Why Are We Here?

Dearest Sensitives, Healers, and Teachers,

“Do you find yourself wondering, ‘why am I here?’ Yes, of course you do, all the time, we know this because we can feel you pondering this question more now than ever. During a time of major political unrest, international fighting and suffering, division between peoples in various nations, stress, financial burdens; we know. We know what you suffer through and feel ALL the Worry. There is so much worry these days and we understand your lack of security, faith, and overall feeling of well-being. These are interesting times indeed. However, this is nothing new your old soul hasn’t gone through before. You have done this, it may have looked a bit different, but you have done all of this before. Tyrannical leaders, ego-based political agendas, and so much greed. Did you know that the shadow that affects human nature is getting uncomfortable and more ever present? In fact, it is very typical to see so much darkness (as you may call it) before the real transformation needs to begin. Sometimes you don’t know just how big your problems are until they all surface. Yes, that is correct! You need to see all the aspects of shadow, to feel into them, to decide what kind of consciousness you want to live in and have future generations live in. Shadow is always present, but right now a lot of shadow is showing up and it’s showing you what it looks like. When you were born on planet earth you were immediately given the grace of free-will. You can do anything you want here, it is universal law on this planet. So, you get to decide how much you want to advance or how much you want to stay the same. This is the ultimate “feeling game.” We see you with so much compassion and love and we are here to say you are NEEDED. Now more than ever. Those of you who feel, who are sensitive, who find yourself sinking into depression and anxiety, you are needed. You feel so much that you don’t even know what on earth to do with yourself. We understand. It’s the curse of the sensitive. However, you are so wise dear soul, so wise. Do not discredit what you have inside of you from the thousands of lifetimes you have lived on this planet. You came back still, even when you suffered in your past! You still came back. Have you ever truly wondered why? All of you are walking forms of energy to the core of your your being. Sure you look like people of different colors, but you are all one kind of human and your energy can expand or contract. Now is a fascinating and unprecedented time like no other on the planet. You will no longer be burned for sharing your gifts (gifts that are deeply embedded into you DNA by the way). Time for stillness and inner reflection is of utmost importance. Do it. Sit and write if you can’t hold still. Draw if writing is too linear. Sing tones if you don’t want to use your hands, but go be alone in stillness. It doesn’t matter if you are depressed, sad, stuck in life, feeling hopeless, we don’t care because we KNOW you are here for a very big reason. What do you want to bring to the world? What do you want to share with your divine creativity? What moves you? What do you want to say? Do it. You see, the energy fields around all of you can merge and be connected when you cause a ripple of joy. We have talked about the Joy Pattern to our channel before, but let us put it this way. One small act of something that lights you up will actually cause a change in someone else, you are HARD WIRED to have this affect on each other – did you know that? That’s another reason why you have heard so many times, “choose your thoughts carefully.” It only takes a small act to affect mass consciousness and now with the internet you can blow it into you humanity and affect so many at once. This was never possible just a few years ago. Learn about yourself dear sensitives. Go inside. Learn about what it is that makes you special. You are needed and so many people don’t realize how incredibly needed they are. Realize that your very being is enough. You don’t even truly need to do anything, your soul said goodbye to us on the other side and you CHOSE to come back even though you knew it would be hard! You knew the consciousness would be different this time. The energy around the world would be different. You knew there was a chance that things could get better, and you were right! Turn your sadness into gratitude for simply making it back. You have all the power to focus your intention on what it is you want to see more of in the world. Start small, start big, do something or do nothing, but just know YOU have the potential to create ripples of joy, awakening happiness in whatever you do or by simply being you. Look upon everyone as if they were just like you, because deep down they are. There is only one human race you are all brothers and sisters. Have compassion. Do your best even if it’s not perfect. Raise yourself up and look at how magnificent you are. You are a wise, old soul, bring forth what you know. There has never been a better time than now.”

With love, grace, peace and gentle nudge,

Your guides and loved ones

Hi! It’s me and after a very long break from writing due to all kinds of business in my life, and since I decided to write channeled letters to people directly, I have been pretty focused on other things. However, today I was hit really hard that I need to write. Channel writing is my meditation. It takes me out of the picture completely and allows the messages to flow. Sometimes it relates to what is going on in my life, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just a huge call to service because I desperately feel that someone out there needs to read this message. I am actually feeling really under-the-weather, but it didn’t stop me from writing today. I am going to be writing more because as the message says, it’s my little gift to the world and believe me, it give me so much back. I find that if I just write about me it’s pretty darn negative! My blog would read like a “dear diary” instead of a helpful blog, trust me you don’t want me to write about moi! I have found that I can come off as a very negative person if I talk about myself to others and I am really trying to be more mindful of that. It doesn’t really seem to fit, when I look back at all the beautiful messages I’ve written – proof! This is really not me talking! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful fall day, and I deeply hope this message sinks in somewhere in your consciousness.

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  1. Oh friend. The ultimate feeling game! and vibrational resonance of the Joy pattern. We’re playing peek-a-boo with light and darkness.

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