The Time of Women Is Beginning


“Dearest loved ones and those looking for the light of inspiration and positivity, we are here to deliver a very exciting message.  Your world has begun the transition!  We are beaming with happiness and excitement as this was a somewhat of a test for humankind to see if you would go in this direction and you have, bravo!  The age (time) of women is upon you now.  This means, the time to bring in the healing and strong leadership of the divine feminine has begun.  This is only the very earliest of beginnings; so much more is yet to unfold.  You have embraced the call for the feminine in your politics and now look who is in power now more than EVER in your human history!  You will be delighted in this shift, as it will bring a warm, loving, fairness, and intelligence into your systems more than ever before.  With this you will see quicker changes for the community – specifically we mean ideas and systems to help the greater community instead of the individual.  This IS a good thing.  For ALL will reap the benefits– ALL, and this is what human culture is heading towards – oneness with each other.  Again, this is the very first of many steps that needs to occur.  You will see greater changes in Hollywood as more female Directors appear creating beautiful masterpieces of cinema.  More politicians, more activists fighting for what is fair and right for the world, more healers, more men falling into agreement with women than opposed to them.  An enormous wave of a shift is happening in the minds of all.  You are now just beginning to welcome the divine feminine; we are so proud.  There is much collective wisdom in the the souls of each woman from eons and eons of lifetimes of lessons.  Let them come out with courage to share what their souls know, and let this be a beautiful guiding force for all mankind.  All boys being born at this time are going to be greatly affected by the new age of women.  They will have a more open, accepting, less judging view point of their mothers, sisters, grandmothers and daughters.  All will be affected for the better.

Look to see new leaders in science as well with new breakthroughs and discoveries, giving credit to women.  More musicians are going to be present as well.  New actresses, new culinary discoveries, new ways of farming, new ways of raising families will all start to shift and change due to the onset of the female divine.  Each woman AND man is an aspect of this.  Watch how the men will soften up and find themselves fighting for justice even more so for the woman, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers they love – all women in men’s lives.  The age of woman will bring a wave similar to the warmth of Hawaiian breezes to each and every soul.  Women are now standing up to all wrong doers, all those who are darkened by corruption, greed, fear, hatred, unfairness, and overall malevolent actions towards the weak.  This is going to come and the women in your world are going to spearhead this.  It is beautiful to finally see this unfold.  It will be a cascading affect on all human beings.  Injustice will no longer be allowed.  Killing will greatly diminish, the mentally ill will be served the way they are needed, and the sick will have the resources they truly need to heal and be loved.  Children will probably benefit the most because as this epic shift starts to impact all humans, their time in the home will change.  Woman are a very different gender than men.  They were created to be different because their needs were so varied.  Their brains are created different to handle all the tasks they are required of today,  but now, instead of keeping these incredible talents at home they are now being shared with the world, and accepted in a whole new way.

Women are fighting for what is right and they are winning.  The level of discrimination towards women and the belief that women are some how a weaker gender is coming to an end.  Women will finally be living in an era where they can truly shine, be extremely independent, successful and be in more harmony with men.

This is going to be a harmonious relationship with all people because women are going to be viewed in a much more respectful light. Women are stepping into the leadership roles they were meant to have.  We praise all the supportive and awakened men who are seeing women with respect and love.  It is this mutual honoring that will take your human race to the next energetic dimension.  You are meant to ascend, improve, and become more peaceful, loving, and this is one small step in an incredibly enlightened new direction for all people around the world.

Keep recognizing how women deserve more leadership roles, keep seeing them as the healers, nurturers and warriors of justice.  The divine feminine has deep healing powers and she is needed now.  The future generations of women will shine with such freedom, power, glory and happiness that when they look back in their history books to the present day, they will almost disbelieve how limited women once were.

Than you for sharing this message with everyone as it truly affects all!”

Your loving guides and essence of the Divine Feminine

So I have been feeling the power of women for a couple months now, but due to a very sick kiddo, personal development and growth I am going through, and overall motherhood fatigue, it had to wait.  I have been just itching to get this out of my body.  I have been getting this message about women, then as huge validation, I hear and see what’s going on in our elections, around the world and just every where are women are standing up and fighting for what’s right in our world.  It’s so beautiful to see and sort of makes me watch in disbelief because the message I am getting is soo incredibly strong.  Whether you believe this or not, women are going to be snatching up places of power more and more and I get that our world fricken needs it!  The feeling I got as I was writing this was so layered that it is very difficult to filter out exactly how to put these feelings into words.  All we need to know is that the time of women has arrived and I just think we not only need it, but are ready for it.  I am feeling so strongly that we are just at the very beginnings of this, like the big shift hasn’t full happened, but we are on our way!  Sending all the women and men out there lots of love and please know you are all part of this.  This can’t be only about women, men are just as important.  Give the women in your life an extra dose of love and appreciation this holiday season!!  Much love to you all.

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