“Death” Is Not Accurate

Dear Sweet Readers,

I have had this topic burning inside my awareness for some time.  What spirit is going to say through me may be triggering, so please be ready.  These are not my words, but they are pushing SUPER hard to address a very big misconception.  I am extremely sensitive and aware of those of you who have lost someone (by ANY means).  This is in no way about minimizing the pain, suffering, and mourning of your dearest loved ones.  I have lost people dear to me as well and it takes a lifetime to process.  One is never “okay” after losing someone.  There is never a time when you’re “over it” and healed. Mourning is necessary and there is a huge soul process we all go through when our people transition. However, the fear surrounding it needs to be addressed and the HUGE misunderstanding (apparently) we all have and have been taught needs a nudge of course correction.  Please read this with patience, an open mind, and peace in your heart.  You are very much welcome to express any and all emotions this may bring up for you.  I am really here to serve you as the go-between, and I will do my best to answer and respond.  I am being extra careful with this post by doing a little message first because honestly, this is the most profound channeling I have ever received.  Okay let’s begin!

Dearest Beloved Souls,

We want to share with you something that is not commonly shared or understood regarding what you call “Death.”  First of all, we would like to point out that the word is not correct because YOU (your soul) never die – it’s impossible.  In your reality structure, you have been taught from a very young age that people die, animals die, leaves die, flowers die, and so forth, but you are never privy to the greater plan behind what is more accurately termed “transition.”  Your corporeal structure has a beginning and an end, but it is merely a container for each life (earth) cycle.  You are part of the earth grid.  Your energy is bound to earth.  Your spirit is free once you leave your body to experience the many dimensions surrounding your planet.  However, you completely forget about this truth when you are born.  You only see, feel, and learn about what is in front of you and what the collective has taught you because like a never ending wheel of misunderstanding, this idea is passed down from generation to generation.  It is a very limited view dear ones, and we would NEVER fault you for this. Today however, we would be honored to enlighten you a little further about the wonders of “transitioning.”

What needs to be known right now is that the planet is in a huge portal of mass exodus of souls- and for very good reason dear ones.  God is calling many home.  God is pulling many out of the matrix of chaos, frustration, sadness and hopelessness. God is healing ALL.  You always have a choice when asked if you want to go home by spirit. When souls are shown not only the purpose of their life, the review of their life or what great plans God in co-creation with each soul has, it’s is nearly impossible to resist, but many do.  It is your choice dearest.  When you are between worlds it is your choice.  The container can survive with little functionality and some souls still want to go back and live out the rest of their years, it is your will.  Others feel the pull to go home and are truly relieved to leave their containers to be in Oneness with God again.  They will come back, and a plan is set into motion about timing.  There is ALWAYS a plan dearest ones.  Yes, leaving loved ones behind is what is sometimes necessary, but truly they never do leave you, they are forever connected to the earth grid and you can always reach out to them.   The narrative and story you have come to believe about transition is heartbreaking. We cry when souls are born and we rejoice when they come home, you do the opposite dear ones.  It has always been this way.

The feeling of lose, sadness and despair is real.  We always honor the family of our souls who come back home.  There must be time dedicated to this deep mourning. This is YOUR time, the time of the living to reach out to the Divine for help and guidance it will ALWAYS be there.  Do not let your mind decide how this is meant to go.  Do not give in to your mind when it wants to be right.  Instead surrender to not understanding, there is truth there- real truth.  The portal is wide-open now and so many souls are being reunited with their lost loved ones, God, and any whom they worship for guidance.

God has a very intimate relationship with Gaia, and Gaia is in desperate need of help.  A massive clearing is happening, on scale that your minds may not be able to process.  She needs to breathe.  She has been suffering and humans will indeed kill her if something isn’t done.  So much is happening now and so many are transitioning.  The love, the support and the soul contracts are being fulfilled. All is as it should be in order to maintain life on the planet.  There must be a mass exodus it is part of the master plan to save earth.  If earth cannot survive, nothing matters.  Your politics, your relationships, your money, your power, your greed, your self-serving me mentality, nothing will matter.

The souls are okay dearest ones.  The corona virus has taken the burden of human life away for many – especially your elderly.  If you are going to transition from whatever alignment you have, be at peace, know you will be entering home again and yes you will come back to earth.  When you remember the original plan, when you remember that you chose to be here at THIS TIME to be part of the great shift of consciousness on the planet, all will be well.  Going home will allow you to remember, but we want you to hear it before you transition through people like our channel today.  You don’t need to transition to find out dear ones.  Know this now!  There is a carefully developed plan for each and every one of you. Many of you agreed to be transitioned by the virus.  You do not remember this, but it is true. You agreed that now is the time to ascend so you can start the process of coming back again as a baby to lift the planet up even more to the newer consciousness!

Death is not terrible.  The world you’re living in is an illusion.  Find your connection to source now. Find your anchor.  Find your way back to Faith.  Be the church you’ve always been looking for.  Open the great doors inside of you to the place of total peace and complete love.  You are part of Gaia just as much as you are part of God.  Take care of her, be mindful of her, so much is taken from her, be her biggest ally.  Be the God that is inside of you.  Use your heart with every single soul on the planet. Use your heart wisely.  Stay away from the mind, go to the center of your chest – think from there MORE. Your mind will continue to get derailed with what’s to come.  It will feel so much stress and be shocked at what it cannot control.  It will do you no good. Know thy self in the eyes of God. Who are you – really? Be THAT version of yourself – it will set you free from all the burdens you carry.

Celebrate all of your loved ones if they transition.  Know they are being welcomed back into the arms of ONENESS with GOD.  It is a time to let go of your earthly expectations of their life.  What you don’t know or see is that they have already been asked if they would like to go home, and they said yes. When the soul is in the driver’s seat with out the trauma of the third dimension, the answers are easy, the knowing that all will be well is clear, and the ability to enter into true freedom becomes their reality.  They are free.  It is far more challenging to all who remain.  However, you must know that you didn’t sign up for anything you could NOT handle.  If you are left alone, God and all of heaven is with you.  Then the inner journey must begin if it hasn’t already.  The inner journey back to God while you are alive on earth is the MOST rewarding and the MOST freeing.  Find freedom here. Find a new sense of resolve, of survival, of deep knowing in your heart that all is well and the Universe did not crumble because your beloved transitioned.  The veil is only as far away as you make it.  It seems unattainable then it will be.  Dearest, do you think we would do all of your lessons for you?  This is what your soul said yes to. Death is merely a transition.  Those who remain must find their faith in order to carry one with peace and love, and help others.  There will always be others who need to know the lessons your GREAT soul has learned.

We hope this has brought a new perspective into your awareness.  We yearn for your peace but like we have said we cannot do the soul work for you. That is the greatest joy of being alive.  We love you, we wish peace for you, and do not forget your connection to God because you are God.

We honor your soul’s work, we have the deepest reverence for your life, and if you are going home we welcome you with open arms and joy.

The Divine Guardians and Collective

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  1. Thank you for these powerful wise words. This is exactly how I feel about “death”. What a relief! Our loved ones that has moved on can be felt when we become still and pay attention to the signs they show.

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