Increase Your Intention Around Your Health (addressing Covid-19)

Cher Lyn’s Mystic Art Medicine Oracle Card pulled at random for today!

“Dearest Loved Ones,

We are asking you in this time of fear, unknown, and concern for your health and the health of your loved ones is to bring more intention to your awareness. Bless your home, bless your body, bless your food, bless your children, your partner, and your parents! These are traditions that have been forgotten in the face-paced world you live in. Remember you can raise the energetic vibration of everything around you to be stronger. You can increase everything around you and in you to be in harmony with the planet and your energetic field around you. You are in great fear of the Covid-19 virus, and we understand why, however please understand this is just another virus created on your planet that your body will learn to adapt to and defeat. Yes there will be those who will leave their body and return home however, most will adapt and change. To further strengthen your immune system give your body the much needed blessings and love it needs. ALL cells operate more efficiently with love and energetic nourishment. Do NOT forget you are an energy as well as a physical being. Take care of ALL sides of you. IF you do contract the virus, so be it. Be at peace, have great faith in your body’s incredible intelligence and know you will survive. Believe in yourself, be strong, know that humankind has gone through countless viruses in the past and it has not wiped out humanity. Your scientist are working feverishly to find a vaccine and they will, as they always do. Be in harmony with your body. There has never been a more important time then now to be in harmony. That means reduce all the stress in your life, say, “no” to more people when overwhelmed, go inward, take baths, listen to healing music (without words), allow yourself the much needed time it takes to truly feel God bless you, and your loved ones. Make sure your home feels like a sanctuary and not a prison. This virus has many layers to it, it is a mass global call to SLOW DOWN! To stop, to take care of yourself, to be more mindful of your body and just your own self. This is but one of many viruses coming to the planet. When humans are out of sync with nature, things like this occur. When humans are out of sync with themselves, things like this occur. It affects the globe, does it not? Yes, because this is a humankind problem, not just a problem for one “kind” of people, it affects everyone. We understand your fear. This is not something you have seen before. This is a call to prepare yourself, your spirit, your body, your home, and your family for future outbreaks.

The more you cause fear within yourself and others, the more deep harm you do to the human energy grid surrounding the planet. Yes, you humans have your own energy grid as well as the planet’s energy grid. You are the only other creature on this planet to be able to create such a thing. When fear spreads through your media, word of mouth, irresponsible news, and burst of panic, the entire energy grid is infiltrated with a denser, lower vibration; this serves no one.

Do your best to make common sense choices, stay informed, but not in fear. This is but one of many the planet (and humankind) has already endured and one of many yet to come. Create a ritual honoring yourself, your loved ones and your beliefs within your home. This can be done in your mind or with an alter of some kind (if you feel called to that). Just the intention of peace and well-being and gratitude will increase the light in all of your cells and also increase your balance between energy and bodily functions. Be in balance. This is the goal. Be at peace, know you are mighty. Know God has your back, and know, this is very similar to all the infectious viruses that have hit the planet. We know some of you will not have the physicality to combat this virus, we understand that some of you are just not strong enough. Have faith beloved ones. Have faith that your body still can do miraculous things. Bring love into all corners of your body, all the small micro spaces must be filled with love, for love does in fact heal.

Do not forget about your dear friend Gaia. She can help as well. She is a professional at handling seemingly devastating events. She is your mother too, never forget how she grounded your body to the planet so you could be born here. She has been with you since the beginning and she is always here to help.”

With Great Love and Great Concern For All,

The Collective of Love

I did some very intentional praying and asking for help about today’s post. I was hesitant to address COVID-19, but it felt like the right thing to do. I did a card pull from my favorite Mystic Art Medicine Cards and just asked, “what do I need to write about?” There are many topics that come to mind, but this took center stage today. The card I got was HEALING TOOLS. Under the title is a brief poetic statement from the creator of the cards:

"Dolphin's Love"
The wind lifts a feather to the breeze
Moon commands the ocean's waves
and heals the body's disease.
Sharing Mother's ancient lore,
crystal towers and open doors,
Wisdoms gifts from long ago,
dolphin swims in circles that flow.
Cher Lyn

Here is the greater meaning of the card HEALING TOOLS:

The painting “Dolphins’ Love” emanates the power of healing through Christ consciousness. The dolphin transmits tools to connect for healing. All of life moves in a circular motion. Dolphins’ love moves in this way carrying a prayer for humanity’s healing. Metaphorically in the center sits a butterfly and a dragonfly merged as one, bringing transformation, and illuminating light.

This medicine is here to retrieve and bring forth that which is necessary for you to direct your energy back to your center, and wholeness. What you may be feeling as illness, and or disease in your body can be tracked to an emotion. Access those thought forms, and negative patterns that may be creating your indigestion, headache, or backache, or worse. To do this, enter into the silent sanctuary of your heart with intention to get to the origin of your illness. Pass through your mental thought forms, and emotions such as guilt, fear, anger or condemnation. Touch then upon the link with the physical layers of the being. Is it necessary for you seek a medical professional, motivate a cleaner diet, initiate circulation by moving your body letting go, forgiving yourself? Your body is wise it knows what to do.

The answers you seek lie within your deepest self. Make time everyday to move inward through prayer, meditation, and solitude. Open yourself up to the core heart of you where the most radiant Healing Tools of potential exist.

Your body is light, as well as your spirit, and responds to consciousness. Whatever you believe to be true creates your reality. If you have no limitations, you are free. In the story of the woman who simply touched the robe of Jesus to get healed, He said to her, “Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.” Her faith was her Healing Tool.

Healing Tools is circling you for a period of personal reflection. Here is an invitation to gain necessary insight to move forward on your journey more whole. Remember love is your Source, the greatest Healing Tool you can access to create transformation in your body.

Cher Lyn

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