the reciprocity pendulum (Balance = Peace)

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Reading of The Reciprocity Pendulum (Balance = Peace)

Dearest Beloveds,

It is time to talk about the quality of your relationships. Finding balance is the key to a healthy life. Balance is essential with food, sex, vitality, relationships, nature, self care, and your connection to something bigger (Universe, God, The Divine, etc.)

Do you have reciprocity in all of your relationships? Do you feel an equal give and take in all of your interactions? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel you give in equal measure to what you receive? We are referring to: acts of service, quality time, touch, gifts and words of affirmation. Do you recognize these words? Yes, we are referencing The Five Love Languages as some of you may already know. They are valid dear ones and not only for romantic partners. But we would also like to add: connection and conversation as we find them extremely important with reciprocity.

We are asking you to think about your actions to the ones you call friends and partners. Maybe you are the giver. Maybe you are the receiver or maybe you’ve never really thought about this. Like an equal moving pendulum going back and forth so too should your relationships. Back and forth – give and receive, back and forth – expand and contract, back and forth- left brain and right brain, back and forth – food and waste, back and forth – inhale and exhale. Do you see what we are saying? Like your relationships, your entire life system is based on balance. Once out of balance, all kinds of things can go wrong.

Life is a divine dance of balance, that is where you find peace. Within the reciprocity pendulum resentment never grows. Peace is the love child of Balance. The pendulum keeps steady time. The pendulum will go on and on unless stopped. The pendulum simply doesn’t work if it is disrupted. Where in your life are things not working? Where has your pendulum stopped? Where is the equal measure of giving and receiving been stopped?

This is a request our dearest ones. This is a request to look deep within yourselves and your relationships and even your life operating system to check what is in balance and what is not. Do you wonder why you’re always angry? Do you think you can’t possibly stand this person for one more minute? Do you look in the mirror in disgust with shock of how you’ve changed? Do you wonder why you’re ALWAYS depleted from certain people? Do you wonder why you have become so ill or just sick all the time? Balance and reciprocity are vital. The goal of your lives should simply be to find your way back to peace (through balance and reciprocity).

With love and blessing of self care, we urge you to let go of relationships that never bring you the sweetest fruit of fulfillment. If letting go is too drastic, simply see them for who they are and bless them. Revise your expectations and seek others who will provide healthy reciprocity. Not everyone is meant to be your best friend. Look for the reciprocity in your life. Awaken with this understanding that you deserve and need reciprocity. It’s very much like having a conversation with another person’s “God Self.” When two “God Selves” are in communication, a deep soul connection that is truly nourishing is formed. This is what we want for you and this is what you can find. True reciprocity is not always easy to find and this is a great exercise for you to bring into your life. We are not judging others for not fulfilling reciprocity, we are simply saying, “keep looking.” We are also saying, “release your resentment when another simply doesn’t know how to give you reciprocity.” Sometimes even your life partners or spouses can’t be everything to you, that is why community is imperative, and it also takes the pressure off of one single person from being the only ONE for you.

Your modern culture has lost the meaning of tribe. With empty messages so quickly dispersed with hardly a thought, no wonder there is so little reciprocity. Your tribe is your core people in life. Who is your tribe? Seek them out and do so patiently. Use discernment when developing your tribe. Tribe means those people who are 100% true to reciprocity. Tribe means the people who will have your back and provide the mental, spiritual, and emotional support you need when you are in despair. Not everyone can be tribe and your tribe doesn’t need to be big, but in order to create tribe, reciprocity must be at the foundation.

There is a lot of collective anger in the energy field around people across the world. Anger is a quick, hot emotion and too much of it all the time can greatly deplete your mental health. Look to what is making you angry before going into to blame and shame of another. Take a minute to go inside yourself and ask yourself if you really want to be feeling anger. Look at what could be at the root of this anger. Is there reciprocity? How does your constant anger hurt you more than anyone else? How can you find your way back to internal peace? Once these steps have been taken then go back to the person and talk OR this entire episode could just happen within your mind without even needing to talk to the other person because you’ve resolved it and therefore dissolved the anger (if not entirely, maybe to a calmer level where you’re not so reactive when talking).

If emotions were fuel, your planet would never run out. Those emotions could send a rocket into space. Reciprocity you see is the key to a sense of wholeness. We see a giant lack of this in the collective mental chatter of humans. Communication (like social media, texts, and empty emojis) leaving you more empty than before, is a lack of any sense of community and tribe. For a reduction in your anger, and for a deeper connection to not only yourself but others, look for the reciprocity pendulum – the simple back and forth of giving and receiving.

We love you with all that we are and we see you.

With deepest respect and reverence,

The Divine Collective, Our Channel’s Higher Self, and Many of the Master Teachers

It’s funny when I get the push and download to write about something like this, it never comes out how I truly expect it to. I have been sitting with this for some time. It takes time for me to allow the space for this to fully take foot. With the holidays and all kinds of business and frankly emotions, it has taken me some time to write this. I sincerely hope it makes sense and resonates with you.

So some of the takeaways that I got from this were:

  • Be discerning when creating a tribe with people who really have reciprocity
  • Let go of relationships or expectations of people who simple don’t provide reciprocity
  • Don’t judge or blame them just bless and release them
  • Anger in the form of resentment can come out of too many relationships without reciprocity
  • We need balance in our lives for all things to be at peace
  • “Peace is the love child of Balance” – I love this one! Trust me, I have never said this before or even thought of it.
  • We owe it to ourselves to find peace and to find our way back to peace when we are angry (it’s okay if takes some time )

Lots of love to you and yours especially over these trying holidays,


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