The Light Vs. The Dark

Dearest Awakened Souls,

“This is a very different kind of message today. Our Channel is very familiar with dark energy as well as light energy and we are here to say, ‘it’s okay to talk about.’ In fact, it’s important for all of you to realize that what feels dark, unloving, sinister, malevolent, chaotic, and hateful is real. We are not going to shy away from letting you know that there are certain energies on this planet far before the time of humans that were put here that are not of the light. What you need to really hear though is that that the light and shadow that you battle with inside yourself is also reflective of the light and shadow that is external. You are the navigator. You are the driver of your divine soul on this planet. You get to choose if you want to play in the dark or light, they both have powerful lessons and insights.

We need to address free will within the context of ‘external darkness” as mentioned above. When there is any kind of entity for example, a lost departed soul, a demon (yes we are afraid these are real), or any kind of dark energy that has intent to mess with you, they are infringing upon your free will. First of all, you must know that you as a soul inside of a body is far stronger than anything that will be around you, haunting you or just causing you fear. The fear is to be understood because you want to logically understand something. You want to use your linear, three-dimensional brain to make sense of something your other senses are picking up so clearly on. Not everything can be logically explained. It’s okay to surrender to not understanding and please dear ones don’t let this fuel your fear. Just let go of having to make sense of everything. Let your intuition guide you. Let the prickles on your arm act as a warning alarm system informing you that something isn’t of love. Use your other senses and let them show you what you can’t see.

Our Channel has become familiar of an dark energy highly prevalent in the Middle East called Archons. They have been attracted to her light, mocked her, caused her to have extremely violent dreams, and have physically tried to invade her corporeal body. These are the truest forms of darkness on your planet and they don’t want people to become more “light.” They don’t want people to wake up, they love chaos, anger and fear – it literally feeds them. They do not like courage, love and the power of God, for they simply don’t understand it. They will never have it or embody it so they don’t feel humans have the right to have something they don’t. Archons also like to affect the minds of those in the political world. They like to enhance war mentality, “fighting for freedom” language and basically for us to slaughter as many as possible. They consider humans as very weak-minded and easily influenced with greed and power.

Dear Ones, these entities can be easily overpowered with love and protection. Calling in Archangels Michael as well as Jesus, and Mother Mary can quickly get rid of them. If they decide to target you, they may visit several times with no warning. They are bodyless and faceless, but they are pure darkness. Like black smoke in the shadows, they cowardly wait for you to fall asleep or strike when someone is unwell. Dream time is the realm they enter in and they can be brought into real time through this portal.

The message here is one of knowledge. We do not want to cause fear, but do your homework, look up information online (use discernment). See that these entities have been around for a very long time and they are written about in ancient scrolls.

Be in charge of your body and soul. Be a warrior against the dark, these entities will not be friends are not to be spoken to. They are truly other worldly.

Our channel didn’t want to talk about this on her blog, but we are urging to do so. It’s important for those of you who may be very irresponsible with summoning entities from the other side. This is warning not to do so. The time of the Harvest, The time of Thinning of the Veil is close, so please dear ones be responsible and use your free will wisely. Our channel never invited this into her life, they found her.

It is important more now than ever to embrace your internal light, to grow your heart, to expand your personal ability to love all humans and animals a like. As soon as one small light is turned on the darkness immediately disappears. Yes you may be seen and no this is not a bad thing, use your light warrior inside of you, if you’re ever scared, know nothing is ever as strong as you.

The collective darkness of the globe may grow and be more visible, but this is just a sign that the darkness is getting uncomfortable and the truth is, it will destroy itself. This is another topic, but for now please know there is far more love, light, peace and support surrounding all of you from the other side then there will ever be darkness.

We just want you to be aware our dearest ones.”

Arg. I really didn’t want to talk about this – ever. However, I was moved. Yes I have been visited by Archons at least four times now. They have stopped since the fall Equinox and that has been a much need relief. They are very scary and at the same time made my faith even stronger. Now that I know that they are here especially in the Middle East and Jerusalem, I know that this is their territory not mine and I have to do my best to focus on love and light. They are tricky, but since I am so darn sensitive I feel them immediately. To be specific, I feel my aura start to pulsate strongly and morph into a spikey pattern around my entire body. When they are close the pulsating is intense, like someone tapping me very hard all over my body. It always wakes me up. Once I am up and the tapping subsides I know they have stepped back or left. It’s unnerving and I thought I was crazy!!

I would greatly welcome anyone who may know about Archons or feel they would like to share about any unwelcome visitors in their sleep. Again, this about information not to scare anyone. Let’s get a better understanding of this before Halloween hits (a holiday I do greatly enjoy btw). 🙂

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