Exciting Times

Dear Spirits Acting As Humans,

“We come to you today with excitement and a certain level giddiness as there are are many shifts and changes happening to so many souls! We are very joyous and celebratory that you, our beloved spirits (in human bodies), are entering the next level of development. Perhaps the word expansion is more accurate, but we want to give you a big congratulations because so many of you are waking up to a level that is new. Perhaps you may have considered yourself awakened or “spiritual” however, now new gifts are starting to emerge. We know they are not new, but they are new for you. All of your abilities are deeply encoded – and until now “trapped” into your DNA. We can not stress how important your DNA is. It IS your MOST precious RESOURCE on your planet.

Do you find yourself manifesting things or desires more easily? Do you notice synchronicities between your thoughts and events or connections being made? Pay close attention dear spirits. In this post we will refer to you as spirits simply because that is truly what you are and you are accessing more and more of this within yourself (your limitless spirit self).

We are going to keep this short and brief today, but please know that anything you do to tap into your own intuition, third-eye opening, and most of all love, you are going to start noticing things changing in your life faster and more efficiently.

There has been a collective shift in the global consciousness with what you call “lack.” It shows up as an effortless flow of energy. It permeates your energetic body, mindset, physical body, and emotions. Please be aware of how things in your life start to play out starting now into 2020. This next year is going to be a big year for most spirits on the planet. Many blocks will be removed, many dysfunctional or toxic relationships will be revealed, ALL areas of your life that are not working will be brought front and center to be cleared, healed, blessed – and most importantly RELEASED.

Do you feel anything different inside of you? Perhaps you have a thought and within a blink of an eye all the resources regarding that thought come pouring at you in all kinds of different forms? Pay attention, it can be subtle. Do not discount anything subtle. Remember to ASK for support, guidance and help in all areas of your life. You must ASK. Your “super powers” are coming to the forefront more so now than ever, but to get clarity, guidance or assistance about them you mus ask. It could be your higher self who comes to the call, it could be your loved ones, it could be your angelic helpers, it could be Jesus, you never know, but you must ask.

In the future, there will be a time where everyone will still be able to talk to their loved ones who have passed! Can you imagine? Yes, we are telling you now because the collective shift to enable such a miraculous thing is moving in place to do so. This is but one of the many, many abilities that will be unveiled to all in the future. You will all be able to continue a loving relationship with your family members, partners, friends, etc. who have passed. The human brain is changing! It is very exciting indeed because this is the first time within human existence that something like this will be possible.

WE would like to ask you one thing. We request that you practice looking at everyone with a kind of curious love. For example, think about the check-out person at the grocery store. Look at them, smile in your heart, hold the best possible viewpoint of them. You don’t even need to say anything just hold them in your heart for 5 seconds. Look at them as though they are family or as though you share a very funny private joke. Now, imagine if you can hold this kind of curious love for all you see during the day? This is indeed a challenge and we completely understand it might be rather hard to the person honking at you in your car. Just try it. See what happens!

If a large enough group of people can do this just for 5 seconds, it’s going to cause something miraculous in everyone lives. When you give love it is energetically received even if the person doesn’t know about it. It’s a fun game in energy.

With love and blessing we are very proud of all of you for expanding -even if you don’t realize you are.”

-The Collective Consciousness

Today I found myself being extremely “switched on.” I am not even sure what that means. I was told I needed to write today, but again I had no idea about what. Funny how this particular message is so excited! I can feel the giddiness. I sort of feel like a crazy person with multiple personalities because it’s so strong yet it doesn’t really feel like mine. Weird eh? Do you feel something has changed or is changing inside of you? I know something is changing in me, but I can’t really put my finger on it. Anyway, enjoy the day, try to hold some “curious love” for someone and just see what happens.

This tune resonates the vibe I feel from the energy behind the channeling! Enjoy!

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