Wake Up And Recognize The Illusion

Wake up!

“Dearest souls reading these channeled words today, we (beings from a higher dimension and source love) are here to tell you that it is time to wake up. Life is not what you thought it was. The closest thing that we can compare this to is the movie The Matrix. Too many souls are getting “dumbed down” and numbed by media. Too many souls are walking around confused and unsure of what to do with themselves. Too many souls are ignoring the needs of others. Too many souls are so deeply lost within the illusion of suffering they think consumes their life. It’s time to stop dear ones. It’s time to take your life back. It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves. It’s easy to think we have so much less than others, it’s easy to forget God’s eternal love when you are in a hurry and are late for a meeting. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the 3D that you forget to take a moment to simply breath deeply. If you are wanting to do something more in life if, you feel you are missing your purpose, then dear ones we are here to say, “you’re right!” You are missing it, there is a BIG reason you came to earth at this time. Feel into who you really are, remember why you are here.

Give yourself an extra five minutes every morning to do deep breathing, to reflect on how you want your day to go and feel, about what you can do for someone else today, about the light that resides within you whether you are conscious about it or not. Radiating peace is one of the most influential things you can do to create an effect of energy that is received by others. Peace is needed dear ones. We mean inner peace. The internal wars, the conversations, the self sabotage, the self criticism, has to be put to the side. If you really want to focus on that – schedule it for another time. Upon waking each morning you are fresh, a lot of the energetic debris collected from the day before has been cleansed so this is the best time think about your personal gratitude. Start your day with some high vibrational “thought juice.” Drink it in. Let it seep into all the tiny cells of your body. You can do this in five minutes. Find peace with who you are. Bring light and love into your being, into your day, into the clothes you wear. Find it, it’s always there. Find something to laugh about, try it – it works.

Never before has mankind been as infectious as it is now. All of your feelings can be shared with millions of people through your devices. We fully understand that there are bad days, but you don’t have to give it so much energy. You are so much a master of your thoughts and emotions than you ever thought possible. The numbing affect that is happening at lightening speed however is taking you away from going inward more frequently. Imagine a time where no devices will be needed. That you can use your thoughts to communicate with others, start practicing now. Start the positive intention of your day, your outlook on life, your responsibility to the planet, your basic consciousness and how much love you can show in one day.

The illusion is that you have no control over your life. The illusion is that you are somehow at the mercy of someone else. The illusion is that you must fit into a mold created by society in order to money, success, and power. The illusion is that you are alone. The illusion is that you can’t make a difference. The illusion is that you are not part of God. The illusion is that you don’t matter. We warn you all not to let your brain take over your heart. We have said this many times, but we say it again – think with your heart more. Take time to be by yourself in peace. Grow the peace bubble inside of you. Know with utmost certainty that you can handle ANYTHING life throws at you with peace, you can.

You are Not your parents or your grandparents. You are an entirely new and improved human. Your consciousness was already far bigger at birth than your ancestors because the consciousness of the planet was bigger. You were born into a new world, a different world, in fact you were being affected in the womb. There is a lot more awareness about all things in this day and age so you can’t look to resolve your problems with habits from the past, it simply doesn’t match. Being still and quiet is more important now than ever. The world is a much louder place. In order for you to access your own divine wisdom and literally answers to every problem you think you have, you must go inward. You have something like a super computer inside of you. How often do you really access it? Go there every day. Sit still let it talk to you! Write the ideas, inspiration, and advice down. God wants you to be better, God wants you to feel like you are powerful and have access to so much wisdom. You don’t need to always seek and pay for help from others. There is a supremely intelligent and loving soul inside you who can help you with anything. The illusion is that you don’t have it! You do! Go there as often as you can and sit with it and talk. You will be amazed and awed by the information you get, and just let it come out without judgement. You see you are a human 2.0. You need to go inward and feel the love and wisdom come pouring to you with so much happiness that you found it. You are that powerful.

We leave you with this and we hope that you decide to wake up from what you think is around you and go inward for the truth and healing.”

-With love and respect the collective galactic family and angelic guides overseeing so many beautiful souls.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to breathe. And to be quiet. There is so much reverence in our society today for the loudest voice. It’s very important for us to remember where our true power lies.

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