Is There Peace Inside of You?

Dearest Souls,

It is imperative at this time to find a way to create room inside of yourself (a rather large container) for peace. We have spoken of love many times in previous posts, but now we want to focus on peace. Peace will grow once you give it a place. What is it that brings quiet and a gentle smile upon your soul? Think of the things you do to bring you peace and then imagine those things you do without having to physically do them. Your bodies hold your soul, but there is always room for it to hold peace. Get your brain involved. Get the ideas flowing from the top of your head to your toes. Let the energy of those peaceful ideas, pictures, memories, and thoughts flow through your entire body. Swim in peace. Let it consume you. Use your highest connection to God (through the earth) to ground you, and remind you that you are safe, and you are loved therefore, you can be at peace.

Show your children your peace. You do not have to explain anything. Show them how you feel calm inside. You do not need to meditate, just go to those beautiful experiences and let the peace flow inside of you. Think of Gaia. Think of how she has brought peace to you. Through the experience of a butterfly landing on your finger, to a beautiful and sacred encounter with a bear, to listening to the waves wash up on shore. She is an expert at this. Remember to thank her for the many gifts she gives. Even just a small breeze removing the sweat from your neck; you may find that within the little things there is great peace.

The more you grow the peace inside of you the more it spreads to everyone. It is an energy frequency that can be felt by every person you come into contact with. Some may be conscious of it, but most are not and that is exactly how it is to be. How are you being in this time? How are you showing up for yourself? How are you showing up for your community? How is your “being?” What you are is far more powerful then what you say or do. The energy you decide to fill yourself up with is your choice. The cleaner and more peaceful it is the better it is for the world. Let your higher self guide you. Allow that inner genius to make better choices. Make room for this in your body. Imagine if the whole world had a peaceful version of themselves fully intact and active within everything inside of them? The world needs YOUR peace.

Humans tend to think that their peace is their own. They love to take ownership of everything. Even your body is not your own dearest child; it’s on rental. Your peace my beloveds is the world’s peace. Take life in small bites, chew slowly and then swallow with peace. You are your thoughts. You are your peace. Peace IS the antidote to all things your lens shows you is wrong in the world. Go to peace. Even choose peace before love if you have to. They are different. Turn off the TV. Go away from your phone, and PLEASE do not sleep next to your phone. Your body was never made to handle the strength of your technology. You do not know this yet, but you will soon. You will see the proof your brain needs to sync this into your consciousness, then you will one day wonder why you ever kept your technology so close to your body. The responsibility needs to be understood to live safely with this technology. It’s not here yet.

The best thing you can do to weather the storm of the coronavirus (the crowned virus) is go within and clean up all that is not serving you. Find the peace within that. This is not about shame or blame or guilt- throw all those words into the garbage, this is about you, loving you, you deserve it. Do not blame others for the virus. Look at all the awareness the virus has brought. Awareness you always wanted in the collective; you’ve got it now. More will most certainly come. Simply adjust your life, look inward at the peace you have. We cry that some of you feel this is a herculean task. This is not true chaos my loves. This is THE CLEANSING of a world that was going in a direction you truly wouldn’t like. Be grateful for each morning breath upon waking. Be grateful for nourishing sleep, be grateful you have a heartbeat. Use that heart wisely while you can.

You are peace at your core. It’s just easy to forget sometimes. You are a miracle to us. Look to earth to create a stronger bond with us. Look within yourself to know all that is true. Go to peace, know that you are and will be okay.

With hope in our hearts that you will find your peace,

The Divine Collective

Hello Everyone,

I have actually, finally come out with my real name- Samantha. Nora was an old family name, and I realize not being my true self was not doing anyone any favors. Just like this message, I found peace in changing my name on the blog. I know very few people read this and that has been just fine for awhile, but now with everyone feeling so terrible, I think the message needs to come out.

Before I write, I center myself and dive deep into my soul to pull out what needs to be said. Today is was all about peace. There seems to be very little of it in the collective and it’s imperative. I hope this message really encourages you to find your own inner peace.

There are millions of messages I could write and write, but I have been an extremely busy mother and as you all know, with kids being at home all day, my ability to find time has been a challenge. However, I am going to work better to get a message in as much as possible.

I love you all and if you find comfort or something that just feels good in my blog posts, please let me know. This really encourages me even more to know I am making a difference.

Be at peace. Let’s strive for more connection and oneness on the planet.

Lots of love,


One thought on “Is There Peace Inside of You?

  1. Oh Sam! This message gave me goosebumps and literally felt like a download… a wave of inner calm flowing over me.

    I am so happy you are owning your beautiful work! Powerful words indeed! Just this morning I woke up early to mow the lawn and felt the breeze on my skin and was so thankful for it.😊

    I dreamt about you and Brad again last night! This time I was in it too and we were in a group sharing spiritual thoughts. The vibe wasn’t right so we met separately..

    Have a blessed evening beautiful!


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