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Dearest Souls,

This is an important word for you to embrace. If you have never felt resilient, now is the time to learn this word and pull it into your mind and body like never before. Our channel knows much about this word, as her life has been a series of tests in resilience from a young age. Many of you who bear gifts have been given difficulties at an early age. These difficulties in life are some of the most powerful gifts your soul asked for and we delivered. You didn’t come here to smell roses and walk around in bliss with never a problem or concern in your human life, that is what coming home to the garden is for, no duality, no separateness just being one with God as you continue to grow your soul.

The moment you took your first breath the “trials” would begin in your human form. From feeling hunger for the first time, to all the other countless emotions you would endure as you aged second by second. Being in human form is truly a dance between light and shadow or joy and pain. All of it is necessary. All of it must be accepted. To be at war with all the shadow your life brings you or you bring yourself is at total odds with your entire existence with being human. You see, you WANTED to experience all kinds of shadow to grow, it’s essential. Why come here if you all you wanted was to stay in oneness with God?

Resilience is your strongest ally. Resilience will get you through anything that comes your way. The deepest sorrow and pain, to the feeling there is not one soul who cares about you on the planet. Resilience is the ability to overcome. Simple. Not complicated even though your mind will relish in complicating this one word. Resilience is found deep inside of each person. You were born with the ability however, it is your choice to activate it or not. It is your choice to overcome or be overcome. Resilience is your best friend to weather every storm internal or external. From every devastation you could possibly imagine, you can always fall back on that inner strength of resilience, it will never falter, never leave you behind. It will be with you every moment that you need it and not only that it will make you feel very proud of yourself – and you should be dearest one. You should indeed look at your magnificent selves and be very proud of what you have overcome, what you are overcoming at this moment and what you will overcome.

When you think you can’t go one step further, that there is no more you can possibly do, turn to your inner resilience. It grows slowly though, and sometimes it is the kindness of others who magically pop into your life when least expected that encourage your inner resilience. These are our earth angels. They are unaware of what they are doing, but they are perfectly orchestrated to come in and give you something you didn’t even know you needed. Do not judge these people who randomly come into your lives and then perhaps disappear or become life long friends. Do you think all awe and wonder has been lost? No, you just forgot how to feel it and mostly have taken it for granted. Sometimes your resilience is indeed strengthened by those who come in just at the right time to hold your hand.

In order to truly grow resilience, it will require tough life experiences. Some of these experiences look like – the loss of a loved one, a disease, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, self-loathing, hatred of others, hatred of self, hopelessness, playing the victim, fear, financial ruin, abuse, and loss of connection to anything bigger than yourself. We know so many of your shadows, we know so many of you are so brave to endure such hardship, yet so many of you prevail.

It’s time to think about your resilience now, think about how it has served you. How you continue to endure when under the most difficult of circumstance. Many of you are going to be experiencing new kinds of hardships that you truly believed weren’t possible. We are talking about the weather patterns on your planet. Be prepared beloveds. You are all at risk. Be prepared to change and be prepared to be flexible for you all may have great changes you will need to make in order to survive. You will need your resilience more than ever. Do you think these hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires are all there are? The Mother Planet has done far worse things in her history. Be prepared and know that your world is changing dear ones. Every day it is changing little by little. You and her are connected you see. You are part of her, but she will not stop what she needs to in order for her to survive. Be resilient, be flexible and learn to change! What SHE is saying is that the current way of living is not working well for the environment. Do NOT rebuild in the areas she has destroyed – do not! Pay attention, change your behavior, change the way you think about HER. She supports everything and she will destroy your precious dwelling if it is not in alignment. There needs to be balance and if you continue to build, build, build, where you should not – it will eventually be destroyed. Be smart and resilient, and flexible. You do not own her. You don’t even own your land, it is hers. You are merely borrowing it. Do not be so attached to your location that you can’t move. She is asking you to move, please listen.

All imbalances are eventually righted. Welcome your hardships – all of them. Look at them as DEEP soul lessons. Your human brains have forgotten all of the lessons you asked for, and that is fine, but why fight them? Embrace your shadow experiences as the foundation that helped sculpt who you are, they are amazing gifts.

Talk to your inner resilience. Sit in silent contemplation. Make a list of ALL the difficult experiences you have over come. Even if you are on your deathbed, use your resilience as a sling to pull something higher toward yourself. Death is just…death of your corporal, it is nothing to fear. If you are meant to come back you will. Make peace with death, know that an entire world awaits you in death, know you will be shown a playback of your entire human life and you will learn what utter love and oneness feels like again and your thick coating of amnesia will dissolve away. Be resilient in your own death if that is the place you find yourself in. All is well.

We love you with the deepest, truest love that you can’t comprehend yet,

The Collective of Higher Selves, Our Channel’s Higher Self and Many of YOUR GUIDES

Wow. This one was a doozie. It had been building up like a pressure cooker and I am not all together sure I wrote everything they wanted to say. Yes, resilience. It is such an important skill, ability, whatever you want to call it. I know that having people magically show up when you need does indeed happen and yes in the moment I have totally not seen the awe and wonder of it. There is really a lot to unpack in this post. If this is triggering in anyway, I apologize, yet I know that means there are big lessons for you here. This was a big group of energy as I wrote this. It was not just one source. It was as if many souls came together and funneled their words and ideas into me to make it one feeling but it was heavily layered and this is the first time got and “identifier” as YOUR GUIDES! So, imagine how many souls were speaking here at once!

Ok so some of the takeaways were:

  • To grow your resilience because you’re going to need it!
  • Move if your home has been destroyed by any natural disaster – not like a new state or country, but to a place that is more aligned with nature.
  • Shadow is just as important if not more important than light, it’s an incredible teacher.
  • Be flexible and thoughtful when a disaster or a challenge comes your way.
  • To be at peace with death and to find a link to something higher
  • People come into your life for a reason (earth angels)

What are ways you have been resilient? What do you think about this?

Lots of love,


PS- My Guides reminded me to share this beautiful, powerful and very fitting song to listen to as you read (I am a music head after all).

4 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Thank you for these words. It’s spot on with what I’ve been experiencing. I’m pretty proud of myself for getting through some incredible hardships this year. Through all that I’ve experienced, I’m feeling more grounded. Like a old layer has been peeled off, still a bit fragile but experiencing things with a fresh, new, grounded outlook.

      1. Hi Gina! I am so happy to see your message, thank you for sharing this on the blog!

        I wish I could take credit for the writing but I can’t. They truly are not my words. This blog is to share words from spirit to help everyone or to teach. It has been made very clear to me that this blog is not supposed to be about me but to be used a tool for everyone. I was filled with so much spirit with this last post that I heard from people I haven’t spoken to in months. There was a very strong vibration and I am so glad you felt it too! ❤️

  2. Hi Joey,
    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is amazing what our resilience can get us through. Healing does take time and when trauma happens it is like layers of an onion being peeled off, layer by layer the healing happens.

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