:  Take care of your incredibly special self.  Share your love with EVERYONE, don’t be greedy.  Notice the results and watch how animals and children react to you; it is the most beautiful proof you would ever need.”

–Your Guides

It has been several weeks since I posted anything and I did slip into a sort of downward spiral of energy and emotions, and then once I realized what the issue was, I immediately pulled out of it.  I do have a young son and he does take a ton of my energy as a stay-at-home mom (hardest job you’ll ever love, right?).  I was starting to feel guilty for not feeling the channel.  It’s funny that they actually go away to “let me be.”  That was surprising to me.  Let me repeat, I am such a normal person on the outside.  I socialize with all the moms, make lunch and dinner for my boys, make the house really cozy for the holidays; all of this has been my focus.  When I have a minute to myself before passing out in bed, I get nudges and urges about what “they,” my guides want to talk about and I think, “oh I’ll get to that tomorrow.”  Well, tomorrow never seems to come! So, to all my followers who I absolutely adore, please know that I may go for periods with no channeling.  Clearly, this message was directed at me, BUT because I believe in the collective oneness of all of us, I know this will resonate with someone else as well, AND if it speaks to you, hooray, then the message was for you too!

As the holidays approach, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season.  Be gentle to yourself, and open yourself to receiving all the beautiful gifts your loved ones have to give you.  I mean that metaphorically and literally :).  Let’s hope this holiday season is truly filled with love for all of us, as far as I can tell it’s the most amazing gift our creator gave us!  Big love, big hugs, and remember to take care of your heart!

Happy Everything!!

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