Preparing for 2020

Dearest Gentle and Awakened Souls,

Are you ready for what is coming? Do you understand what is in store for all of you who are deeply waking up and listening to the inner stirrings of your soul? The year 2020 is unlike any year that has come to pass. We are so proud of you all and some of us like to call you our children or brothers and sisters for we are connected, deeply connected and we embrace you from afar. What is your soul telling you? What is your internal God guiding you towards? What lessons are you needing to learn, grow and transform from? If you feel like you are doing a lot of inner work with not a whole lot outwardly to show for it, we say bravo. By addressing all of the components that are not working for you and healing or transmuting them in order for your life to serve you better, we are here to say, you will reap great rewards.

Now is the time to do the “deep cleaning.” Specifically, we mean the “deep cleaning of the soul.” Get rid, let go, heal ALL that doesn’t serve you. Your God Soul deserves it, don’t you see? We have good news, and it is this. You don’t need to pass on and leave your body to learn all the lessons your soul needs to learn anymore! The energy has changed, you as a species has changed, the surrounding planetary energy around Earth has changed. Now is the time, now is the time to all the catalyst of GREAT change to come whirling into your body and guide you to “clean up” all relationships, conflicts, struggles, big decisions, or fears that hold you back. Now is the time dear ones. You see, there is an energy frequency starting in 2020 that will allow manifestation and soul desires to come to fruition so much faster than ever before.

The love and support that surrounded the planet on 11/11/2019 was immense. Did you feel it? It was like no other recorded in your Akashic history. There was a union or gathering of all the highest of beings who sent rays and rays of love to your planet. Perhaps you felt you were in a good mood for no apparent reason? Perhaps life didn’t look so dower for just a few days? Maybe you felt a surge of love and gratitude for the people in your life? It can seem subtle but please know all humans were being cherished, loved and honored on this day by ALL who are watching over you.

It’s time to be who you came here to be, don’t you think? It’s time to clean out your closet of old ways, ideas, thoughts, and stagnant energy that holds you back. We are guiding you with gentle pushes to do it. Move ALL stagnant energy within your life. Remove voids of love, it’s time you truly felt at peace. Remove all self-limiting thoughts (secrets you keep to yourself and they serve no one) BANISH THEM. You are great – “you,” as the collective human race. Do you have any idea? No… not yet. But why not clean your dark closet? Take out everything that doesn’t serve you. You will want to do this now, to ensure the best upgrade and hyper-drive of divine energy that will hit you in 2020.

All of a sudden big change will seem like small change. Big problems will seem small. All things holding you back will fall away with ease. You want to embrace this time dear ones, you want to. We are simply advising you to start now.

With Love, Grace and Excitement in Our Hearts-

The Collective Source

Again when spirit runs through me, and I mean run, I have to write immediately before the broadcast is lost! For me with a little one at home it’s easy to get distracted so excuse me if anything here feels rushed. Did you feel anything on 11/11?? I sure did and it was amazing. I thought for a second that maybe it was my imagination, but now I know better. Forget all the crazy in the media right now, just put it to the side. It means nothing in the big picture of life, we are more than okay. We are going to be okay, and something very good is in the forecast for us come 2020.

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