Finding Your Real Power


“Whenever you feel lost, confused, alone, and hopeless, you must know you are being supported on the other side.  When you get off-balance it takes time to recenter yourself, to feel again and to look at the world with new eyes.  When you bring yourself to this point (which we understand can be a struggle), this is when we see an opening in your energetic field to give you ideas, perspectives, inspiration, and images of your future self that you know deep down is possible to create (but is not in your reality yet).

As humans you have an enormous amount of societal and cultural pressure to “do” “become,” and “produce.”  The unspoken laws of your world can crush people who are not feeling adequate enough or lost on their career path or at their wits end with parenthood.  There is a false narrative going on and you my dear one are being driven crazy by it.  The world has fully programmed you that you, “should” – Be a mother (period),  Be successful in a high paying career, Be physically perfect, Be forever young, Be happy no matter what, Be a giver and Never a taker, Be the boss, Be everyone’s caregiver, Be involved in politics, Remember Everyone’s Birthday,  Never Be late, Always think of other before yourself, Be this, and Be that.   It is TOO much for sensitives like yourself.  When there is a lack of peace, all systems shut down and therefore you feel nothing and we mean nothing.

*For anyone reading this, you need to know that this channel lives in an incredibly difficult place on the planet (Saudi Arabia).  Almost everyone around her is unhappy on some level.  To be so confined to only a few miles, and have no outlets to let your soul be free is a prison of sorts.  On top of this, you have blistering heat that confines you to your dark home that is the same every day and gives you no peace.  Dear one, you have an extremely difficult assignment on planet earth.  It is of no surprise that you will crack.  We see you, we feel you, and we cry for you, as we know what your heart desires on every single level, and it is okay to want all of those things.

Sometimes it’s simply not your fault if you fall off-balance.  Sometimes the conditions around you or accidents that happen to you can send you spinning downward into the abyss.  In all honesty, we (all of your guides, and family members) see that you have completed your mission in Saudi Arabia.  The soul lessons from that location have been mastered, encoded into your DNA, healed and grow within in you.  You can leave this place and never look back when it is completely right for you.  We know you will be much better off somewhere else.

Until that day comes, we are incredibly proud of you, and ALL of you, who find your way back to your internal power.  You were born with the will and strength of God and when the going gets tough we see how you automatically know how to dig your heals in and pull yourself little by little out of the doldrums of your life.  All people have this power, but this is a big lesson our channel is learning at the moment and she is listening to us and learning so much about her vessel, her soul, her child, her family, and her role in the world.  She has one foot on the planet and the other across the veil.  She has discovered just how intensely empathic she is.  Not only is she feeling other people’s energy upon meeting, but if there is darkness or something that is not right, their energy sticks with her through the night and sometimes causes insomnia.

No matter what life throws you, you must feel it out in your body and soul.  What ever BIG decisions you must make, you need to use your emotional E.I. to navigate the murky waters.  You must dig in and ask yourself, “will this decision be good for me?”  “Will this decision help me stay true to my own personal happiness?” “What will make me the happiest in just one year?”  “What does the BEST version of myself look like?”  “Where on the planet do I truly want to call home?”  These are all questions anyone can ask themselves.

We see the next year as being a HUGE transitional year for so many people.  There will be lots of major changes that will cause lots of transformations for people.  We hope they will be for the best, but lots of changes no less.  Our advise to all and not only our dear channel is to remember life is short, make a decision you can be proud of, make a decision that enhances your own sense of personal power, make a decision that is GOOD for your family, make a decision with common sense, and finally make a decision that will bring you PEACE.

There are is a lot of upheaval in the planets and energy all around the planet, be wise, practice love and know you are incredibly powerful and you OWE it to yourself to make decisions and choices to enhance your own personal power!

We love you so much!”

Your Guides and Beloved Loved Ones

Okay, well this is slightly embarrassing! I really didn’t think they were going to talk about me in such a way.  Life has been hard lately, and as summer break is upon us, I am greatly looking forward to getting out of the desert.  It is Ramadan as well, so, that sort of makes things for foreigners worse as everything is shut down all day until sunset (minus some important grocery stores of course).

I think the message to really take away from this is life gets hard, like really hard, and if you get depressed, it’s okay – like really okay.  The goal is to be able to navigate your depression so you can try to get yourself to a place where they can speak to you.  When a person is really depressed it’s incredibly hard to get any kind of messages – you just want to sleep all day, and eat your weight in macaroni and cheese (okay maybe that’s just me). Also, I would like to say that when you know you’ve had enough of a place, it’s okay to just acknowledge that and say okay it’s time to prepare to leave and create a new chapter in life.  We don’t have to be super-people and pretend to be happy when we aren’t, but it is our job to work our asses off to figure out what will make us happy and that can be incredibly hard when everything looks so grey.  I am sorry if this post was a bit odd, it felt a little odd to write, but I can’t shake this feeling that I still need to publish this.  If you find any kind of peace in these words then it’s all worth it.  I am here to help people I know that for sure.  Exactly what it looks like is still a bit of a mystery, but this blog is a start.  Give yourself a hug, tell yourself it’s all going to be okay and know as cliché as this sounds, you really are not alone and all those lonely tear-filled nights talking to yourself and crying into your pillow are NOT done in vein, you are definitely heard, AND most definitely loved.



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