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Hello Beautiful Souls,

You are our dream. You made the sacrifice to be human. Your dream is what you call your reality. You will understand quite clearly that it is but a dream when you come back home to us. Your dream can look like a nightmare sometimes and yet this is the way of living the human life. Feeling disconnected to something higher that loves you more than you could possibly love yourself. “We” are always there. “We” come in many forms. The “we” for all of you are different and the same. The “we” come as loved ones gone home, guardians of different shapes sizes and energy frequencies, there really is no limit to the “we.” From elemental energies to animals, to nature itself. “We” all love you. “We” must endure watching you go through your struggles. Like a loving parent, “we” give you berth so you can conquer your lessons and follow our nudges to listen, listen to that inner stirring telling you to go this way or that.

Your dream was to be here now during the shift. What soul wouldn’t want to come to Earth when the last shift was 2,000 years ago? We hope you learn to usher in the new energies deep within your dream. The energies we speak of are the equally balanced masculine and feminine. Slowly but surely these energies are coming in. Sometimes like a slow faucet dripping other times like a rushing, flooding river.

We ask you to be very awake in your dream. Look and listen to everything going on around you. Do not be fooled by misinformation, deceit and lies showing you a much bigger nightmare. Stay connected. Stay focused on your heart for it is your anchor to us. Now that there will be a bigger balance, using your other senses will be imperative. The mind is nice, but the other senses sleeping inside need to be awakened. Grow that seed of compassion for others. Grow that feeling of responsibility to all. You are ALL interwoven, none of you are separate. This is the biggest trick of the mind upon incarnating. You are all brothers and sisters. Your actions DO affect others. Your thoughts affect others, it’s time to wake up in your dream and start directing it based on your highest self. We know your highest self and it has a big strand of your essence with us here.

You have such limited time in a body so make it count! Speak your truth. Go deep inside the wellspring of knowledge that lies within you, do not be afraid anymore. Look into the eyes of your family and ancestral lineage and think how to heal all the pain. Fear is just pain, heal family pain within your dream in any way you possibly can. Have you not been shown these last two years how vital family truly is? Have you not been taken from your busy, noisy minds and been shown how sacred life is? Make your dream count.

Know what is of value and what is not. Do not waste a second of your dream dwelling on the small. You are here for a reason dearest one. Be the soul you’ve always dreamed of being like when you were a child. Only do what you know you can truly do. Do not be a “fix it angel” for many have their own path to heal their own issues. Only be and do what you know you are here for. With all of the energy sucks, stay focused on what you can actually make a difference with, never over extend. It can do more harm, which is never really talked about, but just be aware of it.

Sculpt your dream. Be the dream master. Sculpt the reality you wish to live. If you are out of ideas go to your inner self to find peace first. Go quiet again, and again, and again until you find the still waters of peace. You know what works for you. Be it music, silent contemplation, cleaning, taking a shower or bath, walking, being with your favorite pet or quality time with your child, whatever works for you, do it. For miracles are made from the peaceful mind. Creativity flows like a waterfall from a peaceful mind and heart in sync, as a unified front. You can still have a job and sculpt your dream. Your dream doesn’t mean what you do all the time, it can be how you wake up and greet the gift of a new day. Remind yourself to make it simple. Each day is indeed a gift.

The dream feels real. The dream can be very real. When you come home you will see how the dream isn’t real, but a creation of thoughts, feelings, ideas, quantum physics, and how it dissolves once you are no longer walking and living on Gaia. Gaia attaches you to your dream, why not make it a good one?

You can even feel other’s dreams. Pay attention to how you affect their dreams too. It’s time to activate all senses in your body and spirit. Activate the energy field you put out as you walk around your life. You have important things to say, so say them before you no longer have vocal chords to reverberate them out into the world. Time is of the essence. Gaia is restless and shaking off the debris. You are all at risk. Be conscious, be aware and be kind in your dream, for your dream is not only just about you.

With love and blessings from a higher realm,

The Collective

It has been months since I last wrote in my blog (or channeled rather). I have been through a lot of changes this summer and not all of them pleasant, but just part of life. This is a message to help us look at our lives (dreams). To look at our life as if it were a dream. I still have a hard time understanding this concept, but I find it fascinating. For all of you struggling in your “dream” I hope this brings some comfort of some kind. Our lives aren’t always what we thought they would be, for better or worse. What I get is that this is a message to still have faith, know you are loved and don’t give up.

All my best to you and yours,


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