The Void

Photo by Florencia Viadana

Dear Readers,

Before I begin I want to explain a little bit about the void. This is a time that we are in and have been in (for the 3rd time) since October. Think of the void as a major reset button. When astrologers talk about mercury retrograde, the void is like that, but ten times stronger. December is going to be an incredibly hard month for everyone. December brings in the last and hardest month of the energetic void. We are in it, so be aware and remember this when you think another “thing” couldn’t possibly go wrong. The void is a place where we feel less connected to Source, it’s all about you and your relationships with everyone; including yourself. You may feel a deep separation from yourself and from God. However, you could actually use this time for immense creativity and actually find the light of God in the darkness. This is the ultimate goal for all of us in the void; to find the light. My higher self and spirit are working together to make sure this message gets across because whatever is going in your life, it’s not just happening to you, it’s happening to the collective. All souls on the planet have done everything possible to get here to this point, right now. Everything in your life has been about now. Hopefully, this makes sense. Just think of it as a place of more nothingness and separation, yet a place to deeper find yourself. Ok here we go!

Dearest Beloveds,

We are always watching and observing how you are growing and learning during these dark days. This is indeed a December like no other. We simply want you to remember who you are. Don’t let the mountains of bad news, suffering, panic, and loss over take you. You are all taking on so much right now, yet there are those of you who wanted to take on more. There are those of you dealing with much more than the pandemic. We are deeply with you. Let your trials be your teacher. Open yourself to humility and grace. Be Christ-like in your heart. Find your own Source. What are you made of dear ones? Indeed these are trials, yet they are trials you wanted in order to grow. One would wonder why you would need so many trials for mere growth, yes? We say, trust in your choices for this. Trust that even if you receive the gravest news during the peek Void, you will walk through your shadows with grace and humility. Know you are divine yourself walking in mere mortal shoes. You are so much more than what life throws you. Let your trials show you the way back to something much bigger. What a sad life it would be if all you believed in were your trials! Your trials are not the end result, your trials are the stepping stones to greatness. You Are Divine. You have the power to transform like no other species on the planet, what joy! You were meant to grow. Let your branches reach high above and your roots deep below. The winds of change are coming; stay grounded and stay strong inside. Be the mighty oak that is your soul. Use the earth to support you, use your divine intelligence to guide you. Reach out to us for help.

The void is not the most difficult time for some. Some of you are waking up with inspiration in each waking breath. Some of you are feeling very good with who you are and what choices you make. Some are seeing the TRUTH in all things and moving forward in co-creation or closing a chapter. The Divine Pause Button has been hit. Some of you are listening and acting accordingly while others are pushing against the grain.

For those of you who really have no connection to anything bigger than yourself or God, we weep lakes of tears. For we see the pain and utter separation it causes you. You become stuck in the fear of the mind and separated from your true Divine self. Your road will be very difficult. When you need to be right no matter the cost, when you need to resist change no matter the cost, when you need to only rely on your brain no matter the cost – the cost will be great. You are much more than your mind.

Sometimes the lessons during the Void are small. Sometimes all you need is a gentle course correction. This is just as important dear ones. Even a change in your point-of-view can cause immense soul growth.

December will rock the world in ways people thought they were not ready for. Go within, reach out to us, hear your higher self MORE THAN EVER and live from that. The world was not what you wanted anyway before the pandemic. Dream about the world you Do want. Look at how many people, organizations, political structures, and over all values that have changed. You can thank Covid for showing you what people are really made of. Humans need to be better to beat it. Humans must learn to think collectively to beat it. Humans must use their hearts and see how things need to be restructured in order to create a more peaceful and thriving world. It’s not about the individual anymore. Covid is the great equalizer. You are all the same to Covid. You are the ones who are divisive. You create your pain more than anything else. The Void can feel like extreme isolation, but it doesn’t have to be. We know this is almost unimaginable for so many of you and we are here to say, just keep going, you are divine and there are gifts at the end of this very long road.

We love you and cherish you for all of the HARD soul work you are doing. Nothing goes unnoticed. You are sacred to us and we want to hear from you more. We are there, we never leave your side. You are the great warriors sent from the heavens to lift the planet into a higher consciousness, how could you possibly not be deeply loved? Your service will change the world.

-The Divine Collective and our Channel’s Higher Self

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