A Call To Presence

Beloved Ones,

Now more than ever it is imperative that you reach to your inner calm and higher self to attune to your presence. Meaning, we don’t want you to worry about the future or past right now. Let it go. The Collective is CONSUMED with the future. Let go of trying to control the outcome of the future. You are going to be just fine. Slow down, breathe deeply, think about why you are here right now. You might think this is such a terrible time in the world, but alas it is not. This is where the real divine change begins within the human race. All structures will change and need to. They were not serving you for your highest good. Be in today, every day. Don’t worry about tomorrow, be in today. Be with your family either online or in person, be here, right now. This is an extremely difficult task we ask of you, but really it is not a task. We ask you to apply your focus to the present simply because it is all that matters. We know you are grateful for your life every day, we know there has already been a huge shift in the Collective. You used to take for granted seeing people, now you will celebrate it in way you never felt before. Take your day in small bites. There is no race to get through the day. Give yourself some peace-of-mind. Relax, breathe, connect to the soil beneath your feet. The Divine loves you. You must know there is a force in the Universe call it God, Energy, Creator, Mother/Father, Source -whatever you like, and this force loves every cell that makes you up and every dimension of your soul (as you are multi-dimensional). Even if the corona virus attacks your body and your soul has to choose between going home or staying – WE LOVE YOU. Some of you are being asked to leave so you can come back again!!! There is so much more to this plan then meets the eye. Death is a terrible word and doesn’t accurately describe what happens when your soul transitions. Going home for so many (especially the elderly) has been a much anticipated relief. Be present beloveds. Enjoy the everyday moments. Give thanks for the sunrise. Give thanks for this beautiful planet. Send love to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you. Give of yourself in a way that quenches your thirst for love as well. It should be an equal exchange of giving and receiving. If it depletes you, you need to look at how you’re giving love, as it was intended to be rewarding. Make your days matter. Make yourself matter to those around you! You are a gift to the world, make your days count and focus on each day as though it was a precious gift. Be aware of the awe-some power you have to mold each day. You choose Beloved. You choose how wonderful or terrible your day will be. You can have peace and a deeper connection to God during this time of great debris. Your higher self is a brilliant source of intelligence, experiences, and understanding of things- go to that part of you, and find peace there.

The truth is, the world will never be the same prior to the pandemic, and why should it? The trajectory of the human race has been permanently altered. Gaia is unleashing. She is breaking free from her chains, you are all at risk on some level. However, you share this world and the more you go inward and find your connection to Her and to God the better off you will be. To have nothing but fear from the Mob of the Collective Mind, is of no use to anyone. It’s akin to holding on to a rope that is quickly unraveling. Find your core anchor instead. Find what will carry you through the new earth and new reality for humanity. You do have ALL the tools built-in, you just need to go there within. Don’t be afraid. Go to your inner sanctuary, it will always be safe and quiet there – always. We can not do it for you. All we can do is send you nudges of encouragement and words of guidance. You are all powerful dear one. By keeping EVERYTHING simple, you will find much peace. De-clutter your life, review your needs versus your wants, be here right now, do not stress about the future or lament the past, be with us and be with your higher self. Your families on the other side are truly cheering you on! They are in awe of your courage and know good things are on the way. Keep steadfast and keep finding peace and joy within your simple days. It’s all about the little things right now. Focus on that.

We love you more than you can possibly understand,

The Divine Guardians and Collective

Hello it’s me! So many things to write about today, so many choices. I really had to meditate on this. Another subject that really needs to be addressed is DEATH. They really want me to talk about this. However, today needed to be about being present. I am so guilty of not being present! You’d think I’d be some kind of Saint with all of this guidance I get but, No way! I am a normal person who is a crazy, busy mom living in the Middle East. I guess to sum up my gut impression from this post, I would say just really keep your life simple and stop worrying. What is happening in the world is not something we can control. I am not talking about voting, but rather the bigger global changes occurring while a pandemic has hit us. Think this is a coincidence? Nope, not even close. It’s all on point apparently. Just be good to yourself, okay? Just keep things simple and know you can only work with the tools you been given and believe it or not, you have a ton of tools. Feel free to ask any questions if any of this seems confusing. Much love to you all and hang in there, okay?

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