Soul Care, The Journey to Total Happiness


“Right now more than ever, people on the planet need to find a way to get connected to the light.  This is an urgent call to every single human soul.  The planetary forces, solar flares, spinning of the energy field around earth is shifting and speeding up.  People are losing their minds, feeling incredibly depressed, feeling their primal fight or flight energies, and forgetting why they are here on the planet.  No other time than now has the human soul been more distracted by media via all mediums as well as the internet than now.  There is a massive global shift in awareness happening and many of the things that the collective consciousness is becoming aware of is frightening, stressful, dark, isolating, disappointing, loveless, and in fear of financial collapse.  We are here to tell everyone that this is part of a bigger process happening to planet Earth that humans are simply not all aware of.  We urge you NOT to get wrapped up too deeply in what you see and read; yes that is exactly what we are saying.  As true as everything that is bombarding you seems don’t not let it consume you.  Practice “emptying your brain cache” so-to-speak.  Do NOT hold onto all the negative news, stories, feelings, and fears coming at you.  Let them go, and try to avoid absorbing too much “dark information” to begin with.   Whatever news needs to come your way, will find you, you can trust in that.  You will not be out-of-touch or lost without the news.

Much deeper then the peripheral energy of the news is the internal need to take care of your soul.  We understand self-care, but we want to talk to you about SOUL CARE. When your soul is grounded, happy, feeling the good in the world and connected to Mother Earth you are in the best place possible to handle anything that comes your way.  When you see the light in others, you feel the light within yourselves.  When you radiate a sense of safety and calmness, you actually create more around you and others can pick up on this energy.

Every single individual is going through something, be gentle with one another.  Most of all be gentle with yourself, your children, your partners, your parents and your friends.

What most people don’t know about is that the earth has healing abilities for the human body and soul.  There are super charged points around the planet that emanate a very powerful healing energy.   But the truth is, where ever you like to go, wherever you can take a deep breath and sit for at least an hour is where we want you to go.  It might be under a tree in your back yard, or in a patch of grass in front of your condo, it really doesn’t matter it’s all about the intention.  Mother Earth wants to help heal your soul.  Find her.  She’s waiting for you.  Imagine the birds healing songs, feel the breeze and listen to the sound the wind makes through the leaves, go to any body of water that is natural and put your feet in.  Sit outside at night at gaze as long as you can at the moon.  Watch the stars,  feel the life force of the galaxy around you.  Go outside.  This is a mandatory request (in the most loving way of course).  Feel the ancient, sacred love of this place where you live.  It is like NO other in the galaxy, and it heals.  You can bring her anything that is bothering you, anything.  You might find manifesting your dreams easier under a beautiful tree you love.  Bring a pen and paper and write to this energy, ask for help, be specific, then let the answers come to you, let the super gentle nudges guide you in the answers.

The disturbing energies that so many feel, is real. You must understand and accept this one truth; everything is speeding up. When civilizations reach a certain point in their development this shift in speed, consciousness, collectiveness, stirring up of debris that has been dormant for so long all comes to the surface. It happened during the Egyptian time and with the Atlantian civilization. There is more love to feel with this stronger “connectedness” with one another, and it’s your job to work to find it, feel it, and most of all share it. The world is on the edge of greatness believe it or not. However, humanity will need to make a collective choice with which direction it wants to go. There will be a great opportunity to propel the human race into a massive technological development era that can actually work in conjunction with Mother Earth and for the betterment of humankind OR it can go in another direction, which is less beneficial for the planet and humankind, but we see so many souls wanting the prior outcome.

Many “sensitives” like: empaths, psychics, mediums, spiritual workers of any kind will (already are) be the first hit with all these energy shifts. Some of you don’t even know you have some of these abilities and just think you’re either crazy, sensitive or we are sorry to say, depressed.

This is the time for the next couple years to practice slowing down in your daily life. Whatever you can do, if it means sitting and doing deep breathing for just a few minutes, you must start doing this to support your soul, this is soul care. Soul care is just as important as self-care, but there is a distinct difference in that you must get connected to your true self with Mother Earth. This is a time where the life force of Mother Earth can deeply help you as well as the life forces across the veil into other dimensions. This is a time where you need to try speaking to your guides, your loved ones, God (if you believe in that), Saints, gods and goddesses, whatever raises you up.

We will end by saying since everything is speeding up take the time to raise your own personal vibration by connecting and going inward. Prayer is a beautiful practice, meditation will definitely help, have you ever wondered why there are so many resources for meditation now? These are wonderful tools to help you get into your body. We also want to stress to take a vacation, go somewhere you have never been and please honor that place with love.

We understand this is a very packed message and we hope for those of you who feel they are losing their way, we say, you aren’t, you just need to get back to the simplicity of everything and put your devices away for a bit, it will do you a world of good.”

We love you – all of humanity!

Your Guides, Master Teachers, and Earth Angels

The message of “soul care” kept coming to me as I have seen how happy certain people are when they make big decisions and take risks and follow their hearts in order to find their way. In particular, my best friend for the past three years who has been the most wonderful surprise I could have ever wished for, has left our home in the desert for good. It has been a challenging time, this has made me really look at myself. Like, what makes me happy, and how on earth am I going to be able to stand it here in Saudi Arabia when she’s gone? I mean, she’s weird just like me, and it’s been fricken’ awesome to talk to her every single day. It will be hard, but I have to survive and I have to get back to my deeper soul self and I need to remember to really make the time every day to check in, get grounded and look for the gifts in my day. Sometimes that can be super hard, but I have no choice, I have to take care of myself, and in the big picture, this life in the desert is temporary.   A lot came out in this message, I apologize if it jumps around too much, it’s just that I write what is coming to me and I do my best not to filter it. A lot of the time there is so much coming out that I have a hard time expressing into words what they are making me feel.

In a few days I am going on a summer solstice retreat in Sedona, AZ.  I can’t wait!  I have never been there and even though it will be more heat and sun (that I so don’t want), I know it’s going to be great.  It’s insanely woo-woo.  I am going to be doing things like a sweat lodge, a sacred medicine wheel ceremony, hanging out in a sacred shaman’s cave, participating in “pure source energy channeling,” “dream weaving and connecting to the web of life,”  going to Heart Hill vortex for a heart opening ceremony,  going to a crystal shop, offering something in a sacrificial fire- yeah, it’s going to be fun and I am just open to whatever.  I am also excited to meet new people who may become new friends for life, you never know, right? I think this trip will fill my soul care quota for a year!

I may not post something until the end of summer (unless I am super compelled to write of course) so until then, I wish lots of love to you all and may the summer months be filled with time for peace, self-reflection, soul care, and of course mucho love.

3 thoughts on “Soul Care, The Journey to Total Happiness

  1. I love the idea of soul care! I know that for my soul the most sacred place is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and I have been away from it too long.

    1. I think you need to go back!! I love the Boundary Waters too! The feeling you get there is exactly what my guides are saying people need to experience more in their lives. It needs to be a concerted effort. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ..She is weird just like me. Soul care in planet twinhood. Must shrink planet to find you around the corner again or expand my weirdness so that time & space are irrelevant for real…

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