Don’t Forget Who You Are

“Remember the feeling of playing blissfully as a child?  Remember the joy of spinning around in a circle? You lived in the moment in the simplest way.  We want you to not forget your beautiful and joyful inner child. Swing on the swing, let the sand run through your fingers, giggle at being silly, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air.  Turn your face to the sun, close your eyes, and smile from ear to ear as you take in the sun’s warm and loving energy.  Move your body, roll around on the ground, swing on the swing and do this WITH your child, not just for you.  When you include your child into joyous child-like activities he benefits just as much as you do.  It is of critical importance to remember your super playful and happy inner child.  It is who you are!  You were meant to be that person, that is the REAL you! The one who sees the truth in all things, is pleased by the simplest pleasures, who runs around with a giant open heart bigger than life itself.  Who laughs and smiles as the birds chirp in the trees.  Be that person again, don’t let that person go.  Feel the immense joy that comes during the most sacred and pure months and years of your early earthly life.  It is true that you only get to experience being a child once, BUT you can hold onto the energy, the vibration, the joy of pure playfulness for the rest of your life.  Giggling in the sunlight, being in awe at an airplane, pointing to all things interesting with your whole heart is the energy behind the TREASURE of the human experience.

Before you incarnate you choose your family group, you relive lives with souls you’ve known before or perhaps included in your family group before, but no matter what your childhood is, YOU are born with a complete inner child and this inner child is either diminished quickly as you age or maintained into adulthood.  We find it is a rare few who are able to actually be aware of this, and hold onto it into adulthood.  Before you incarnate you are so excited to be a child again, it is such a wonderful time for most – we understand that there are others who choose to learn very big lessons at this time, but for most, the soul wants to ease into the lessons and experience pure joy first.  This joy is incredibly healing.  It does wonders to bring this inner joy child back into your life as an adult when you have forgotten about it.  Having children brings some of the energy back, but we are saying you need to fully embrace your own inner child again, and be THAT person again AND incorporate that person into your adult life.  It is a beautiful dance that can create a healing balance between the heaviness and stresses of adult life and the light-hearted, flexibility and flow of childhood.

If you want to have a deeper more meaningful relationship with your children, be a child! If you want to learn how to survive toddlerhood with ease, be a child!  If you want to simply enjoy parenthood and all of the beautiful experiences it offers, be a child!  You are missing the point of parenthood if it is merely a struggle for you.  You are not seeing the gifts your child is bringing to you on a daily basis!  The message is, “lighten up!”  Lighten up your outlook.  There is twofold meaning to this expression. First: relax, understand you are giving the best you can to your child and it is good enough, and second: add more light into your mind.  Imagine a bucket full of sparkling, divine, white light over your head and let it spill all over you – especially your head. Let the healing white, “God light” seep into all those cracks and corners of darkness, fear, and worry inside your body.  Having a child is supposed to be a great joy, and having a view-point of it ONLY being work and worry is quite possibly the biggest error in your parenthood experience.   Remember who you are!  You are a child too! Enjoy being a child with your child.  You will never escape being the adult in this relationship, so why not try being more like a child too?  You will only have this experience, but more like opportunity once in your life so enjoy the lessons your child is teaching you: listen, pay attention, adjust your view-point and simply be happy dear one.  Your child loves you more than you can possibly imagine, it really is divine love itself.  Look at your child with pure love.  See him as your friend and playmate as well as your child that you must teach and protect.  This is your opportunity to break family patterns.  You don’t need to do what everyone else has done, this is your turn!  You can parent in whatever way you want!  We are simply suggesting to get in touch with that beautiful, innocent and seriously happy part of yourself so you can really enjoy your child on an elevated, higher, peaceful and uncommon way.  We have seen many other adults figure this gem out and they have the most beautiful relationships with their children.  The lessons are passed down from generation to generation so imagine how beautiful it will be to see your son treating his own children this way?  It is different, but not all that mind-blowing, it is just another way of the heart.  Oh the heart!  How we rejoice in talking about the heart.  We know, it’s is the core of our message, but can you not see why it must be?

