The Importance of Hearing, Seeing, and Feeling Your Soul

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Dearest Beloved Readers,

What does your soul sound like? What does your soul look like, and how does your soul feel? Do you ever take the time to simply be with you? You are the most magnificent galaxy we know, but do you know this? It is a never ending abyss of experiences, traumas, stories, memories, energetic braids, wounds, love, sensitivities, karma, lessons and so much more. All of your lifetimes are bound up inside your body. All of your lessons painful and wonderful are stored deep inside your soul, housed in your body. Enlightenment can be attained, healing can happen, profound growth can transform you, yet you seem too busy to notice. There is great potential inside of you. Potential to get crystal clear about who you are and how to use this “borrowed” time you have on earth effectively. With all that is happening in your world today, don’t you think that now is the time to really get to know yourself? When was the last time you were still? When did you listen to Mother Earth’s call to be with her? When have you sat in prostration to the Divine? Never? Maybe once or twice?

It is time dearest ones. It is time to wake up and look within. Be still. Be quiet. Listen to the inner workings of your soul. What is it longing for? What are you constantly denying it? Why does “busyness” override your soul’s calling and yearning for something nourishing? Where does your soul come from? If it continues after you leave your body, then how many times has it done this and why? Why are you here now? What’s the point? Why do you continue to live while so many around the world right now at this time are leaving their bodies and going home?

Listen. Observe. Write down what it says. Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you completely frozen with fear? Give over everything to God and ask for help in your deepest, most sincere way that your heart knows. Did you think that you didn’t need God anymore? God has never left you, WE have never left you, yet you think you know better all of the time. Your soul is a gateway to us dearest ones. If you don’t have faith in anything, if you think all this “God-business” is rubbish, go be with your soul. Your soul has a funny way of linking you directly to the Source. Your soul has a very effective way to bring you back to center and to Mother Earth. Is nature God to you? If so, what are you waiting for? Go be with her! Nature is everywhere, She is everywhere and she yearns for you too.

There is a connection here we are leaning towards, can you figure it out? There is a big link between your soul, earth, and God. The trinity if you will. We will even go as far to say that the more you work on BE-ing MORE yourself and in alignment with your soul, the better it is for Earth and the closer to God you will feel and then you will experience peace.

We say this, and it is simple. Find a time every day to be with your soul. Be it 5 minutes or 30 minutes- be with YOU! You deserve it. You are worth it, and YOU may be surprised what your soul tells you! Process that old anger, free yourself from that old sadness, love yourself like tomorrow will be your last day, be present with your family and most cherished ones, listen to what that beautiful soul of yours (who is perfect in every way) and what it wants to tell you.

If you simply can not do this, our channel, Samantha was born with ability to hear your soul. She can help you connect deeper into yourself. She is here for you and has a special process to connect with your soul with your permission. We would love to see you do this for yourself, but if you are struggling right now, she is ready to open herself up publicly to offer her services. She hears your soul, writes the message down, and then you can read it, feel it, and be with it at your own pace. It can be triggering, but we say, “all the better.” She doesn’t know what she is writing, but she feels everything even if you haven’t spoken to her. She will be sharing an offer soon to everyone, but we are simply giving you a heads up, our beloved readers. She is getting ready to share more of her Divine Samantha self in order for more healing and awakening to happen. Please be patient as her offer is still in the works. She is sitting with her soul more than ever to move her “inner mountains” and to find her way to peace; it takes courage for her to offer this gift to you.

The goal in this life is as Yeshua has said in the book The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace (channeled by Carissa Schumacher), is to have the best of both worlds while you are alive. Being alive on earth while having a relationship with the divine – this is the only place you can do that. Yeshua said, “Belong here. To this body, to this wine of your blood, to this bread of your bones, to this planet you call Home. Belong to your world. And equally to Spirit. The beauty of this existence is––you get both!”

How beautiful to have a connection to your soul and to God. To equally bring both energies together to create a communion inside yourself. A reminder that you are way more than you think you are, and that you have support no matter what life throws at you, and that there is nothing to fear.

For some of you however, you will need to do some work with connecting to your heart, and that giant soul of yours to wake up and perhaps do a course correction in your life. What is not working for you? What controls you? Can you give it up? Can you ask for help? Can you go inside and connect to the core of who you are (who you’ve always been)?

In this new era of human existence, it’s time to truly live your best life. Now, more so than any other time on earth, it is actually possible. Your best life means a life that brings you into balance with your soul, your connection to God, and complete alignment with Gaia. It’s not even necessarily happiness, but BALANCE. So, let’s start with simply connecting to your soul and what your soul has to say to you about you. Consider this as self-help and self-discovery on “steroids” as you like to say.

Samantha will be announcing her offer soon, but until then be in peace with yourself Beloveds. Find space within your day to BE with YOU.

We honor you with the deepest respect and reverence – PEACE BE WITH YOU,

The Divine Collective, Yeshua, and Our Channel’s Higher Self

Happy 2022 Everyone!

I have been processing so much since December. Dealing with lots of healing personally and sending out energy to friends and family who equally need healing. I don’t know about you, but wow these last two months (December and January) have been very hard. I am not sure if it’s my own “funk” intermixing with the collective “funk” but wow, questioning everything in your life, is scary yet so important to do (a reevaluating of sorts). I hope everyone who reads this has been hanging in there and doing alright. I do feel intuitively that 2022 will have it’s pros and cons, more and more is being brought to the surface so stay strong and ride the wave with as much flexibility, humor, and self love as possible.

As for this post, I need to explain a couple things. First, I have been pushed by my soul to dive into The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace. If you haven’t heard of it, please check it out on Amazon. It is a channeled book by Jesus. His real name is Yeshua and Carissa Schumacher, a dear friend and guide of mine, finally agreed to put herself out there and do this book with Yeshua, it was not by her choice. This book is very, very transformational and will trigger you, make you feel connected to something you’ve missed your whole life, and guide you like nothing else. I never believed I could have a relationship with Jesus/Yeshua until now. I was super turned off by the church and listening to lectures about a guy who I couldn’t relate to and frankly didn’t understand or find his teachings all that clear, too much seemed to be under “mans” interpretation so it was hard to accept. BUT, this book changed everything for me. It is RELATABLE in this modern age. There is no talk of Hell or Sins or any of that nonsense, it is only about you finding your way back to peace. It is for people in the now. If you feel compelled please order it and listen to it. The audio is even more powerful! I find it a must for walks or in the car when I need to connect.

Second, I am pushing myself deeper, and deeper into why I am here and what is it that I can really offer people besides my blog and podcast (Soul Journey on Spotify). I do have the ability to deeply tap into your inner galaxy. It has been something that I am refining and working on in order to help people connect to themselves and something way more than that. They are called Letters From The Soul. I will dive into the description more when i am ready to offer this, but I have to say that Spirit jumped in and wanted to share this on the blog before I even was ready to offer it. It’s a weird way to do self promotion, I know! It’s just a matter of getting out of my own way.

Even if the world falls apart further in 2022, I hope that we as individuals can at least grow internally. Find more love, more truth, and more understanding to feel good about being alive. This is our life. We chose to be here. It never was meant to be easy, but we can grow a lot, and find peace along the way.



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