Preparing for 2020

Dearest Gentle and Awakened Souls, Are you ready for what is coming? Do you understand what is in store for all of you who are deeply waking up and listening to the inner stirrings of your soul? The year 2020 is unlike any year that has come to pass. We are so proud of you […]

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Exciting Times

Dear Spirits Acting As Humans, “We come to you today with excitement and a certain level giddiness as there are are many shifts and changes happening to so many souls! We are very joyous and celebratory that you, our beloved spirits (in human bodies), are entering the next level of development. Perhaps the word expansion […]

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Take Time For Yourself

Beautiful and Radiant Souls, “Are you feeling extremely busy? Are you running around doing everything for everyone else and nothing for yourself? Are you spending time with the wrong people? Are you unknowingly prioritizing the wrong things because your 3D, linear brain tells you, you have to? We see how the world is speeding up, […]

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