Why You Yearn To Move or Travel Around the World


“We are so happy you are hearing us guide you to write about this topic!  There is so much love for the planet and soul memories you carry from lifetimes upon lifetimes of living in different locales around your globe.  You may wonder why you feel so drawn to Italy, Japan, Norway, Scotland, Australia, Argentina, and so on.  To think that you have only lived in one part of the world is a naive notion.  Your soul has traveled around the globe, spoke many different languages and was part of many different cultures.  Not only were you male and female, but you were also, African, Asian, European, etc.  Some of you listen to the stirrings in your soul to bring you back to that place you can’t understand why you have such a connection to even if it’s your first time there.  The truth is dear one, it is not the first time, perhaps only in this lifetime.  The soul is like a deep keeper of secrets and memories (as well as abilities, DNA activation, and much more – for another time).  It might be hard to believe that you once lived in a poor country with lots of suffering, lack of healthy conditions, war, corruption, class systems, oppression of women and children, and just about anything else you can think of.  You did!  It is important to revisit these places not only to feel those confusing and familiar stirrings in your heart, but to also create closure and peace (even if you visit it a thousand times – that tells you, you had a very powerful life in that country). You can’t possibly live in all of them at the same time, so it’s important to travel to give yourself a little something your soul craves.

Different parts of the planet radiate different energies.  These energies bounce out into the universe and back down into the core of the earth.  All living beings in that area radiate a certain frequency and sometimes it feels good to you and sometimes not.  It is simply just a frequency and there’s nothing anyone can do to change this; it’s Mother Earth.  When you go to places that you find yourself feeling happy in and you can actually sync your energy up with, like, plugging in your electrical chord, that is a very good sign that you are in a place that is extremely nourishing to your soul.  If you find yourself feeling heavy, depleted, depressed, full of anxiety, foggy, then you are in a place where your own personal energy field is having a difficult time assimilating.  This doesn’t mean the location is bad, it’s just not your brand, so to say.

During your short lifespan on Earth, it is important to find those places where your soul is truly at peace, and not only abundance, but happiness flows easily even in the most difficult of times.  This doesn’t mean you will always live near the ocean or on some tropical island, as much of your advertising tells you is right for you.  It could very well be in a cloudy, rainy city or a place that is colder than what most people tend to like.  It is a great exercise in listening to your intuition and body.  The reaction you have to a place speaks volumes and you must listen.

There is an energetic fingerprint everywhere you go.  The goal is to find the place that truly resonates with your soul.  And we want to be clear that some places will take time to get in sync with, it’s not always instant, although there certainly are places that feel that way to you.

Our message is, if you know a big move is coming your way, take some time to feel it out.  Go there, feel it, imagine what living there would be like before you do it.  Is there something inside of you stirring?  Is there excitement at the thought of the adventure?  Could it be going back to a familiar place again that you left a long time ago?  Whatever it is, please know that where you live does affect you.  This is not some old wives tale.  Take the time to be present, focused, and test the waters out first before making the financial leap.  Don’t be afraid to change your mind either.  You owe it to yourself to live in a place that brings you peace and happiness.

If you are simply  thinking about traveling somewhere new, we say, “DO IT!”  It affects everyone in the family.  Children immediately recognize and assimilate so quickly to new environments, sometimes shockingly so.  Your soul will take you on a dance of traveling the world if you make it a priority and let it guide you.  Not everyone can do that of course, but if you can we urge you to give that gift to your soul.  It has been there before and it most certainly misses that place.  Free yourself from too many negative thoughts that could hold you back.  Make choices with common sense, safety and financial responsibility, but please let your soul enjoy it.  You will never know when you will feel the energy of that particular place again!

We love you, we are always watching and keep listening, keep writing and keep that heart open!”

–Your Guides

I always knew there was something more to all this travel I’ve done than I thought!  I mean, who moves to Madagascar and Saudi Arabia??  These are not common places and they most certainly have different energy!!! It’s amazing for me to think that I could have been Malagasy in another lifetime and that perhaps, my soul was taking me there for the last time to see it again because it is such a special place.  I was super sick living there, but the spiritual and elemental energy was off the charts there and it was incredibly fun to channel and feel what the island offered, it was spectacular.  Saudi Arabia on the other hand, is heavy.  This has nothing to do with religion or culture, so please delete that from your impression.  For the most part, I like it here and I’ve greatly enjoyed the Saudi people I’ve met.  However, there is a dense energy that I’ve talked to my good friend about on a regular basis and it really bugs both of us.  We both go into brain fog mode way more than normal and it’s incredibly frustrating.  Actually, I am amazed that I am still able to channel here, it is hard.  However, it’s mostly a secret.  I don’t need to have all my people here know I do this.  There is still a lot of judgement and confusion and dislike for all this “weird” stuff.

My take away from today is that if you’re thinking of traveling, do it, BUT pay attention to how you feel when you go places.  It doesn’t have to be international travel by the way, it’s to literally go anywhere that’s different.  I hope you enjoyed this and I really hope you read this and felt something resonate with how the soul remembers.  It most certainly makes sense to me and it explains so many feelings I’ve had in my travels.  After living in Japan for a year, my Japanese friends started to say I looked Japanese to them, crazy!   I think I was assimilating a little too much.  Lots of love and happy travels!





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