The Divine Looks Just Like You

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Dearest Beloved Souls,

We want to clear something up for you. You have been programmed to think that you are not Divine. You are merely human and hoping just for a second you can hear or feel the Divine. We want to “flip the script” our beloved souls. YOU ARE DIVINE. What do you think you really are? You don’t need to wear fancy clothes, speak in a fancy way, or meditate on top of a mountain (or your beloved couch). You are it! You are magnificent, did you know this? Yet, you only live with about maybe 1% of this in your awareness. YOU ARE DIVINE, BELOVED! You come from God, God is in within you, God is woven into you, God is part of you forever and always. Due to free will, you have so many choices before you. You get to decide how you want to live your life. You get to decide to love or hate yourself. You have all the power to design your human life. This is an important reminder. The Divine Looks JUST LIKE YOU! Look in the mirror. See the flaws? See the winkles? See the light behind your eyes? Hear yourself being silly? You are made of something far more than just what you see, yet what is seen is exactly what the Divine looks like. Feel these words, let them seep into your bones. You don’t need to look outside for some goddess type of archetype – you are it! Imagine harnessing this belief into your core? Imagine what you can do with this kind of belief in yourselves? You are so deeply loved by us, but look at how perfect of a creation you are. We understand this kind of speaking triggers your ego, however, just take a moment and breathe into the possibility that you are DIVINE.

How would you live your life differently knowing this? How would you conquer your earthly trials differently? Can you see yourself taking back your power? Can you see yourself walking hand-in-hand with God? Can you see yourself like you’ve never seen yourself before? There is no perfect type of person that is only DIVINE- you are divine, having an earthly, human experience- period. You are not acutely aware of this because most of you are still “asleep” and have not awakened (we shall call this spiritual awakening for now). This can no longer be a secret dearest ones. You can’t afford to live from a lesser place. This is for your greater awakening to understand this and please do so with GREAT humility. You are old. You have had many lives. You have been to the other side many, many times. Each time you come back you promise you will do better. Are you doing better?

Take your struggles and believe us when we say they are lessons. Your soul can accomplish anything. If you find yourself lost in fear, imagine what your Divine self would do with fear. Be the Divine Soul that you are. Be him or her. Grow your faith in yourself if you still can’t grab onto the concept of God. Start with yourself. Be humble. Be wise. Be able to surrender. Be in repose. Be your deepest, truest self. Your struggles will be struggles no longer if you truly embrace the magnificence of yourself. You don’t need to DO anything, just be, just be you, your presence is a perfectly organized symphony of molecules emitting onto others.

What does presence really mean? Why do we say this over and over? Because beloveds, you don’t understand. You are consumed with doing. You are convinced that you won’t make a difference unless you DO something, you are incorrect. Simply BE-ing is enough. Showing up to give your presence (whether you say anything or not). You are bringing your DIVINE body to a location where just showing up will be enough (it is felt). You are all receptors for one another. Imagine how beautiful it is to see all of your DIVINE selves supporting one another – it brings us great joy.

Presence is simple. Show up for yourself. Show up for others. Be the person someone needs or be the person YOU need. LOVE yourself dearest ones. For you can’t give an ounce of yourself (in real sincerity) without loving yourself first. You deserve your own love, do you really know this? You deserve to be happy, to be proud, to rejoice with victories you never imagined possible, yes this is the Divine Spark. The Spark is felt by everyone, and your Spark could ignite theirs.

Imagine how you would live differently if you really understood that you are exactly what the Divine looks like. Think about this. There are no gowns. No crowns. No bowing. No fear. No inequality – just you. You think you can’t do something? Think again. You were put on this planet to prove exactly that to yourself! Imagine.

Our Divine Selves Honors The Divine Beings That YOU ARE.

Please take our words seriously. We know they will trigger all kinds of deservedness issues, ego, and self-worth, but trust us, you are far, far more than human.

With love, respect and clear vision of what you are,

The Collective Divine and Our Channel’s Higher Self

Okay. Well this was something I didn’t expect to write about today. I have been feeling this towards myself, but didn’t dare share it with anyone except a very dear friend. So apparently, this is something everyone needs to hear. You don’t have to be intuitive, psychic, a medium, a channel or even a Christian to be Divine. This is kind of a big deal! Boy are we ever programmed!!! Yikes! While writing this, I was well aware though that this is not something to start ego-tripping over. You still have a lot to learn, and your “trials” will help you keep all that in check. However, how wonderful to really think this about ourselves? I totally struggle with this concept. It just feels wrong, right? It feels like “no, we couldn’t possibly be that, could we?” I guess the question for all of you is: can you embrace this?

With a ton of love and respect for all of you. I hope this helps if you’re struggling with something. I hope that maybe you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “The Divine Looks Just Like Me.”

I think what “they” are trying to say here is that we are at our core Divine Beings, but we are all having a human experience. We are not God, Archangels, Guardians, or Guides, BUT our basic fundamental component of our soul is actually Divine. I truly understand if this is a really hard concept to wrap your head around. I am a little more nervous than normal to share this post due to the triggering nature of the message. Try not to complicate it. Try not to think of it in biblical terms, and just try to keep an open mind about it. Practice seeing yourself with this as truth for just minutes at a time if need be. Feel how this might actually cause you to walk around the world differently or with a kind of power you never thought was there. At the end of the day, just have FUN with this!

All my love to you and yours,


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