Receiving: An Act of Self love

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My Thoughts About Receiving: An Act of Self Love

Dearest Beloved Ones,

Greetings from the other side that surrounds you with love. There is an important element in your being that blocks forms of love, almost on a daily basis, and this form of love of allowing is called receiving. Women tend to have a particularly hard time with this powerful act of self love. We understand that there has been some conditioning or programing that has occurred deep in the psyche connected to energy around this word. To receive is considered selfish, is it not? To receive is considered a burden onto others, is it not? To receive is perceived as almost being harmful to ones own self respect, is it not? Why has this very simple, very important act of receiving become so demonized? When you block yourself from receiving you literally throw away the love someone else is trying to bring your way, did you know this? Why is it that to receive something from another is considered a weakness of some kind? Do you truly believe that if someone wants to buy you lunch it means you are weak? Is it so self-centered and selfish to accept an offer of a friend to bring you a meal when you’re having a hard time. In ancient times, the people lived in a more collective structure. During this time, your community looked out for you and you were very appreciative for it because it could mean life or death. In your modern world, you may not have such a severe life, but the act of allowing someone to help is so utterly complicated. There is a great imbalance in the modern world (especially with women) when it comes to receiving. Why would you deny a friend to go out of their way to be with you because YOU don’t want to be a burden? Do you realize that you are stripping the other of their offer of love? Why are so many walls put up at the mere possibility that you may be vulnerable and actually need help? The ego in the modern world has become too self-important and too absorbed with what people think. You are shattering the flow of love to come to you in waves when you deny another the act of service. In ancient times, one would never dream reacting this way. Today, it takes courage to allow help from others or even to ASK for help. In the modern world, asking for help is full of self-loathing, loss of self-respect, and embarrassment, we want you to look at this misguided awareness with a magnifying glass.

Would you deny our love for you? Will you put up barriers to stop us from helping you? You may say no, yet you do all the time, and we still keep trying. You do need to ask Beloveds. You must be clear with your requests for us and then you must surrender to the outcome, timing, and then what is revealed, you must remove your ego from the equation.

What about those of you who “do everything” and never ask your friends, your partner, or your family for help? What about the empty, heaviness that fills you because you do everything for everyone else. This doesn’t even always happen because you think you’re so much better, it happens because it’s a tragic habit. We call this “tragic” because the further you become unbalanced in your life with work, family, home, friends, social engagements, causes, etc. you leave room for a hole in your energy field that becomes dangerous. The stress begins, the anxiety builds, the worry overwhelms, then… the dis-ease of all kinds starts to show up. Do you see what we are saying? You may be taking care of everyone else, but yourself and you may get so far out of balance that deep down your heart hurts, and deep down you become very vulnerable to illness. This illness can look like any possible illness out there from mild to severe. SELF LOVE IS RECEIVING! It’s simple. You are not meant to do everything for everyone. It’s not in alignment with your heart center, energy field, and deepest truth.

The next time someone in your life (be it someone you know well or not) offers their heart in whatever form that may look like, STOP take a deep breath, and say, “yes.” Say, “yes” even if it feels so uncomfortable you can barely stand it. Say, “yes” our cherished Beloveds. We beg you to say, “yes, okay,” or “that would be nice, thank you.” This is taking care of yourself and ALLOWING love to come in. This is not about being ashamed. Where did that come from Beloveds? How is shame or guilt even part of this? Are you so unworthy? Are you such a disaster of a creation that you couldn’t possibly deserve someone to offer to pay for your gas? An important distinction we want to say is that please ask those in your family to help if they are not. Sometimes people just don’t know how little they are doing. Ask for help from those whom you have helped so effortlessly. If you are severely out of balance, remind them what you need. It restores what you all need in your life, reciprocity.

We see a shocking tragedy of pain bodies growing in so many of you at the denial of love from others. The antidote? Receive with grace. Grace is powerful, grace is felt, grace opens the flood gates to self love. You are worthy, more than you could possibly know. You are worthy of someone’s help or favor. Take a deep breath and imagine guilt-free receiving. Open your eyes and see how silly it is to constantly deny this from your life. To RECEIVE is an act of SELF LOVE. There is so much judgement in your modern world, we see it everywhere. We ask you to take a moment and pretend that judgement doesn’t exist. In our world it does not, but in yours, it’s abundant. Give your ego a break, ask it to take a vacation and allow the flow of love to come in and fill your heart with support, community, love, understanding, and respite. Take a break Beloveds. You are not being lazy. Take a break and just breathe into allowing yourself to receive. Receive with grace, Receive with self-respect, Receive with honor, Receive with God in your heart.

Please take our message into your being. We have seen what this great imbalance in the feminine and masculine has done to the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers we love. Open the food gates beloved children and allow the golden energy of abundant support envelope and heal you.

With Love, Grace, and Support,

The Divine Feminine, Our Channel’s Higher Self, Mother Mary, Magdalene, and The Divine Goddess

This message has been burning inside me for some time. When I asked my higher self what I needed to write about this week, immediately I wrote down on a piece of paper, Receiving. This is a big problem, isn’t it? I struggle with it, I know all the women in my family do, either from pride or maybe the fact that we have become such a DIY culture? I don’t know, but I do find and have experienced that men don’t have as big of a problem with this as women do. Honestly, I think we are just way too damn hard on ourselves. Why? It is so silly! Like there is some invisible group of people watching us and taking score of how many times we asked or accepted help. I never really thought about how ancient cultures must have received so easily. I love that they brought that up. It really hits home how we really struggle with just naturally allowing ourselves to receive, even if it seems mundane or silly. Recently, I was at the mall and a kind gentleman saw how I was struggling to carry a new rug I bought and offered to carry it to may car! Guess what I said? “Oh no, that’s okay, I got it.” WHAT??! I did it. Exactly what they said we do. Believe it or not, there is a collective energy boost in your heart center when you allow someone (even a stranger) to help you. It’s called Collective Support. I see a vision of a pendulum swinging back of forth in equal balance of giving and receiving – The Reciprocity Pendulum. Oops, I think I just channeled that because I have never said that in my life! They got me again, and apparently needed to add that.

Before I end this post, I was given another vision of how absurd it would be in ancient times (think of the time of Jesus aka Yeshua) if a woman who lived in a hot, desert-like climate, walked miles to her well to fill up her clay pot of water and brought an extra one for you, would you actually say, “Oh that was so sweet, but I plan on walking to the well myself even though I am dehydrated and super tired, and might die on the way, but thanks!”

Try allowing someone to help you in any shape or form – please. Just try it, you might (omg no way) even like it.



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