You Are The Master Of Your Destiny

samuel-zeller-358865-unsplash“We see the turbulent times of your mind, and it has taken you to a feeling of being removed from the love that is around you. There is no greater storm than the storm inside your mind.  The epicenter of the circuit board that runs your body and gives you images, judgements, labels and ideas of what the world is around you.  The brain is the HQ of all that functions you.  Yet as mighty as it is, it can run you down, and bring you to your knees with what you think is the truth (when it isn’t).  The hurricane of ideas and labels, the tornadoes of emotions, and the lightning of anger for what you see is your life can really play havoc with the truth.  We, your loving guides, and higher self from eons of growth and advancement are here to help you give yourself a break.

There is nothing happening to you. Nothing.  You need to change your perception dearest one.  We want everyone to read this, not just our beloved channel.  You and every human on this planet has a bad habit.  That bad habit is that you forget that You Are The Master Of All In Your Life, and you CAN handle anything else that you didn’t think of that life may throw you.  You can blame people, cultures, governments, the news, family, spouses, weather, whatever it may be that is your crutch, but it all comes down to you.  You have so much power just by being you.  All of you are part of the divine. All of you have divine love woven into your very being, and Love shatters all of your illusions about the world.   Go fearlessly, for it will save you time. One truth is that you will not be in your physical body for very long, yes so time is of the essence.  But another truth is that you get to choose what your life is, no matter how outrageous or unrealistic it may seem.

Each one of you are so infinitely loved, it would blow your mind to fully understand this concept.  We all want you to win, we all see possibilities and yes, we may even give you ideas you never thought possible before.  Your life is not about surrender.  It’s not about looking through a bleak lens of just a few options and saying, “oh well I guess this is my only choice.”  No!  You were not chosen to incarnate with a point-of-view so limited!  There is so much joy to be had, and that joy needs to be part of your life purpose because you have certainly worked for it and it’s time to start redirecting your life in order to cultivate and create more joy.

Visualize, research and dream about how do you want everything to look.  You have to start somewhere.  Once you put any energy into motion the universe responds and more options show themselves or close in order to help guide you.  Even if you can’t live in the most idealistic place there may be another place that is actually better for you.


Take a moment and start this practice.  Sit in a quiet place and remove as much sensory from your space as possible.  This means no music, no light, no food, no TV, just be in quiet, and just in your heart in order to feel the love around you.  Imagine the room is filled with souls from all over the galaxy who love and adore you.  God is there.  Everyone is there.  All the relatives, all the friends, all the people you loved who have passed are there.  Feel the support, confidence, creativity and positivity they are sending you.  It’s like an electrical power-grid of love and all of them are giving you more energy and love than you could ever expect or imagine.  Now sit with this as long as you can.  Absorb, Absorb, Absorb.  Bring all of that loving light from those you know and those you don’t recognize in this lifetime into your being.  This is a reboot!  We are aware we are making a lot of references to computers, but this is truly the best metaphor to explain this exercise.  Let the love pour into the top of your head where you need it most.  Let it take away your headaches like a soothing balm, let it sink in to all your organs (especially your liver), feel light scrubbing and cleaning away all the darkness, anger and anxiety,  Feel the light go all the way to your toes and out into the earth where it will be healed and turned into more love.  Feel your aura glow and radiate out farther from your body, feel protection from everything, feel how safe and loved you are.  Most of all feel the peace and stay with it until your mind is fully quiet.  Be in peace dear child be in peace, you deserve to be in peace.

Sometimes over explaining what we need to tell you doesn’t work as well as just feeling.  Feeling is highly underestimated.  It reaches into the different centers of your brain and gets you grounded and calm.  Feel the love, that’s all we ask.  Stop whatever you’re doing and feel how beautifully loved and supported you all are.

Now, if you need to make some big decisions go to it from a space of gratitude with what you’ve got (because dear one, you have so much already) and create!

You are the Master, you have the Power, and you can have the life you want.  You must start by making the first move.  Do so with all this love, support and confidence in your heart.

WE love all you humans out there, and we hear and see your struggles and please take some time to feel us around you, we believe in you!!”

With Utmost Love and Respect,

Your Guides and Future Self

Wow, this really felt like I just went to a hot yoga class for my soul!

Well I guess there’s a first time for everything!  I have never had an actual exercise come through before and this is exactly what I needed.  For awhile there I was typing with my eyes closed so I could greater feel the love and energy of their words! Did you like this? It truly is a reboot for our energy field and heart space.

It has been a shockingly long  time since I felt I was able to feel with enough clarity to write; this feels so good.  Like eating something really healthy, and going for a beautiful ocean-side walk with forests and tons of fresh air.

I feel lighter and like something really cleared out of me.  Does anyone else feel this after reading?

The world is okay, it really is and we need to start making ourselves okay again by remembering love it’s crazy, crazy important!


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