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Audio for Love Is What You Are

Dearest Beloveds,

Let’s talk about love. You are made of love, you give love, you receive love, you birth love, you ARE love. Love is so deeply woven like a braid within your DNA. You crave each other. You have a “love hunger” inside of you that desires another. Humankind has done remarkable things for love. Not all ending in peace, yet all motivated by love. The desire to share your love is almost not of your control. Imagine how we love you. Imagine what we have given you that allows your desires to never stop. Partnership/romantic love is like an insatiable need for so many of you. No matter what your partner looks like, the need to share that desire inside of you, to share your passionate heart it is something you will never be able to remove from your being. For as long as you live, that desire is deeply coded inside of you from the Creator. You will always want to share your heart with someone precious. You are meant to know love, no matter how large or small. You are meant to feel it in the physical when you are born. One of the reasons your soul yearns to come back is to experience the physical. The touch of another is not possible in spirit. You take if for granted. You take your own bodies for granted because the act of touch is just so common. You forget when it’s not possible any more. What about the touch from someone else or from you to another? To have it grow into a loving embrace sends shock waves through the universe. The energy you emit from your bodies when in love and in touch is a measurable, palpable energy radiating out from you and going out into the world. Imagine how good that is for humanity and the earth! Love is healing, love is the antidote to so much stress and pain, love requires peace, forgiveness, acceptance, and awareness. Be present with your love. Be aware of those you love. Don’t leave them behind in the rat race of life. Don’t forget them. All you have loved have been changed by you. Every act of love and heart sharing has left a residue of your energy body onto theirs. Your molecules have interacted with theirs and whatever you created is in the universe beyond the world and the inner universe inside of each person. Why would God even allow you to do such things if it didn’t have a lasting, staying power of some kind? Even if those you have loved are not your partner, it doesn’t matter. Energy has been shared, memories have been made, and the residue is still there.

We are only going to focus on the truest, heart-bound, kind of of touch and sharing. We are well aware of the shadow side of this. That is for another time. Heart sharing love is the love you focus on before your take your last breath. This is the stuff the soul has deeply imprinted and recognizes to be the Most important thing before leaving the body. This kind of love is also from parent to child – all elements of familial love. Heart sharing is real, true love. It’s easy to do. You wouldn’t be alive without love. The cells immediately look for ways to create life. When done with the highest intention and good it’s the most beautifully orchestrated miracle inside your inner galaxy.

How many movies are about love? How many songs are about love? How many books are about love? So much art is inspired by love. So much endless creativity is birthed from a deep feeling swirling around love. You are made of love, yet you are so complicated by it. Sometimes you misunderstand it. Sometimes it complicates your life so deeply you feel like you’re drowning.

What would happen if you all took down your mental barriers and really owned the love you have for another? What would happen if you loved with ferocious courage? What if you could stop the mind chatter and just love and show people you care. What would happen if you stopped and talked to the homeless on your way to work? What would happen if you lived from your heart more and just gave your mind a break for one day? What if you let your heart be in the driver’s seat and you allowed yourself to feel into people a little bit more and gave them just an ounce of love? To be clear we are talking about showing someone a deeper level of understanding. Giving someone a hug, saying hello, checking in to see if they are alright, or simply saying, “you look well.” How many times does your mind stop you?

The trick to this earth reality is that you THINK you’re not connected. You think your words don’t matter, You THINK everyone will be fine and no one needs your attention. What if they are you and you are them? What if? What if you all speak the same language through your heart? What if there is no denying the clarity and certainty of the language of love? Be it a friend, a lover, a stranger, a neighbor, a child, someone from a completely different culture and country?

You are drawn like a moth to the flame to love. You truly don’t want to live without it, and it wouldn’t be much of an existence if you didn’t have it. All of you have someone you love. All of you. Love is the cornerstone to your life. All things can function as long as there is love somewhere. You can breathe easily knowing you love someone. You can also feel enormously good knowing that you love yourself – the most important soul in your life. The only one that will be with you as you depart to the next chapter.

Some of you find yourself very lost in love. You have complicated this very vital ingredient in your soul or you have lost your courage to love others due to immense pain. We understand. We know the struggles you go through. We see the journey you must take to find yourself again, to find your connection to love. We say be at peace with the journey and embrace the journey. It is up to you when you are ready to open yourself up again to that wellspring of nourishing life force that is love. It will lengthen your life. The heart energy that emits, heals as it emits. It sends out healing vibrations to you and everyone around you in the distance of your energy field. One day your scientists will have proof for you to witness the magnificence of your ability to love. It’s almost a magical power. You can push love onto someone without them knowing and you might be surprised when they respond.

Before we leave, we want to remind you to not be afraid dearest ones. Do not fear giving or receiving love. It is the life force of humanity. Don’t withhold. Your ego will be so afraid, so fearful of embarrassment of the things that true fear is not based from. Just know that you could change a life forever by being yourself with love infused in all that you do. The goal is to give the love without thinking about it. Give love to a friend who is great pain or just having a bad day. As the Hopi have said for years, “You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.” No one else is coming beloveds. Be the Divine Spirit of Love that you always have been. Do not let the mundane insecurities of the earth plane prevent you from being your divine loving self. Be you and be unafraid.

With the deepest love in our hearts for you,

Our Channel’s Higher Self, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and The Collective Love Energy from Departed Souls.

I can feel a kind of pull on my heart as I reread this post. I have felt pulls on my heart for days before writing. This is such a multi-faced subject. I could write (channel write) an entire encyclopedia based on love. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. I find myself crying looking at examples of love in my life. All the amazing pictures I have as evidence of love, sometimes it takes my breath away. We as people sort of live a lot on auto-pilot. I know I do. But when I see photos that are true, powerful examples of love, I remind myself that I wasn’t thinking about it so much at the time, I was just be-ing. Being in that state of happy love is so powerful that we don’t always know it when it happens, but we can see it in photos. I see it in others when I am paying attention.

A big takeaway from this post is – pay attention to your love!

All my best to you and yours,


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