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Hello Beloved Souls,

Do you think it is just a random occurrence of events that your soul came to earth? You were selected or “chosen” to come at this time not only to participate in this global shift – a shift in consciousness with what it means to be human, but to experience all the dissonance and re-balancing that your world so desperately needs. How is this re-balancing going to have a lasting affect? Look within yourselves. As we have said countless times, you are one with the earth, but let’s dive deeper. What kind of legacy are you going to leave before you come back to be with us? What kind of energy are YOU going to seed with in the energy fractals of the earth grid? What will you sow? What will you be remembered for? How will your energy alone help shift the human consciousness and heal the planet? Sounds like a very big job, but you are an integral part of this plan and because your human life span isn’t all that long, what do you think you will leave behind to be integrated into not only the planet, but the minds and memories of generations to come? And you thought your existence was so small – the joke is on you sacred children. You are our brave, courageous and resilient ones. If you’re even interested in reading or listening to this message from our channel that means something about you is aware or remembers or just simply knows there is more to this human life. We applaud you for remembering that little inkling of knowing deep within your soul that maybe, just maybe there is something more.

Your legacy is your essence. What kind of “list” can you make of traits within yourself that you know to your core represent you? Did you know that these are the things the world actually needs? Every bit of essence that you carry within you is unique to you. Even if it is has the same name, for example: love, integrity, laughter, forgiveness, peace. Only your unique frequency of this essence is original. Think about what you are made of. What are you made of? What will be your sacred legacy when you leave?

If you feel stuck in life, push yourselves. If you feel that you have no legacy, please dig deeper. You know what is unique and special about you, and the best part is, you share it with others the second they are with you when you are completely unconscious of it. It is your gift to the world beloveds – and the world (earth) remembers.

To add another dimension of flavor to this. We would also like you to reflect how different locations on the planet (near or far) have enhanced your essence. Every part of Gaia has it’s own unique vibration. How do you feel when you are in different places on the globe? What different parts of you does this stir? From old memories that you can’t understand why you have, to surges of energy that are truly not explainable, to tears of remembrance from a bygone era deep within the folds of your soul. Now, how do these feelings enhance the legacy you want to leave? How have these feelings, experiences, memories shaped you into the glorious soul you are at this very moment? You are one with Gaia and SHE helps you come into your own self even more. From sitting quietly under a tree, to witnessing the vast expanse of the grand canyon, be with HER. It can also be as simple as going from one town in the same state or country to another. It doesn’t matter. Think about how different locations enhance your essence.

Your legacy is your soul’s fingerprint upon the earth. Your legacy stays here forever; it helps shape the planet. You can Push humanity into evolving more deeply, you, yes, you have a big part to play.

We ask you to make a list of what you want to be remembered for. Take some time within nature and seed it into the planet. You are in co-creation with God and Gaia, you are one of creatures who shares this amazing planet with so many others however, you have great consciousness. Use this consciousness to seed your legacy within the fibers of the energy grid. It is truly a gift to Gaia. This is a beautiful way to give back to humanity and Gaia.

Think of your ancestors. Think of your lineage. What is your family known for? What traits are you proud of that come from deep within your lineage. Use this as a starting place – then go deeper beloved. Do not take for granted your life here. Do not plant seeds of shame within what you are doing or not doing. We ask you to stop it. This is not about comparing anything. This is about looking at all you have done, all you represent and owning it. This is about looking at your reflection and seeing God looking back. Together you are working with God in lifting yourself up, others, the planet and all who grace your presence, just by being you.

We see you. We are so proud. We want you to be proud of yourself.

What a wonderful creation you are. With peace, reverence and deepest respect,

The Divine Collective, Our Channel’s Higher Self, Yeshua, and Mother

Hello Friends,

My goal was to just get to my desk today and write. As usual, I didn’t know what I was going to write about. Even though the Reciprocity Pendulum is coming as a blog post, this message was more urgent. This post is more of a call to action than my others and I truly want you to do this – to make a list of your essence that will be your legacy. I think this is an important exercise. It is validating. Think about your children and what they are going to remember you for. If you don’t have children, think of your family and friends. One soul kept coming to mind as I wrote this and that was, Robyn Williams – he left one hell of a legacy. We are all making a big impact on the consciousness of humanity, he just happened to be famous. We don’t need to be famous of course, just us. I personally don’t think I could handle being famous, and I am glad I am not. So, in full disclosure, and because I want to share, here is my list:

  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Resilience
  • Courage

What are yours?? Please write it in the blog!

With so much love,


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