The Art Of Being A Mother


“We see and feel so many of you struggling with motherhood.  We feel it’s urgent to share some healing messages to not only you, but to a larger audience about how we understand motherhood.  First of all, we would gently like to remind you that there is no right or wrong way to be a mother, AND you are fully equipped to handle anything your little one(s) bring your way.  You signed up for an incredible soul expansion upon conceiving an earth child.  Having children is like getting an upgrade or booster to your soul, with incredible lessons and heart growth like no other, and we are very proud of all you who decided to take this opportunity.  There isn’t anything they will bring to you that you can not handle.  This is a very common saying among your people, but the words are simply the truth.  It’s easier for us to use your language, idioms, and colloquialisms as much as possible in order to get our caring message across.  Do you find yourself in the midst of a faster pace of all things? Do you sense that time is racing by and your little ones are changing so fast and developing so quickly that you don’t feel prepared to adjust to all the new changes?  There are so many things we want to address.  You need to be mindful of or at least remotely aware of soul contracts, planetary pressures, sensitivities to these pressures by your little ones, and the real existence of crystal and rainbow children; not to mention the alien hybrids who are just waiting across the veil when to present themselves once humanity (and their human parents) is truly ready – probably not in your lifetime, but eventually it will happen (this can be addressed at a later time if you’re ready).

Mother Mary didn’t have an instruction book when Jesus arrived, just like you don’t have one.  She did the best she could with her resources, intuitive knowledge and support from her family, and she did a pretty darn good job with very, very little.  Now, you don’t need to be a “Mother Mary,” but we think it would greatly benefit you to call her energy into your body and especially your heart when you feel you are having a particularly hard time.  You might smell roses or immediately feel your blood pressure drop or just know in your heart that there is a very kind and loving mother with you, guiding you, and most of all, supporting you.  She is truly the mother of All and you may find her energy to be a wonderful healing balm to anger, frustration, fatigue, and the feeling of not being enough.  Remember you are ALWAYS enough.

What you do not know about your children is how they see you.  What you do not know is how it feels to be their tiny bodies looking up at you.  What you do not know (even if you have a sense) is how much they ADORE and LOVE you, and its unconditional.  They loved you before they arrived.  Even during the most difficult times, they love you and they are simply trying to figure out how this human life is supposed to work.  They are not that far from being in the ethers where they didn’t need a body, or words, or food, or to be changed and clothed, life was much simpler, and there was no fear.  For them, the transition to being human; and remember they desperately wanted this, is very hard and very curious.

Some of you and your children have old karma  (soul contracts) to heal and work through in this life.  Some of you have signed up for exceptionally difficult lessons and struggles.  It is very difficult to be aware of this when you are in the heat of intense stress, but this is all part of what you and your little one are meant to workout together.  It’s a learning lesson for both of you and the role of teacher may switch from you to your child, please be aware of this.  Just because you are the adult, doesn’t automatically always make you the teacher.  They have much to show, tell and give you in the form of gifts and lessons; it’s to further your soul’s growth as well.  Soul contracts are complicated and they come in so many different forms.  Some of them are to go through the experience of hunger, poverty, and sickness.  It takes an especially strong soul to endure these lessons with little ones.  Some contracts are to be reunited with a best friend or loved one in the form of your child.  Some contracts are of spiritual enlightenment where one of you is “awake” and is here to help guide the other as they go through their own process of awakening within the heavy, 3rd dimension of your planet.  Some are to endure abuse, separation, divorce, death, and so on.  It is hard to wrap your mind around this, but you MUST understand that every family unit, every person, every child has their own mission to endure, live through, struggle, thrive, love, suffer – everything you can imagine.  Your job is to listen to your soul’s calling, to look at what lesson you and your child are here to learn together.  If it was always easy what would be the point of coming to Earth?  Earth is by far, the MOST emotional planet in all the galaxies.  This is the place to learn the most intense range of emotions possible and your guides, loved ones, ET brothers and sisters applaud you for not only incarnating here, but having children along the way, you are amazing to watch!  The way you (the collective you) can overcome problems is very remarkable!! We are here to remind you to not be too hard on yourself and simply remember to have compassion for your little one(s), even in the midst of a torrential temper tantrum.

Something else we want to address is something subtle yet important.  Your child (whether born from you body or not) is attached to Your brand of energy.  They like what you emit; they are at “home” to the way you speak; the way you laugh; the way you cook (believe it or not); even the way you smell.  Once you have made this bond so to speak, no one can replace you.  The heart energy has been deeply exchanged, the subtleties are very much known even if they can’t express it.  They are with you and only you and no one can replace you.  For example, if you were in a room of people who all looked exactly like you, but of course were not you, they would find you, it’s an energetic vibration and an animal attraction.

Regarding crystal and rainbow children.  These are the next generation of souls to incarnate the planet in order to help raise the vibration of humanity.  They have been created for a purpose and they are wonderful souls to be around.  Not all show their traits right away.  Some children experience fear or are so telepathic with their parents that they don’t find the need to speak.  Crystal children have huge hearts, big eyes, and bold and extremely loving personalities.  They are all about love and adore prisms, rainbows, animals, people, and are extremely empathic.  Watch your thoughts and feeling around these super sensitive beings as they will immediately pick up on them.  They also know good energy and bad or untrustworthy energy immediately.  They are usually beyond having a soul contract of suffering and lack as they’ve done that already in previous lifetimes.  They have evolved to bring love, kindness, progressive technology and thinking to the planet to help everyone.  This is a nutshell, but you can feel a crystal when you’re around one because they care so much about others.  The rainbow children are very, very new souls and absolutely don’t have space for or time for the negativity in the world.  They will wiz past and navigate the world so easily because they can access their higher self, and higher knowledge and use that to guide them.  Communication for them might be very difficult at first because it’s so much slower than what they are used to so please be very patient with them.  And of course, they are extremely loving, but most impressively full of so much knowledge it will shock unsuspecting parents.  It would be very beneficial to many of you parents to research crystal and rainbow children, and please keep an open mind.  The truth is, the human species is changing and where else would it start, but with your children. Please make this research and study part of your parenting readings, there is a lot of information out there on the topic.

Take a deep breath my beautiful parent.  Being a mother is an art form and it takes all different kinds for all the different kinds of children.   Your heart is big and loving and you have enough space for them always even if you might feel depleted and completely overwhelmed.  This is a slow and steady learning process.  Forgive yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself.  Your child/children will appreciate any and all self-care you give yourself, it makes you better for everyone.  You are and always will be a precious child of Source, and remember to love your inner child too.  With so many responsibilities expected in your time right now you need to stop and take a breath and know you are and always will be enough for your little one/s.”

With LOVE and Respect–  Your Guides

I’ve been extremely busy with a new fitness plan and just being a mom, so my writing has gotten away from me.  After feeling into myself and all the mothers around me this just came pouring out!  This message is to all mothers and I really get that I just need to feel in my bones that I am good enough.  Why is it so hard to believe it at times?  I am no perfectionist by any means, but being a parent has brought me to my knees and rocked me to my core on many levels.  It has also brought wonderful things as well, it’s just so tiring  – all the time.  I feel like I am still adjusting to this new life still after 18 months! It really is an art and everyone does it differently and that’s okay!  Being that life has sped up so much, I am not sure when my next post will come.  Today I just had to get all of this out, it was like a super strong stream of consciousness.





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