Manifesting Illness

gabriel-matula-300398-unsplash“From this side of the veil, we try to send those we care about and are “assigned to”  signs when we see illness “brewing.”  We go to great lengths to bring you to people who can lead you in the right direction or place you with people to have a conversation about something you might need to hear.  The way we work is endless, and even though you may think it’s a coincidence, timing, or just plain luck, it is us doing our best to get you to listen.  You might hear a voice in your head saying, “go to the doctor, get that mammogram, see a specialist, get treatment now!”  Sometimes we are gentle and sometimes we are loud.  Many of you hear us, but don’t really know it is us.  It simply doesn’t matter, we will do whatever it takes to guide you in the right direction.

Illness manifests due to imbalance in your body.  For example, when you have hatred for someone you’ve been holding on to for years without resolving it, we find this leads to incredible damage and to the breakdown of cells in the body.  Hatred is a powerful emotion and it completely throws the body’s electrical system, nervous system, immune system and so on out of balance.  The cells in the human body literally break down and become weaker.  Hatred affects the heart and since you fight or prevent any love from entering, it is not a stretch of the imagination to know that all bodily functions around the heart start to breakdown.  Since the heart is such a crucial part of the body it can lead to many disorders.  We want you to clearly understand that there is more to forgiveness then just moving on and letting go of pain someone has caused you.  Forgiveness is not forgiving the act of harm, it is forgiving the person who did it.  When you bless and release a person from the pain they caused you and leave space for that relationship to heal or dissolve with peace, you are literally healing yourself in the process.  In fact, part of the purpose all souls have on this planet is to overcome hatred, anger, and unforgiveness.  It is a major act of soul advancement to overcome hatred and anger.  It not only lengthens your life on Earth, but raises your vibration and is a form of enlightenment and major growth.

The electrical component of the human body is not studied or talked about as much as it should be.  The energy field your body emits is very important and an excellent mirror of your overall health.  At some point in the future, we see this being recognized as a respectable study and as an integral part of health care.

Stress is another human illness that can manifest all kinds of problems for the human body.  From trying to conceive, to autoimmune problems.  The body is a very sensitive barometer of your surroundings.  The more you love yourself, say kind and loving words to yourself, respect the choices of food and drink you ingest, the more vitality you will have.  We understand that there are times when viruses and bacteria are so strong that they knock you out and for the most part it can easily be overcome.  In times like these we can’t emphasize more that you get deep restorative sleep.  Sleep deprivation is also another problem plaguing the modern human.  Motherhood is one thing, but the people who can’t step away from electronic devices and stay up all night looking at blue light on TVs, computers, phones, etc. are messing up the body’s natural rhythms to such a degree that if it not stopped can lead to serious long-term health problems.

Simply remember that the body is a sensitive machine that thrives off of love, peace, balance, nature, excellent nutrition, deep nourishing sleep, and the constant knowing that everything IS okay.  We see anxiety infecting so many of the souls we love and it breaks our hearts.  You must understand that NOTHING is truly as bad as it seems.  You are okay and even if you have been diagnosed with something difficult you must find a way to bring peace into your heart and you must know that the Creator is with you and has never left your side, ever.  In fact, we ALL are with you.  From your loved ones to your guides, to your galactic brothers and sisters, in fact even a different version of YOURSELF is with you.

Please do your due diligence in resolving your conflicts, your hatred, your anger, your jealousy, your anxiety, your sadness.  Your body is your responsibility and you must do your best to treat it with love and kindness.  Is it really worth being angry for so many years?  Even if the person you are angry at is gone, does it really matter any more?  You must find it within yourself to be at peace and know that in the end there is nothing but love and in the end that is what your life – as short and sweet as it is– is all about.

Remember to forgive, remember to ease your judgement, remember to smile, remember to bless and release, and remember YOU ARE LOVED!”

–Your Guides and Loved Ones

There is a lot more to this particular post then I had time to write, but now I can say that it is not only our Guides who give us advice or nudge us to go to the doctor; it’s also most definitely our loved ones.  I have had this happen to me!  When I was making every OBGYN and Reproductive Specialist at my clinic here in Saudi scratch their heads as to why I was having miscarriages, a voice told me (super directly) to stop working with them immediately and go to a fertility clinic.  This was WAY before I found out I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian age.  Basically, that means my eggs were old so the quality and quantity of them were very low.  Then I discovered during a very simple AMH test (I can’t remember what that stands for sorry),  to test my ovarian follicles was 0.3 when 1.0-3.0 was considered good for IVF, I knew I had a MAJOR problem.  One of the fertility specialists even told me that he couldn’t, “ethically recommend” IVF for me! He said I needed to go straight to an egg donor.  This made me cry my eyes out in front of him, but also know in my heart that he wasn’t the right doctor for me.  Thank GOD I listened because after two rounds of IVF, I got one good egg – That my friends is crazy lucky with such low numbers.  He really is my miracle baby, BUT I was told years before that I would have boy and he told me in a dream that he wouldn’t cause me any pain and guess what?  I never went into labor!  I had to have a c-section which sucked, but he stayed true to his word.  Little man knew I was terrified to give birth let alone terrified to be a mom, but he chose me and he was coming in one way or another! There is no doubt my dad was pushing me big time to seek a specialist, and I am so glad I did.

As to holding onto anger towards people, I have always tried my best to forgive and move on.  There have been a few people in my life who have really, deeply hurt me and I could  choose to hate them forever, but why? I’ll never talk to them again, and if I did, do I really want to be angry again?  No.  Too much anger, too much stress, too much of any kind of negative emotion toward someone can lead to some nasty, nasty bodily reactions.  During the peak of my stress with one particular person, my colon started bleeding!  I was doubled over in severe, sharp pain and thought I had colon cancer.  I was so shocked and freaked out over my body’s severe reaction to stress and anxiety this person really help create in my body that I had to have a colonsocopy and thankfully everything was okay.  OMG!  That was scary.

At the end of the day it’s not worth it.  Let it go and FORGIVE!!! Whatever it is, get over it and let it go, your body with thank you!




2 thoughts on “Manifesting Illness

  1. Yes! I do feel forgiveness plays a great part in blocking/unblocking the heart’s path. Like a bad dream that comes with a strong message, pain and illness show up to deliver a range of hidden gems. Pain forces us to stop and feel, to go through and to attend with urgency. It felt comforting to read we’re always supported and contained in pain and sorrow. During my life I have been gifted to insights about my health, often times getting answers and suggestions in dream/meditative state. I love that aspect of my human experience, intuition/insight/revelations have been getting more refined over the years or maybe I understand it deeper. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Your baby surely is a walking miracle, what a master in creation you are!!!

  2. Hi Franca,
    I love everything you said! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. It really is important to listen to that inner voice, it NEVER leads us astray. I love hearing about people who LISTEN. It can be one of the hardest practices to do.

    Thank you for the kind words about my son, he truly is a miracle!!!

    Sending you lots of love!

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