A Letter From Me To You

To all the beautiful souls out there, this is my letter to you giving you permission to be okay with you. Before we all enter into the heat, fire, vitality, and ignition of summer, let me just say that you are here for a very important reason. This is not a channeled message today, this is just a reminder to those of you who may happen to stumble across my blog. Summer is an extremely transformative time. As the planet gets hotter and hotter every summer, I want to remind you to be gentle, kind, and most of all, patient with yourself. The seasons are kind of a big deal, and they are becoming more and more of a big deal as Mother Nature is in the midst of changing everything we thought we knew about weather. Summer stirs up A Lot for people and you really need to finally be okay with who you are. There is no hiding or holding back anymore. There is no need to change so much from being around one person to the other. Just love you. Your special signature is here for a reason. Your special way of looking at the world is needed. Your sense of humor is needed. Your love and kindness is needed. You don’t need to do anything miraculous, just be you. Did you know that the energy pulses from your aura are actually creating a frequency that influences people? Work on feeling good and you’ll naturally just help those around you. Many, many people right now are living, breathing, and walking transmitters. Tune yourself. Go to that yoga class, eat that salad, enjoy that pizza, savor that sip of Prosecco, laugh out loud, embrace the heat of the sun, take a nap, do all the little things that raise the corners of your mouth even if just for a second. It is enough and the affects radiate outwardly to everyone around you, especially your family. You are enough and you always have been. Summer can be a very, very happy time if you allow it. Believe it or not, you do have that much power, you can choose how much happiness seeps in or how much stress seeps in. My message is very simple and from someone who has gone through massive transformation this year, I want to let you all know that all the stories you run about yourself are just stories. Be you and just enjoy that person. Your literal presence on the planet is enough, the energy that you resonate is enough, and most of all, thank you for being here! We all need you and so does Mother Nature.

Have a wonderful summer and may the heat burn up all that doesn’t serve you!

4 thoughts on “A Letter From Me To You

    1. Thank you so much Krishnayogini!!!! I haven’t written in a long time and in the few spare minutes I had this morning I felt compelled to get something out! Your response is proof enough that I needed to do it. Thank you for the kind message, it touches my heart.

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