The Goddess Is Everywhere

Beloved Readers,

This is not a channeled message today, but rather a message about a very powerful experience that happened to me while driving in my car on a hot day in Saudi Arabia. First, it’s important to know the heat is starting to reach extremely uncomfortable levels like, 115 degrees Fahrenheit. As I was driving to a park with my son, I played an old CD I had in my car of beautiful Arab music. The second I started hearing the Oud guitar strumming along to a deep bass and the haunting singing in Arabic, I was completely transported to another dimension (probably not the best while you’re driving). It’s a good thing I didn’t have far to go. I was struck by a very powerful feminine goddess energy that encapsulates Saudi Arabia. I could almost see her with raven black hair, voluptuous curves, gentle voice, soft skin, and arms hugging me and my son letting us know we were going to be safe (during COVID) because of her. She was the ULTIMATE Mother, the kindest, fiercest, and most loving divine female presence you could imagine. She was in the hot wind that blew the date palms. She was in the unforgiving sun that will burn you and purify you at the same time. She was calm. She wanted me to slow down and surrender; surrender completely to her heat, her love, her slowness because there is so much beauty in slowness and simplicity. She wanted me to notice the bees, the flies, the birds, and how all of them danced around happily in the unforgiving heat. She transferred to me the immensely strong feeling that the truth about Saudi is: it’s all about the feminine – and always has been, not the masculine (as the humans have so prioritized). She knows the truth and she has let the humans think what they will, but really, she’s in control. She showed me that so much about her landscape was hyper feminine. She imparted onto my mind how curvaceous the sand dunes are, with rolling waves and no hard edges. Everything flows in the sand. Cars even “float” when they drive on her giant mounds of curvy sand, and we sink into her – we are always sinking into her. When the car stops it starts to sink, if you are too forceful and too pushy, one will get stuck. The wind is her breath, she is always moving things around with the wind. She sculpts the landscape that is ever changing as the feminine does. She pushes everyone to their limits with her heat. At some point before your car cools off with air conditioning you must surrender to the discomfort of her full force. She activates the water within our cells to move and dance within our bodies. You leave your house dry and come back completely wet with water – another feminine aspect.

She was imparting onto me about the time of women – especially in Saudi and all of the Middle East. She was saying that their time is coming and the world will never be the same once it does. The masculine must make peace with the powerful feminine power inside each and every woman. It can be terrifying for one who doesn’t understand the beauty, rage, wisdom, life giving, and “womb-power” of the feminine. The masculine energy in this part of the world has been so misguided about which gender HAS to be dominant and the answer she gives is that even though the time of the woman is coming, the ultimate goal is to have balance between the two. You need both, but in order to show her strength in some of the most challenging times in the world, the wisdom of the feminine must show herself and educate the masculine.

This was all imparted to me within about five minutes. It happened so fast, out of nowhere and I had to park my car and say thank you to “her.” I don’t know if she has a specific name according to legends in this region or if she IS Gaia.

No matter where you live, there is a feminine energy. I was really surprised about it being so strong in Saudi Arabia because I have been so programmed to believe that this region is predominantly masculine. I feel this is deeply incorrect. The truth is this land is teeming with the divine feminine.

I know so many of you are suffering. I know you might feel frozen with fear. These are extremely unique times. However, know, please know, there is a loving force around us that is something we were never taught about in church or school or even our parents. Go within. Get Out In Nature!!!! I mean this. Be quiet. Be alone. Prostrate on the grass. Speak to her face to face. Give yourself space to have your own unique experience and please know there is something that loves you that watches you and wants to take care of you. Be good to yourself and be good to her, we are in this together.

With so much love and humility,


PS- Thanks for reading this. I hope it helps in some way. Here is the song that caused all of this. It’s called Setti by Nina. The album is Sea Salt.

PPS- I want to add that this divine feminine or the rise of the feminine is going to be hitting the entire planet. I don’t know when or exactly how, but it is needed now more than ever. All of us have a combo of masculine and feminine and we all need to find our inner balance. The feminine is intuitive the masculine is logical – find a happy medium and you can attract more than you ever imagined. It’s not just Saudi that will see a resurgence (much, much more than just being able to drive btw.) of feminine energy, the dominant structures will fall and everything will need to be rebuilt. All my best!

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