Masculine Frustration

Hello Beloved Souls,

We want to talk to you about a real energy permeating the globe. There is great pain in the masculine and we want to bring this to your attention. We understand that all of you are being pushed over and over again to your limit. Whether this be with work, family, or just every day life. The shift has happened and it is still happening. We see this taking a very big toll on the masculine of the world. The expectations of being a certain way and not performing as you once did. The expectation to keep it all together when the rest of the family is falling apart. The expectation to provide when so many mothers are forced to leave their jobs and stay home (making you the sole provider). The deep, raw emotions that you keep shoving down, and shoving down until finally you explode. We hold you. We understand that some of these feeling may be new, frightening, and surprising. We hold you. There is a place for you within these walls of frustration. You have been asked to be EVERYTHING, more than you yourself know how to be. You are being stretched, thinly. We hear your cries, we hear your exasperation, we hear your teeth-gritting groans. We hold you. You are sacred to us. You are sacred to the world. You may feel like your failing. You may feel like you are not enough or maybe have NEVER been enough and dear one, you always have been enough.

It is time beloved masculine to adjust your lens. Remove yourself from the matrix of expectations. Remove yourself and take a deep breath. Give yourself space. Give yourself breath. Love yourself. Appreciate that you have made it to the MOST incredible era in at least 2,000 years. Did you think this would be easy? We understand and value your truth. We understand and value your need to judge. For one day a week we ask you to remove judgement and open yourself up to other possibilities of truth. Just one day a week commune with us. Just one day a week sit with us – even if for five minutes. Find us inside of you. The Prince of Peace is calling out to all of the masculine. Find your inner Prince of Peace. You are of him, you were made in his likeness, not matter what your background or belief is, it is all the same. Let peace permeate your soul. Go easy. Tomorrow is another day, but it is a day FOR you not AGAINST you. You GET to have another day dearest one. This is a most precious gift. You decide how you are going to feel: peace or anguish? Tame your inner demons. When you scream into the world ALL is remembered. Did you think that you are just suffering all by yourself? Who do you think absorbs your frustration dearest child? Who is wrapping her arms around you, holding you, embracing you, giving you as much space as you need? She grounded you into this world when you emerged from the womb, she welcomed ALL that is your soul, and she gave you everything you needed.

We speak of Gaia brother and son. We speak of the land. Her creatures, her breeze, her water, her mountains, her soil, her sand, her trees, her every thing. When you scream your inner toil and frustration into the air she takes it from you. She holds it, and she transmutes it so you no longer feel it. But have you ever wondered where that frustration really goes? It goes into the unseen realms. It is locked into a recorded memory of your energy connected to Gaia. It goes into a place where all the screams can be heard by a few. She removes it from your corporeal body in order to help you cleanse your aura dearest warrior. She is always there to hold your angst and frustration.

Do you ever think about this when you let out a self-defacing criticism? Language of disgust and anger get belted out into seemingly nothing, but we are here to tell you that it is absorbed into her energy body. This is one of the many gifts she offers all of her inhabitants. Now, we ask you to be mindful of your rage and frustration. You still have all the free will in the world to do with it what you like, but now you can’t not know the truth. Your energy is recorded and healed.

It is of utmost importance to your energy body to do a bit more dearest one. Be more responsible when you let out cries of utter frustration. Think of her. How can you better help yourself? Ever tried talking to us? Ever tried asking for help from something you can’t see? You can yell at nothingness, why not talk to nothingness as well? There is always something in the unseen. You don’t even have to believe it, but now you have heard it so you can’t not know of it. Awareness is an incredible key to healing. She will always absorb, just know you are giving her your gift of frustration. Please do not be surprised if storms arrive. With collective frustration, it has to go somewhere and be transmuted.

To think humans are so separate from Gaia is a perspective you no longer can afford to have. Your emotions, your pain, your anger is like lightning. It is a super conductor of energy that some life forms from other planets couldn’t handle. You are so much more powerful than you could possibly realize however, your structures for reality are still antiquated so you can’t see this, but that is changing and it needs to. Gaia’s existence depends on it.

You and Gaia are interlinked. What one does greatly affects the other. As too is your connected to spirit and God. Make something good of your experience here. It is very, very short. Heal this frustration at any cost. Heal these wounds inside of you. Watch your expectations as they can be the heaviest of crosses. Are they real or are they of the mind? Not all things of the mind are real, but you do such a good job at making them feel that way.

Call in your Prince of Peace dearest Masculine. Be with him. Let him settle into your bones. Know that you are never alone and you don’t need to suffer of the mind alone. Feel the warm golden light flow onto your head and into your body so you can give yourself some peace. The world needs the masculine that you are and we hear your cries of suffering and our hearts bleed for you. It is only through ways like this that we can get our message across because so many of you have shields around you blocking love, support and relief.

Be with us and let us hold you. We love you, and you need not suffer so much. This is a great time, it is what your highest self and deepest soul has wanted – a shift. The new era is here and the shift of reality is happening. We want you to come home just a little bit so you need not suffer so much, come home in your hearts and relax.

With Deep Love and Reverence,

The Collective

Hello Readers,

When a message comes, it really comes. There is a very good reason as to why I was compelled to share this. A couple nights ago I was pulled out of a very light sleep to sounds of frustration moans and grunts. I know that sounds weird, but that is the best way I can describe it. Then what I saw was fascinating. I saw the faces of men in the form of a photo negative. You know when we used to get film developed and we would get the negatives? Yes, that is how I saw all these men’s faces and they were yelling, gritting their teeth and so incredibly loud. I realized this was a local thing, but as I felt into it more deeply, it’s actually a global thing. It was just men releasing deep frustration through yelling the most raw, basic frustration you can imagine. I found this so odd as I have never heard and seen anything so clearly before. Then it hit me about how incredibly frustrated men all over the world must be with just everything. I know everyone is, but this was an important message and it needed to be focused on the masculine. So, here is the channel. Just so you know, I learn as I type. I really didn’t know what to make of it, but I had to write about it to get some clarification. I am amazed and in awe of the intelligence that comes through me. I also learned something new!

I hope this helps someone or at least I hope someone out there can relate to this. You’re not alone and there is a real need to ask for help, and you can go inward to get it.

All my best,


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