What You Need To Know About DNA


“The most precious resource on planet earth is human DNA.  The real conversation about DNA has not yet started.  It is important to understand that there is nothing more precious than what makes you up.  There is so much more to your DNA than you currently understand and this is simply due to the level of vibration the current scientific community is running at (as well as humankind itself) and also because the technology doesn’t exist to prove what we are about to say.  As you have felt, we’ve wanted to talk to you about this topic for some time, but it takes a lot of time and concentration to receive what we need to tell you.  Some of this information you know, and some you do not.  The DNA issue goes back to the very beginning of the human race.  First of all, you must understand that you are part of a very big project in the galaxy.  Many ET races came together in your creation.  You have so many aspects of all of us, but because your DNA is so interwoven into whom each one of you is– you do not recognize this as being from something other than yourself or your parents.

What you do not see is the light infused deep within the code of the DNA.  When we say light we mean energetic light that cannot be explained or detected by your scientists.  The light brings you back to source, but also brings you back to different star systems.  There are memories too. Deep within the cells, you hold millions of experiences from other life times lived on other planets, as well as the memories from your ancestors and previous lives lived on earth. What we are saying, to be clear, is that your DNA is not just genes and traits passed down from generations from family; it is DNA from us, the ET’s.  We are your brothers and sisters we are all uniquely and connected in a familiar way.  What we are amazed with is how diverse and magnificent you have all become after thousands and thousands of years of reproduction; you have come an incredibly long way.  The source love that has been encoded is starting to “pop” in many of you.  Many of your spiritual teachers are calling this a kind of awakening, but we are here to say that you have always had this in your makeup no matter what lifetime you’ve lived in, BUT the difference is that due to the huge consciousness of change and heart expansion across the globe many of you are starting to remember or be connected, open, sensitive, empathic, telepathic, psychic, in touch with source on a new level that was never globally possible (without persecution).  Like when one person yawns, it immediately causes another to yawn, this is the easiest way we can explain how this chain reaction occurs which allows you to “pop”– so to speak.  When you are deeply touched by an author, a speaker, or even your best friend, they could be causing you to “pop.” You may even just create your own awakening by reading the right kinds of books your higher self pushes you to read, by attending workshops or conferences, or simply by asking the tough questions and looking deep within yourself for the answers. This too is a way to “pop.” There are many ways, and we see just how easy it is becoming for so many of you to awaken your abilities, which are sourced in your DNA.

As a “kind” you are moving into the heart-centered space of the feminine.  This is increasing the awakening process as well.  Heart-centered WISDOM is flowing abundantly across the globe and causing change within each person.  Whether it is small or big makes no difference.  Your DNA is getting accessed more. You see, we as ET’s, were in your position at one time, we have gone through ever single transition your race has gone through and we are here to help push you quickly past the “warring” times and into the “unified” times. Once humankind understands and we mean truly understands that there is no reason to war anymore, no reason to create such differences between races and cultures, you will be unified and ALL of this is deeply encoded into your DNA because we did it already for you! We have been there and ALL of our galactic experiences have made an imprint into your DNA. The only difference between us is the time it has taken us to evolve past this and to send our heart love into the universe so channels can pick up our words and lessons.

You can work on accessing your galactic DNA faster if you choose to. It does take work and even though some of you are born being able to access so much, most of you have to work at it. Follow your heart dear ones, follow it to intense levels, let your soul have time to tell you what it really, truly wants and needs and give it to it! When you nourish your soul the happiness is proof that you are raising your vibration and taking yourself higher. We understand that it is easy to lose grasp of this happiness, but it is a practice. This message has been communicated before.

The reason we want any of you to access your full capacity is simply because you will soar. If you’re dealing with depression – it will vanish, if you’re dealing with heartache – it will heal rapidly, if you’re so unsure where to take your life and what to do – the answers will come. EVERYTHING is within you. You are a walking “living” library; did you realize this? Your long strands of DNA take you back to the very beginning of creation, and beyond to be exact.

Why is this DNA so precious? If we fast-forward into the future we see there are a couple ways your humanity could go. One is the way of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the other is using advanced technological information for more organic, sustainable, human life enhancing purposes. When humans start messing with DNA everything changes. You are simply perfect the way you are, there is absolutely no reason to mess what has taken so long to perfect. In fact, your DNA is highly coveted in certain galaxies with certain life forms that cannot reproduce anymore. That will be another topic if so desired, but for now, your race is considered very pure. Forget your minerals and other metals (like gold) that impregnated your earth via asteroids. Your DNA is FAR more precious. We want to just make you aware that the organic path will preserve you and keep you whole. Once humans start mixing machines with human DNA there will be big problems and it will be very hard to hold on to the purity and quality of what you have.

We want to just remind you that no matter what life throws your way, you must know you have lifetimes and lifetimes of stored wisdom inside of you waiting to be accessed. It will not all come at once, but what will come will be what you need and at a level you can handle.”

– We leave you in peace and love the Ps (Pleiadians)


I had to make it clear that I was ready to wrap this one up, as so much of this is more complicated than my simple English vocabulary can explain. You know, when I do this I feel a lot, but it’s a lovely feeling. It’s like I feel super connected to the entire galaxy and then it gently goes away when I am ready to stop. I guess it’s kind of like taking a drug, ha!

I don’t know much about DNA expect for what I learned in biology in high school and college, but my heart just knows that all that they are saying is true. It’s great that we have guides, angels, and galactic relatives, but at the end of the day, I get that we have some Amazing tools inside of us to work with. I think a lot of the time we do it unconsciously. All of this blogging sure makes me feel a lot less alone in the world! I feel like our galactic family is just inches away sometimes, just in a different dimension, and they watch us and talk to us. It’s all just very cool. They’ve wanted to talk to me about DNA for weeks now and I still don’t feel I did it justice as it’s a complicated topic, but I tried! 🙂





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