What Do You Have to Fall Back On?

Dearest Sacred Souls On Planet Earth,

We hear you, we do. We hear your cries, your fears, your burdens, your stress, your frustrations; we hear it all. Yet, you have always had these prayers. Even if there were no virus, you would still come to us with the similar problems, resonating with a similar energy. However, this time the game of life is changing. All that lives in darkness will be exposed to the light. All that has always been in darkness is being revealed. You wanted change dear ones, and now you are receiving it. Yes, this is not what you expected, but what did you expect?

During these incredible times on planet earth we ask you a couple things, how much do you find yourself thinking about Mother Earth (Gaia) now? Lastly, what do you have in your heart, deep inside of you, to go to which brings you comfort? What resides there? Do you have faith? We mean a faith of any kind. We are not promoting your religions, however we are promoting your deep, internal programing within your cells. Are you listening or are you ignoring everything because you are so steeped in fear?

Your friends and family will not be with you when you breathe your last breath in this case of the virus. If you are to leave your “container” due to infection AND the will to leave (most importantly). Then we ask you to go inside and find your anchor. Find your anchor to that deep ALL KNOWING part of you that will guide you on your journey.

We encourage all of you whether you have the virus or not, to go inside and find your anchor. This is a gift of remembrance dear one – as you were born with it.  Let the quietness and stillness of your current condition be your guide. Even if you are busy at home with children and partners, find at least a few minutes to go inside and find the strength God gave you to get through ANYTHING.

We also ask you to use this time wisely, as it will not be forever. Let your creative brain flow with inspiration. Let your voice sing, your body dance, enjoy your inner playground and play. This is the time. This is what you have yearned for. There are no meetings to go to, there are no deadlines or traffic to worry about being stuck in. Go dear souls, use this time to find a kind of freedom your “regular life” never allowed you to have – see the gift in all of this, feel the gift, and then, finally be a gift to humanity.

Massive transformation for the planet can only happen if you all do the work. Do not sit idly and watch your TV like a zombie suffocated in fear. You are not this. God created all of this so you could be magnificent. Have you felt magnificent? If you could only see yourselves from our point-of-view, you are developing and changing at an astounding rate

Let the genius flow through your veins. Let the idea explode into your mind. Look for ways to truly make your life better, full of more meaning, and believe it or not full of more connection to others.

These are mere limitations of the mind, but truly no limitations at all. In time you will see the truth of all of this. It is hard right now. Go inward precious child, go inward and claim your strength in faith and who you came here to be. If you feel you don’t have much to live for the virus will take you home, if you feel you have just begun and there is so much more yet to do, your faith will keep you here, TRUST this.

Our words are not always believed or followed, but it is our duty to spread this message in whatever means possible. Our channel has knows this message has needed to come out, yet divine timing only allows it to be today.

You are loved, and change is everywhere and we promise, it is all for the best.

With utmost love, respect and reverence.

The Highest Order of Divine Collective

This was written with urgency and with little time so I don’t have time to comment much except that this was burning inside of me for some time. Love to you all and Please stay safe and isolated. This isn’t going to be forever.

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