Love Thy Self

“Dearest Sacred Souls,

The time has come. It is now. Why wouldn’t you start now? We see the peripheral, we see what your thoughts are filling up the void with. This is the shift dear ones. This is the shift into higher consciousness, into higher love, into (most importantly) higher awareness. You Matter. You Matter to God, therefore you need not worry about anyone else or being in the lime light all the time. We see all the self harm. Before you incarnated into your body, on earth, at this time, you would have NEVER imagined doing the harm to yourself that you do. Even your words can be filled with the viper’s venom. Stop all forms of self harm now. You are children acting out, you are lost wanting someone to show you the way, you don’t want to do the work, you don’t want to see what you’ve created, but you must. You must forgive yourself, and have compassion. You are not perfection. You are human and you are learning the biggest collective lesson on the planet that ever there was. Stop with harmful words, stop with harmful eating and drinking, stop at once. You are not meant to suffer. You are responsible for how much suffering you want to endure to yourself at your own hand. Nothing is as important as loving yourself, nothing! LOVE THY SELF dear ones, LOVE THY SELF as if you were GOD. Look at you, look at the fact that you chose to come here EXACTLY at this time, you are no victim dear child – you chose this! This is THE time, the great advancement, the great shift, and yes many are dying and everything you knew must change- and eventually it all will. This is the beginning of the upgrade you have prayed for. Give Mother Earth space! Let her have a break to breathe, you are on HER neck, yet you rarely hear her screams. She can’t hold you much longer and yes you will see disastrous weather so hold on and dig deep for SHE needs to plunge into her depths and let go of all of your pain as it is so linked to her own. You are HER and SHE is you. You are deeply connected in consciousness, did you know? You do not ask for permission nearly as often as you should, you take freely to your own benefit. She is your mother not your prostitute, she is your mother, not your slave, she is your mother and she is giving herself a break…to breathe.

Take time to look into your soul and why you are here. What is it that you can personally do to spread love and joy? Feel the love and joy for yourself first. Appreciate how magnificent and amazing you are! Follow your innate intelligence, it is like your own super computer that will never steer you wrong. If you don’t go inward you will be blind-sided and thrown off balance into the abyss of despair. Get your footing into who you are. Listen to the inner workings of your soul and what it tells you about YOU. Who are you? What do you want for the world? What do you want for your soul while you are here for such a short time!

There is only one human race, why you don’t love everyone like the brothers and sisters that you are tells us that you are still incubating your oneness. It’s there, but you have not reached it’s real truth and potential. Perhaps it only seems like a dream that you could be connected in oneness. Maybe not in this lifetime, but the potential is there, it is has always been there. Covid has brought you a glimpse of oneness. It has shown you first hand how you are all the same because you all can contract it. These false ideas that you are all somehow different or some of you are better than others or that you don’t have to care about those deeply suffering because it doesn’t involve you is once again more evidence that you haven’t matured yet. Until that idea is no longer an idea, but a way of naturally being without a second thought you must learn to love yourself and your connection to God.

You do not have to leave your body to learn karma, learn it now! Do as much as you can while alive and well. Don’t wait until you can no longer breathe. No living creature can survive without breathe. Let your soul breathe, let Mother Nature breathe, let the God inside of you breathe, let your brothers and sisters breathe, and let your heart breathe so you, dear one, can first love yourself deeply and then share that love with every other human being (like yourself) you come into contact with. You are so important. You are so deeply needed. You will usher in the light that is ready to penetrate the planet and change it forever.”

With Deepest Love and Respect,

The Divine Collective

Hi, It’s me the writer, the go-between, the middle woman. Today, I got that if we don’t love ourselves in a manner where we matter to God then it’s really hard to have compassion and love for others. The duality of the planet and the amnesia that we have when we are born have us forget that we matter to God. Know in your heart that you matter a lot! The message is love yourself first. This isn’t a self-absorbed kind of love in case you were thinking that. It’s really just about starting with yourself. Where do you want to improve? Where do you feel shadow-like holes in yourself? What do you want to change? Now is the time my friends. I mean, how could it be a better time? We are not alone in this pandemic. We are not alone when it comes to racism. We are not alone when it comes to all the abuses towards women and children, we are not alone to slavery (it’s still here). We are in all these giant issues together and WE not ME can change this.

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