The Gift of Debris

Dearest Beloved Souls,

Your planet is going through a massive shift. From the spiritual realm we see the mental debris filling up all the space around you. The debris is comprised of your fear. It has many different layers to it, but it’s mainly all the thought bubbles that contain your worst thoughts, frustrations, rage, irritation, hopelessness, judgement, control, and feelings of separateness from each other. You are being shown everything you despise. The more the debris, the more uncomfortable things get. There is great polarity everywhere in the world, but in particular, the United States. We know you are capable of great freedom, love and unity however, everything is being challenged and restructured because it is not working. The media is causing more and more debris to fill the air as well. All media is causing fear and uncertainty in so many hearts. Basically all of this is your waste (your mental poop), and we are here to take it away, transmute it and help you clear the space. You must ask us to. You must reach out to us to help take the burden off of your shoulders.

Even though there is so much debris in the energetic field around the planet, we are here to say it is a gift. The collective is getting very uncomfortable, the tension between people is rising at an all time high. This is the perfect time to become a witness of this energy. Watch it. See how it’s growing and how it’s causing so many to feel more than they have in many, many years. It is within this inner, intense feeling of the heart where we want you to concentrate your energy. Regardless of political views (as it is an ever changing landscape that ebbs and flows from one side to the other) see and witness how it is different this year. See how so many people have come together to do what they feel in their hearts is right. It shows that you are clear as a society that you care and that too much is at risk. You are free to have any belief structure you wish – politically and otherwise. Even though the narrative is very much about who is right and who is wrong, we want you to focus on what you align with. What is your part in this? What do you resonate with? What represents you as a person and you as a soul connected into the community? Step back from the pain, fear, exhaustion, overwhelm and feel your heart. Use this collective debris to teach what you do and don’t want. Use this collective debris as your greatest teacher. You have free will to choose, and we ask to choose with your heart. The gift of the debris is that it has awakened a sleeping bear. This “bear” doesn’t need to go on the attack however. The “bear” can make things simple and take care of it’s basic needs and do what it needs to in order to survive. Follow your hearts dear souls. Have compassion for those who do not share your views, and live your life knowing you are all brothers and sisters. You will get through this, BUT do NOT be surprised if your treasured infrastructures like healthcare, financial, and educational find themselves on the brink of collapse. It’s all part of what is deeply needed. It is never easy to go through a massive collective ascension. Nothing of this magnitude will be easy and without great change. Go with it and ride the wave dear ones.

Look for the gifts. Be of service, love and compassion to others. Review what your part in this world is. Decide if you want to go with what your current leader is saying and doing or if you want to BE something different as a Nation- One Nation Under God.

We love you. We are watching – always. You have all the power. Do not get swept away in the debris. Observe it. It truly is the first step in the creation of the country you’ve always dreamed of. It will take your country time to find unity, love and connection again, it’s really up to you, but we see that the possibility is right in front of you.

With love, reverence, respect and great awe of the struggle your souls signed up for,

The Divine Collective

This was a challenging post for me to write because I had no idea where they were going with this. I did NOT know what the “gift” was they were talking about! It feels so weird to write about something big and not really know what you’re writing about. Obviously, this has a lot to do with the up coming Presidential Election. It’s from a very, very broad, big picture perspective. If this helps you in any way, hooray!! I feel I will need to reread this many times. I hope this makes sense to you too. It feels odd to tell people that all the bad stuff that’s happening is actually for greater good.

Be good to yourself, be good to others and I hope you have a beautiful day!

Much love,


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