Take Time For Yourself

Beautiful and Radiant Souls,

“Are you feeling extremely busy? Are you running around doing everything for everyone else and nothing for yourself? Are you spending time with the wrong people? Are you unknowingly prioritizing the wrong things because your 3D, linear brain tells you, you have to? We see how the world is speeding up, we see it get faster and faster every year, and so far, this year dear ones, the is the fastest it has been yet. We want you to be able to plant the seeds of yourself so that you can harvest them and enjoy the fruits of your self-care. So many Empaths, Sensitives, and Intuitives are on auto-pilot when it comes to doing everything for everyone else. We know there is no stopping you with this, it’s how you are hard-wired. However, we see the toll it takes on your soul, your energetic aura, your mind, your happiness and your heart. We want to especially speak to all the beautiful and loving mothers out there. We want you to please ask yourself why you are so run down. Yes there is the physicality of raising children, but there is more. The deeper you go inside the clearer the answers will be. To do this however, you need to have peace and quiet for at least 30 mins. Just sit dear mothers. Sit and be quiet with yourself. Notice your racing thoughts, hear the constant mind-chatter going on between your ears. Now, just be. Put your feet on the ground, sit and be. Let your mind relax for just a few minutes and listen to the inner stirrings. What feels bad? What feels exciting? What inspiration do you feel coming to you? What ideas are floating around? Give them time and space to come to the foreground. Keep it very simple.

It’s critical for all your bodily organs that you rest and we know that sometimes night time is not the time you get to rest. If this is the case dear one, you must find time during the day to sit and rest. Put everything and everyone on hold – pause. No one will be upset, the universe will respect your wishes and the energy that flows out of you telling all to honor your sacred personal time will flow like magic in the air. It will be well received and respected.

The nervous system is like your electrical circuit board inside your body, and you must give it time to calm down- so many things get it working in over time. We see the following as catalysts that are socially acceptable, but not actually doing your nervous system any kind of service: coffee, multitasking, staring at your phone when you need to be resting- therefore leading to poor rest, too much media, over committing to social engagements, drinking, smoking, refined carbohydrates, sugar, too much salt, and sitting for long periods during the day. Your electrical nervous system sends pulses to your heart and your heart radiates it outwardly to the other organs. Your brain picks up on all of the electrical input and over reacts, over responds, and feels disjointed. It becomes a cascading affect on all of your internal organs when the nervous system is not working properly.

We are here to say, just leave and go somewhere quiet or with headphones and be still. Going inward is truly the best medicine. It’s where you can connect to the divine knowledge that has all the answers to every single problem. You are your own healer and teacher. There are so many answers inside of you, you might think it’s subtle, but we are here to remind you that this is real. More and more people are realizing that they have so much knowledge inside of them. Try to write in your journal all your problems and then see what kind of solutions you come up with. After awhile, the more you tap into the wellspring of knowledge, the more you’ll see that you do indeed have the answers. You have peace, well-being, and happiness inside of you. You don’t need to go anywhere to find it. Look into your inner galaxy and find the calm, find the knowledge and find what gives you peace and quiet.”

With love from the heavens and stars,

Guides of the Collective

I am finding it very important to take time for myself today. I am creating my own recipe for success and happiness these days. I am practicing sitting and being still, as well as using my time wisely. I hope you can find some quiet and calm today too. I like to think that when I am functioning at the level I want to be, then I will have something beautiful to show for all my inner and outer work!

Here’s a wonderfully chill song that might help set the mood for you:

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