Imagination & Grounding

kristopher-roller-110204-unsplash(1)“Critical to the experience of having anything spiritual like: energy passing through your body, heart expansion on a palpable level, feeling beings from the spirit realm or any other higher plane is to fully engage your imagination.  So many of you completely disrespect or  do not give any credit to your bountiful and wonderful imagination.  What you don’t understand is that this is a very key piece when it comes to any kind of experience you might be craving.  You might be saying to yourself that you’ve “never” had a spiritual experience like a visitation from a deceased loved one.  However, if you did get a whisper in your ear from great grandpa, would you believe it?  These experiences can be so subtle that your logical thinking mind will completely disregard it immediately after this “experience” has taken place.  It’s really a difficult position to be in, especially if you are deeply craving an experience.  On one hand, you so desperately want to talk or communicate with loved ones on the other side, yet you blame your imagination for ever making up such a thing.  Do you see the conflict you put yourself in?  Do you see how you will likely never believe you had any kind of experience even if it truly does come knocking at your door?  We want you to try something.  We want you to take just a couple of minutes of your day and simply imagine what your loved one would likely tell you.  Sit in a quiet place with no noise of any kind.  Sit with a pen and paper and just jot down what comes to mind.  Give yourself permission to let your imagination be free.  Take the chains off it.  Let it be its own entity.  Allow your mind to be a home for your imagination, think of them as separate parts of yourself.  Ask a question to great grandpa, dad, mom, your favorite aunt/uncle, your brother/sister.  Ask away and just let your hand flow with ease and reserve all judgement and allow your imagination to flow.  It might feel false, you might be telling yourself, “this is a joke,” but give yourself the gift of “space” and a precious moment to allow your imagination to tell you what they might want to say back to you.  This is a beautiful exercise.  Simply think of it as that, a little exercise or a treat of sacred time to let your imagination talk to you.  You might be absolutely amazed at what it says.  Give yourself just a few minutes, then maybe as you become comfortable or perhaps enjoy it, give yourself more time.  Have it be just a time for you and your imagination and no one else.  Even if you have a loving pet who wants to curl up and rub your leg, gently ask them to leave or remove them for your space.  This is purely “you” time and it’s special.  Your imagination is what unlocks the critical judging walls within your mind.  Respect your imagination, you have it for a reason.  It is where so many incredible ideas, channels, peace, happiness, and enlightenment can come from.  It’s not just a children’s tool.  Children don’t disrespect their imagination, it is only when you are adults that you scoff and completely disregard this very important part of yourself.

Another important component to having an experience is to understand that you are part of Mother Earth.  You must practice grounding yourself every day.  You are meant to be on this planet at this time.  You are meant to feel the energy of Earth you are part of Earth, you can find her vibration if you take time to feel it; and IT is lovely.  She has an incredibly calming effect on the spirit of all living creatures.  Humans more than any other species desperately NEED her now more than ever.  You have moved so far away from her with your advancements in technology, the need to urbanize, and just to have all of your modern conveniences.  She is always waiting for you outside.  Practice sitting under a tree barefoot.  Practice breathing fresh air when the weather permits, practice feeling her temperature without immediately putting a coat on.  If you can’t go outside to feel her then you can most certainly go inside.  Use your imagination again to feel her from her core through the layers of her crust and finally to the surface.  Think of the smell of soil and digging your hands into her and breathing it in, know in your heart and mind that you are fully connected, and SHE wants you to know that there is enough for everyone.  Whatever it is you seek, know deep within you there is enough, no matter what it is.  You have an unconscious connection and relationship to Earth.  She is your home.  No other planet can provide for you the way she can.  It is a relationship of respect and love and understanding.  She will take away all of your fear.  She will help you match her vibration.  It is incredibly peaceful, calm, balanced, clear, happy, and simply home for your soul.  Practice bringing all of these feelings into your heart and mind as often as you can.  She is your friend at the end of the day and she will always be there to greet you in the morning and bid you goodnight in the evening.  She is the one constant in your life that will NEVER change no matter what you do.  Bring that wonderful sense of reliability into your heart.

Now if you pair your imagination with a simple practice of grounding which you can do at the same time or one before the other, your spirit has no choice but to grow and possibly rise a bit even if for a few seconds. You are always supported and loved.  However, sometimes you need to do some work on your own.  If you are NOT interested in any of this that’s okay too.  Earth is still there for you and you will still always have your imagination, it’s all your choice. However, if you are looking for just a tiny way to feel something more to push yourself just a bit, to have an experience of any kind simply doing these two things (with an open heart of course) will give you something.  It may not be immediate, it may not be grandiose, but there will be a shift within you and if you give yourself just a little bit of time, we know your soul will thank you for it.”

We love all of you, your movie is the best movie for us to watch.

–Your Guides and Loved Ones

Today I was feeling some energy moving around inside of me kind of wanting to bust out!  I didn’t know the topic before writing this, but I felt this super strong nudge saying sit down and take some time to write today.  There a like a million other things I need to be doing now, but this is what I felt really needed to be said!  I can totally relate to so many people out there who are super confused and feeling left out of the whole spiritual thing.  Like what makes me different from you?  Why can I write this stuff and you can’t? How come I never have an experience, and you’ve got weird things and people visiting you in your sleep?  I get it!!!! If there is a difference between what I am able to do and you I think all it boils down to is how open are you?  I am not special.  I am NOT gifted. I am just really okay with opening up the energy around my mind to allow messages to come through.  It’s not like someone knocking on my head saying, “hey lady, we’ve got some stuff to say, open up!”  It’s incredibly subtle, but since I’ve been doing this for so long (2008) I am used to it, that’s all.  I can recognize when I need to write.  And, if you follow me it’s totally random.  I am not a slave to my blog.  I am just a person who writes and shares really cool knowledge from another place when I feel it’s time.  Honestly, I do have a super vivid and powerful imagination and I don’t lock it up, I really let it out and that helps me in the biggest way.  I also try to hold gratitude in my heart.  Some days are more than others of course, but it helps.  Grounding is fairly new for me.  I decided to really push myself and I signed up for course taught by…The Pleiadians.  (I have briefly channeled them as well) Wendy Kennedy is a gal I stumbled across and I was fascinated with her channeling abilities and thought I’d try out her online course called The Process.  It’s so FREAKY! She channels the Pleiadian Collective and they speak this insane sounding Light Language.  It is jarring, hard to listen to, weird as hell, and yet I am open to it.  As for grounding, she has this really beautiful meditation about grounding and it has done some very cool things to me regarding my root chakra.  Anyway, there are so many things out there and people who have just unlocked the doors to their minds and souls to allow this sort of stuff through.  If you’re interested, check out her site at, and PLEASE keep an open mind.  I was like WTF?! When I heard the light languages, but still held space for it.   Enjoy the journey!



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