When Is The Last Time You Let God Love You?

Hello Beautiful People,

This is me. I am not writing this post as a channeled message because I want to share with you the “aha message” I’ve been receiving. I can not let go of the message and strong push from spirit that we as a society or as a human species do not allow all the love that WANTS to come our way into our lives. In fact, we have become experts at making walls and ignoring the signs and disbelieving our feelings. We have the ability to make a choice every day to feel love or not. To allow love to flow or not. We could just sit and judge everyone, look at all their flaws and walk around with a very sour and disconnected heart – it’s super easy to do. If you’re not into judging others, you can easily just get into the addictive habit of judging yourself. That’s much better, right? It’s just so satisfying to be self-effacing for attention or just for your own weird pleasure. These are merely two small examples where we disconnect from our hearts and put up walls. I find the most common is the lack of self-love, self-worth, self-fill-in-the-blank. Just like that, the walls are up. Here’s what you don’t want to believe. You, yes, you there reading this, are good enough. Not mind-shattering I know, but just hear me out. Whether or not you even believe in God, it doesn’t matter. Just your very presence here on the planet is wonderful. If you are “awake” to all of this and you’re ready to dive into yourself and find out why on earth you are alive or here besides your day-to-day job, then in you’re in for a real treat. If not, that’s fine too, but don’t expect too much to change. Just reading these words on my little blog is a sort of openness.

What I am getting from God, yeah I’ll just say it, yeah it’s coming from God, is that we just need to sit and ALLOW ourselves to feel his (pronoun of choice) love. Open the locked doors please! Sit and be present. Don’t do this while multitasking please. Just carve out a couple minutes even seconds and let God love you. Feel how there is something on the other side that has your back, like really truly has your back. Feel how you are wrapped in so much golden love that there are truly no words to express it, just feel. Stop thinking. Just feel it. Better yet, do this while outside!!!! God and Gaia have something magical going on. They are very much connected, and Gaia is your ticket to get rid of the brain fog of life. Gaia will breath new life into you. Now if you partner that with feeling how much God loves you, the magic really begins. Know it in your bones that you are loved. Just know it that this has nothing to do with your human relationships, this between you and God. It’s private. It’s beautiful. It’s sacred. It’s all you.

The amnesia that happens when our soul is born just might be going away. Yes, I said that with a certain kind of confidence I can’t explain. More and more people are waking up, remembering, changing their life course and following their dreams. Yet there are still even more who are stuck in a sort of “unthriving” in life. I know that’s not a word, but it’s like someone who is afraid to open their mind or just doesn’t want to believe something that doesn’t have proof or concrete evidence. I do respect discernment very much and I believe God does too. It’s important for survival and to make good choices. What I am asking you is to take a minute and just go inside of yourself. This is not really meditation, but it’s like finding that place within you where you know ALL is WELL. As weird as this might sound I can do this immediately when blow drying my hair! Another time I find myself popping into Divine energy is while driving, don’t tell anyone. Maybe I am speaking about something you can’t relate to at all, but it happens for me in micro doses. We all need to learn how to receive more, especially all the givers, light workers, healers, etc. they are the worst at this! It has become crystal clear to me that our goal as humans during our lifetime is to find our way back to Divine Love (God) – whatever the heck you want to call it. There is no church, there is no doctrine, there is no book, there is no religion, just go inside and find it. Allow it to permeate your heart and awareness if only for a split second. You are loved. Maybe you forgot. Maybe you never knew. Maybe you THOUGHT you weren’t worthy. Maybe you’ve never felt real love. It doesn’t matter it’s always there. Always.

Go find it and see what happens next. I truly hope you do.



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