Create & Do Everything From the Space of Love

“As you head into your new year, we gently ask you to stop, slow down and think more before doing, saying, or offering any service of any kind.  We ask you to take the time to feel into everything before doing.  We understand that this can slow you down or make you feel frustrated with the time it might take, but we are telling you that the rewards from living from this perspective are great!  If you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, do everything from love.  To be perfectly clear, we want you to do the most basic things from a space of love in your heart.  Some may see this similar to a kind of religious practice, but religion really doesn’t need to have anything to do with it.

For instance, we want you to take the time to make ALL of your meals from a place in your heart.  Don’t just mindlessly stuff food into your body due to lack of time or resources.  Please honor yourself better and give your body the respect it deserves by energetically infusing love into your cooking and food preparation.  There will be a noticeable shift in how you literally digest the food and how your cells and the cells of your loved ones absorb it.

We understand the difficulties and trials of motherhood and within this realm, we ask you to fill your heart with love the moment you enter your child’s bedroom in the morning. The way you greet him sets the tone for so much of the day, have you noticed? Look at him through the lens of deep understanding, patience and of course, love.  Instead of forcing his clothes on or making him sit still for his diaper to be changed give him time, space and a bit of understanding.  Just a few seconds more allows him to express his big emotions and shows him respect for his space, body, and needs, you will see an enormous difference with how he reacts to you.  Always come from a place of love, slow down, put yourself in his little shoes, see the world from his perspective and lovingly coax him into his diaper, clothes and let him choose when he’s ready to leave the room and start the day.  This is a practice and we applaud all of your efforts to live from this place.  The world is a hurried space and he will be racing around most of his adult life.  Give him time to do things at his own pace for this short period of childhood; the rewards will be great!

When you spend time with anyone, be it a close friend, a new friend or an acquaintance, give them the freedom to express themselves first or share a story first. We see many people, especially expats where you are living are suffering from a sort of friend void or vacuum.  There are not enough people showing patience to one another to simply let the other express themselves with no interruption.  Due to the lack of expression that is deeply ingrained in the local Saudi culture, this pressure, loneliness and lack of a supportive ear is deeply felt.  There is a void or lack of people reaching out to one another.  This a place where using your heart to reach out to others will be greatly appreciated.  Even sharing your heart through your sense of humor to make others laugh is deeply appreciated.  Use your heart to reach out and don’t be intimidated by the power of reaching out.  Even if you don’t think you can offer anything, you can.  So many are feeling lost and lonely.  This goes for people living around the globe.  Commit to the practice of being with others and reaching out to others, you have no idea what kind of sunshine you could lend to someone who is feeling despair in silence.

Even when you let the words come through you for this blog, do so, with love.  There is someone out there who will benefit from reading these words even though you really don’t deeply believe it yet.  Love can be created in so many ways and used for so many different things.  You must start this year and continue to use Love in all ways of your life.  This is not something you can simply be lazy with.  Think of how all of your actions affect others.  As much as you may think your life is just your own, and you have very little impact on those around you, we are here to say that is wrong.  You are a divine spark of light and being so you will automatically have a huge impact on those around you.  This will only be magnified a million + times if you now infuse your courageous heart into everything you do.  We say, “courageous” because it does take courage to live from love with everyone.  We get that you FEEL people’s emotions, now is the time, to start doing more about it.  It’s one thing to be empathic it’s entirely another to take action with love upon all those around you.

When you are doing any kind of self-care, do it from your heart, not just for a weight loss goal, or  simple to de-stress,  understand that you deeply love yourself and you are honoring the body you have in this lifetime.  You will NEVER have the same body again.  You will of course inhabit other bodies in future lives, but this one is the one you have now during this time so honor it and it will take excellent care of you.

With 2018 upon you now, and all the spectacular energies that are coming with it, we feel this is THE most important message for you to receive.  You can incorporate love into ALL aspects of your life but we want you to get how simple it is to not come from a place of love with all things you do.  We wanted to give you simple examples of how just a shift in your heart energy that you usually reserve for special occasions, special friends, your family, you need to use every day with all things.  The mind is a wonderful tool, but it does cause stress, the heart will never do that.  The heart is the antidote to all stress.  Use your heart to lead you to your deepest desires and practice those desires daily.  This is what the new year is all about!  Live and do from love and simply love what you do, it’s incredibly simple, but the human mind alas, makes it complicated.

We love you!  We love that you are sharing our guided words and we see a great future for so many in this next year.  Please live from love as much as you possibly can.  It is a TRANSFORMATIVE practice!”

With Love,

Your Guides

When entering the new year, I was feeling into what is the most important thing I want to work on, and really it all came down to more love.  You know, I can channel all this “love stuff” until my face turns blue, but it doesn’t mean that I am practicing it!  I am the messenger, don’t forget! As much as I would love to say I am some super advanced yogi who mediates all the time and does exactly what my guides say to do, I don’t.  Nope, I am truly your average person just trying to get through my days with a toddler while living in the frickin’ Middle East.  Life has been super mundane here for us over the holidays since we didn’t go anywhere and all of friends pretty much did.  Facebook has been a painful reminder to all the fun everyone else is having while we stay here in our boring compound that is only 10 miles large (approximately).  We live in a huge bubble and I am pretty sure I am the ONLY person with a blog of channeled writing.  Anyway, before I get off topic, my point is, I need to reach out to others more and share my heart more and this post is total validation for it!  I wish the best 2018 to everyone and I hope it has already started out in a positive way for all of you! Big Love to you all.

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