Interesting Times

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It has been some time since I have posted and due to the major shifts happening in all of our lives, some things gotta give!

The crazy part is we all wanted to be here, now, yep, right now during a massive global shift in well, everything. From climate to consciousness, everything on the planet and within the human race is changing – no small thing.

The trick is navigating these uncharted waters. How do we stay sane? How do we keep going on when the news is telling us of impending doom of a fourth wave? We have many vaccines, now, but it is enough? The virus is struggling to survive just as much as we are, and it’s proving to be a very smart and adaptable bug.

My gut has a bad feeling. I hate to say this, but my gut does not feel like we are out of the woods by any means. There is simply too much we don’t know yet. For certain US States to drop their guard and say, “we don’t need masks anymore” makes my heart sink. There is still a lot to lose my friends. We are not out of this and we still have to be careful no matter how much it feels like a slog – we have to.

When it feels like we can’t control what’s going on around us, it’s the perfect time to go back to you. How can you be MORE you? How can you revel in what brings you small gifts of happiness? Do you like helping others? Do you like being creative? Do you like learning something new? What can you do to simple just be you? We need to honor who we are. Filling our cups up in any way possible is so necessary. It’s not a want, it’s a need. Take some time to breathe deeply. Go for a walk. Clear your mind and just listen to your heart if only for 2 minutes if possible.

You came here to be you, now do it more than ever. Don’t get angry about the state of the world, forget that, just be you. Be a witness, bring peace into your heart, and just keep things really, really simple. Now that it’s spring, it’s a great time to get in the dirt! This might sound silly, but get into the dirt people! Plant seeds, plant anything and smell the soil (especially after watering it), sniff it in deeply- that smell is called Petrichor and it’s HEALING! Here is link to it’s meaning: Petrichor Smooth out soil feel it in your fingers and just be outside in the sunshine or on a cloudy day- just be outside – it’s imperative right now.

If you’re having a really hard time calming your mind and body, then why not bring in some Mother Mary energy? Sound weird?? Sound impossible? It’s not. There is a beautiful soul named Danielle Gibbons who channels the Mother Mary energy and even if you don’t believe in this maybe just pretend it’s real. Sometimes our minds just can’t get on board with what our higher selves know, it’s the paradox of being human. Check out this wonderful video of Danielle doing a beautiful Peace Meditation while channeling Mother Mary:

I personally do this when I am feeling overwhelmed and like I can’t get out of my own head. The news and the fear in the world really wants to take us out and it’s our job and OUR responsibility to bring ourselves peace and joy. No one else is responsible – no one. Plus, it’s not nearly as rewarding if we are constantly looking to others to bring us to a place that we can so easily do on our own.

I am sending you love, I am sending you peace, I am sending you so much healing that I know you can access.

You are loved dear one!



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