Use Your Heart Brain From Now On

Dearest Souls,

You are entering a big time of change and shift. A double digit year is big and many things will be revealed in this next year. We are urging you to navigate everything you see in the media and everything you hear from friends to be filtered through your heart before you judge. Practice this more and more. Feel into all the news you receive, don’t take it for face value, question what the greater meaning or purpose for the human consciousness could be.

There is more light shining down on your planet than ever before. We are bringing so much more to your awareness. It will be ugly and disturbing, but remember, it has always been there. When you turn on the light, you can see the all the dirt. You might think the world is getting worse, that more terrible acts of humankind just couldn’t be so, but alas when it is exposed – change can happen. This is all part of the shift in human consciousness. In a nutshell, you are all raising your vibration. We have been waiting for this time and we are truly celebrating.

Your heart center needs to be more of the focus. The human brain allows you to function, but your heart holds deep wisdom and truth. It is your built in truth meter. Use it every day. You will need the connection to the heart, to the feminine, to Mother Earth to get through troubling news. Crumbling democracies, corruption at the highest levels and the discovery of more large companies who have been deliberating hurting mankind in order to profit.

Humankind is on a journey. It’s a journey into deeper awareness, deeper caring, deeper love and less and less tolerance for what doesn’t serve the planet and it’s people. More and more you will see others more like yourself instead of so different. This connection allows the planet to increase the flow into a oneness-consciousness. You are not there, but it is the goal.

Let you your heart take over. Let your heart be in the driver’s seat this year. Let your heart guide your decisions. Let your heart push you to your deepest desires. Nothing bad will happen, we promise. Do it as an experiment. Try talking to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to. Try letting your heart guide you into applying for that job, moving into an apartment in a certain part of town, adopting that puppy or kitten, let your heart be your MAIN filter. Let it give you pause before you speak. Let it help you slow down and feel before saying, feel before doing, feel before reacting. Let your heart take over.

Think of your heart as the main engine in your body pumping and flowing energy that either works in harmony with the rest of your senses and your brain or doesn’t. When it doesn’t work in harmony or something feels off, stop and course correct. Honor yourself with time. Everyone needs more time before reacting. Everyone needs to just stop and feel, even for just a second. Stop before reacting to your child, feel into what your words might do. Feel into people even when they are not saying anything. Honor their space, honor them. As humans, you have forgotten how to deeply honor one another. Honor yourself. When you feel something is off, speak your deepest loving truth. There is never a need to attack another even if you really want to, just speak your truth and it will always be enough.

Take time for yourself this year. Take more time than you ever have. It might be in little ways, but you must have a happy soul. Everyone needs to take care of their emotions and their soul. This includes your inner child. There are many versions of yourself living inside that body. This year why don’t you use your heart-brain to help take care of all those beloved parts? If you don’t take care of your own happiness deep in your soul, how are you going to complete your mission on earth? Each and every one of you came here on a mission. You came here to be here at this magnificent time. If you are constantly depressed or out of balance your mission is going to slip through your fingers and then once it comes time to take your last breath, you’ll feel sorrow that you didn’t complete what you came to do. If you don’t know what it is, go inward through meditation. Write in your journal and let your divine higher self help remind you why you accepted this mission. Earth is the only planet where you forget, that is what duality is all about and only Earth has it. This is why only the strongest souls come here for the hardest growth and lessons.

All of you are important. No soul is like yours. Gaia needs you. All the other people on Earth need you, and WE need you to use your God given gifts like your heart-brain more. It will truly help the next wave of darkness that all the light from the heavens will reveal. Just know things are truly NEVER as bad as they seem. Use your heart to help remind you. This is just a bit of a heads up on what’s to come. We love you more than you could possibly know, and there are millions of us rooting you on, pushing you forward, if you could only see.

With Honor, Grace, and Love,

The Divine Collective

Hello! It’s me and I was feeling such a push to write about the heart-brain, I wasn’t totally sure why until it all came together about all the benefits and filter it will provide with some upcoming not so nice news. I don’t know what that news will be, but 2020 has more healing for humanity in store and to heal we must be able to see the ugliness. All this is supposed to be for the betterment, but I can already imagine myself feeling hurt by something and like I said, I have no idea what it is.

On a lighter note, I do know that 2020 is going to have so many wonderful things in store for all of us who are very sensitive. Be prepared to get on the fast track this year. Creative ideas need to be put out there, connections need to be made, moving to different places needs to happen, anything that is on the fence is going to spring into action.

Whatever blocks or struggles you have, it’s imperative that you work on them. Don’t get sucked into your phone so much this year. Be present. Be with yourself. Be you. and most of all Be in Nature as much as possible. Mother Earth wants you to remember her and be with her. It’s the best cure for overwhelm, anxiety, fear, anger, and depression. There is always someone who has your back, She is always there.

Happy New Year and Let’s make 2020 a year to remember!

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