Don’t forget how to enjoy your life.  Don’t forget truly who you are.  If you think back to the moments in childhood where you were completely at peace, playing, enjoying time with a friend or sibling, or simply being with yourself, think back to that time where you were whole.  Remember who that person is, you know who it is and you know how they feel, go back to that feeling as much as you can.

We don’t like to see how your world has become so serious and so incredibly negative.  There is so much mind manipulation happening too.  Many of the times you are being told that the world is much more terrible place than it is.  It is not, dear one, it truly is not.  Watch your diet of news and current events.  As much as it is good to know the events, you don’t need to watch it every day.  The amount of helpful news is completely overrun by toxic images and fear producing thoughts, we suggest you highly limit your intake.  The most important news will always find you fret not; you will always find out the most important information.

Being an adult at this time is very “fun free.”  We see so many souls working many, many hours, suffering from extreme fatigue, eating unhealthy diets, using harsh language – therefore, producing harsh thoughts about all of those around them and the cycle just repeats over and over.  The consumption of caffeine is at an all time high around the globe.  People have completely forgotten what their bodies feel like without the aid of caffeine.  You know, your body was meant to create and sustain a lot of energy if taken care of properly.  The whole caffeine industry would be out of business if people would go back to trusting their bodies and nourishing the bodies so caffeine wasn’t needed.   The inner light is diminished from such a reliance on this substance as it is a fake rush of energy, and it burns out quickly sometimes causing one to become MORE tired.  If the body is tired, you have to learn how to rest.  The body is also telling you to take a break.  When you don’t take a break, you get sick, or at least open yourself up to illness.  Try to limit coffeine, drink much more water, have warm decaffinated beverages they will hit your bloodstream faster – therefore hydrating you faster.  This will lead to less brain fog and more energy.

For this entry we want EVERYONE to take some time (preferably in nature) to remember who they are. Go back to that little boy or girl; feel the joy you had as a child and bring it back into your body and your mind.  Relive it! Use that wonderful inner child to help you, it is your BEST friend!  Even if you practice smiling for no reason, do it.  Practice doing something silly.  Spin around with your arms out to your sides, get on a swing and feel the butterflies in your tummy as you go back and forth, remember the joy of being a child, because you still are one!”

– Your Guides and Future Self


Today I found myself without a car.  I wasn’t able to take my son with me to run some much needed errands so, I took him on a longer than usual stroller ride. One excellent thing about living in the Middle East in January is that the weather is GORGEOUS.  This is the only time of year that we can be out during peak sunlight and enjoy the fresh air and of course, bountiful sunshine; it never ends.  On the way back from our long walk, I went to the park so my little guy could run around, play and get his “energy bunnies” out; that’s what I like to call them.  While he was playing on his own, I found myself “spacing out” on the jungle gym.  All of this came pouring in and it was so incredibly clear.  It was like “duh,” of course I am a kid too, of course I am!  Why don’t I ever think about it and why have I forgotten about this side of myself?  Well here you go!  I heard the words yelling in a masculine tone (by the way), “Don’t Forget Who You Are!”  I found myself enjoying my time so much with my son, like, so much!  I sort of changed the way I treated him and viewed him.  I swear he knew what I was doing and picked up on it, or it could be my imagination, not totally sure.  Remebering your inner child is no small thing.  I really got today that it is criticial to our happiness.  Even more so, with the up coming year we are going to be bombarded with SO much negative news, financial stress, and overall work/life happiness struggles that in order to prevent going into depression we need to call on our inner child for help and bring them back into our lives.  Quite possibly even use them to get out of bad jobs, and insist this side of our spirit to help us follow our passion or at least get a job that will be so much more rewarding.   I am going to work on this, and I hope you do too!


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