Why Music Moves Us

“There is an instantaneous reaction in your cells when you listen to music.  What you can’t see is the medicinal magic that resonates within your cells.  Imagine a giant ripple that is created as a single drop of water hits a puddle.  These waves are invisible and literally lift you up, bring you down, cause introspection, deep love for you or the world, joy, remembrance, but most of all a place that is only for you; a sacred temple for your ears. You are literally absorbing the sound deep into your body. As it races up and down the kundilini spirals in your spine it goes up and down, bouncing back and forth.  What science has not made public yet is the deep healing sound waves can have upon your body.  It is up to you to be responsible for what kind of mood, healing, emotions, and energies you want to feel upon pressing play.  Sometimes your higher-self will guide you to certain artists simply because something in you needs a dose of what they are giving.  Enjoy to the fullest, give yourself SACRED time to be alone with your music.  It ignites the creativity in your mind, explodes your crown chakra and heart chakra.  It creates peace, happiness and brings you back to your body.  How good does it feel to let yourself move? Let yourself feel the beat, surrender to the impulses of each instrument; electrical or real, it makes no difference.  What is most important is to connect to the stirrings in your heart and mind, feel the music healing the heaviness or unwanted energy.  Say a prayer to release what is not wanted and let the music come in and take it away while leaving a sparkling trail of inspiration and peace in its path.  Dancing is a very different kind of movement than running, swimming, or bicycling, it does something very different to all of your sensitive energy centers.  You, as a human species, were meant to dance, the movement needs to come out organically and unique to your body, it’s your body’s way of detoxifying, of harnessing joy from nothing, and turning it into something alive in your body.  You can call in so many healing energies into your body from dance.  We see there is much more need for organic, beautiful, wild, expressive dance.  Let it explode through your cells. Find the music that best lets you expressive your own unique and beautiful dance.  The hips are filled with enormous amounts of stagnant energy from sitting so much.  Release it and watch your happiness soar!  Release it and feel the joy of being in a human body.  You were not always in a human form and the human form is a brilliant design to express dance!  Imagine how awkward and bizarre it would be to see a Dragon, Reptillian, or Zeta dance? It wasn’t meant for them!  It was meant for your species and it is entirely underestimated as a healing modality.  Look at your children!  They can’t wait to learn how to simply jump.  Watch how they move, shake their hands, bop their heads as the uncensored freedom of expression pours out of their little joyous bodies; how beautiful.

The fastest way to get yourself out of a funk is to dance.  Isn’t it funny that one of your genres of music is called “funk?”  We delight with so much pleasure when we see you dance, we see how truly at home and happy you are to let all that energy circulate through your body as it moves on its own.

Keep dancing dear one, the effects are immediate!”

—Your Guides

As my son naps I find myself opening a link from Salted Music, a Deep House record label that I haven’t listened to in AGES!  As I played the music while preparing a little lunch from my son, I got this quick, easy and simple message about music.  As I was getting the message I was feeling all the wonderful feelings this one particular song was causing inside of me.  I almost cried.  It so beautifully reminded me of a big part of myself that I have let go and love SO much.  It made me just miss me.  I used to listen and study music for hours on end, it was truly my favorite habit.  My secret fantasy of being an DJ who could get a massive room of people shakin’ always filled my mind.  Music is medicine and this was such a fantastic reminder.

Here’s a link to the song that ignited this channel:

Bonj- Marseille

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