“Like an old record, playing over and over again, telling you the same fear-based words; fear is something you must actively confront.  We watch you day in day out walking around with so much potential.  We hear your inner monologue, we see your actions (or lack of), and we know exactly what you are afraid of.  Your self-limiting beliefs astound us since you’ve had so much proof of your greatness.  The third dimension is truly the most dense of all the dimensions and all of this negative mind chatter and disbelief in what you are capable of is astounding.  It takes a very ACTIVE practice in self belief and a drive to be the person you really want to be in this world.  Over the years you (the collective you) have absorbed self-limiting beliefs.  These can come from your parents, friends, family members, piers, and now social media, magazines, TV shows, images and all kinds of message bombarding your brain on a daily basis.  It is your job to navigate what is truly real and what is not.  We suggest practicing ignoring your self-limiting thoughts.  They will always be there and always tell you how you can’t do things, but you don’t have to for any reason listen to them.  If we could give you an injection of love and confidence from us and most importantly the Creator, you would laugh at how much time you’ve wasted thinking this or that is not possible.  You are under some kind of illusion that you have all the time in the world, that you will “live forever” so your true heart’s desires can wait.  We are sorry dear one, this is simply not true.  You have THIS human life to make a difference.  You have this one shot at this particular time of the universe.  Yes, it’s true you may come back but it will NEVER be possible to come back as the exact same you, at this exact same time.  This is why you chose to incarnate now, there is something VERY special about this time.  Deep inside of you as you get wiser about the world and yourself, you know this.  If you have a gift to share, you MUST do it.  It doesn’t have to change the world, it can be something small.  Never choose to not share your “specialness” with those around you.  That is one of the Major reasons you are here!  No matter if you do what so many others do, it is not EXACTLY the same.  Your fingerprint will only belong to you, as will anything and everything you do.  From your sense of humor to your brilliant ideas and incredible ability to love.  It will only have your “brand” and there might be someone out there looking for what you’ve got.   Even if what you do doesn’t directly impact someone else that is okay too.  It is your DUTY to be YOU!  Don’t be afraid of what people think, it is a false fear not a real one.  You have been DEEPLY programmed to believe it’s a legitimate fear, it is just part of being human, it’s not a life threatening fear.

One of the ways we try to help you is to engage the elemental kingdom into your energy field.  What do we mean by this?  We try to find an animal energy that matches you, this energy will help you drudge through the heaviness of being enmeshed in this third dimension and there are no better creatures than those from the animal kingdom.  Now, with this said, you might be surprised by some of the animals we bring your way.  They are intended to give you messages, help you stay grounded, but focused and to wake you up.  What if animals cared about what other animals thought?  What an absurd notion, right?  Well that is another reason we ask them to help you.  They are strong, bold and do what needs to be done in order to survive.  They use their gifts without a second thought and sometimes they are just excellent reminders to help you remember some of your own strengths. Don’t be surprised if we send you “mythical” creatures like dragons and unicorns.  At one point in your human history, these creatures were not thought of as mythical.   These animals have been around for centuries!  They are powerful and evoke powerful feelings and sometimes you need to simply wake up and listen to them.

Look for signs from the animal kingdom when you are feeling fearful about making a decision.  Ask them to come into your energy field.  You need a boost, and they are perfect to help you.  You are only asking the spirit of the animal, so if you’re expecting a creature to show up on your door, you will be very disappointed :).  The animal realm is a very healing one.  The native people from years ago and somewhat still today knew about this and asked their animal brothers and sisters to assist them.  There is no reason you can’t do this today.  This might feel unconventional, however pay close attention to signs.  Listen, look and feel if you are seeing a particular animal coming into your consciousness, if so research this animal and imagine you have the strength of this wonderful creature.  Fear is everywhere and this is but simply one exercise to help you let go of your limitations and be limitless.  All souls are connected on Mother Earth so why not tap into an unusual resource for help and guidance and ask them what is it they want you to know?”

-Your Guides

I’ve had a lot of fear over my calling in this world and even this blog!  I am considering going public with the blog.  Many of my friends and family do not know about this side of me and will judge me of course.  This post is a deep calling to my soul and the reason they want me to talk about spirit animals is because for many months now I’ve been seeing dragon eyes looking at me before I go to sleep.  It’s usually just one eye blinking at me with its third eyelid sliding over the eye with each blink.   I don’t see colors, but I see scales and incredible detail in the eye.

Are you afraid of something?  Do you see signs of a particular animal energy with you?  Are you ready for a big change? Are you not being your true self in the world?  Are you unhappy, but not sure why?

If you’re feeling brave :), I’d love to know what you’re dealing with!  I am going to experiment with asking my guides to help you.  I’d like to know what their advice to you would be!


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