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Dearest Readers and Podcast Listeners,

It has been a very long time since I did a writing and audio recording, the reasons are many, but the time has come where the calling to channel again is beyond me, and I must listen and share.

Firstly, I want to thank all of you who have tuned in to what I share, it makes me so incredibly happy to know that someone out there is listening, and if my words help you in any capacity, I feel liberated and on track with what I am being called to do.

The last months since the end of December until now have been full of ups and down and so many trials that I needed to walk through for a much bigger reason than my human comprehension.

I call it the Great Pause. This pause was for my own shadow to consume me, bring me into places where I did not feel the Divine and was firmly grounded into the 3D. In early January I decided to adopt two beautiful furry souls from the streets of Khobar (our city center in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia). After losing our spirit cat Snowball (whom we adored and brought us so much peace), I heard the call of two souls that needed our help. We adopted two beautiful kittens who needed a home and I made the initiative to make it so. What I didn’t know was how these beautiful souls would test my ability to care take for such tiny creatures. They were full of ringworm, ear mites and had extremely weak immune systems. On top of that, one of them surprised me by going into heat at just 5- months-old and she sort of fell apart before my eyes. She lost all her fur and looked worse after she was in my care than before. However, after months of quarantine in my sacred office space where I could no longer work, they finally got the green light to be fully integrated into our home. It was an extremely trying time to keep them locked in a room for 8 weeks and then to build them up with the right kind of food which took a long time to figure out. So, in a nutshell I finally have my office back where I can create and connect. It takes privacy, quiet and no distractions for me to connect. Then my own depression, hormonal imbalances due to peri-menopause and the need to be there for my son and husband took center stage. Being a sensitive person requires a lot to step away from others’ needs in order to fulfill your own. In other words, I got very drained.

Another big factor for the Great Pause was going through something called The Death Corridor. My spiritual teacher and mentor Carissa Schumacher explained to me that From December to March all the Light Holders as well as most of the collective population on the planet was going through this. It was powerful. My connection to the Divine seemed very far away. Entrapment into the 3D with no higher love or connection completely consumed me. I had no motivation and I could barely get out of bed. I wasn’t sick, but utterly exhausted. A few people noticed I wasn’t myself and I could see my ability to reach up was lacking and I knew it would pass, but not sure when. I really didn’t want to be around people at all. I felt overwhelmed by everything and just didn’t have any energy so something had to give and unfortunately it was my podcast and writing. This was a time of hollowness, a fallow period for me to go into. There was no avoiding it. Loads of emotions, frustrations, and a deeper examination of what is not working for me was coming up. Furthermore, I had to walk on the coals and just trust that I was okay and that this would pass. What I learned was this was my death and now resurrection into a better, stronger, and even more shiny Light Holder than before. When Easter came around I could feel a big shift happening to me and some new abilities like mind reading were getting much, much stronger. It was like I went through a complete reboot and all systems needed to be shut down. I just wish I was prepared better or had some warning, but alas it is over.

My podcast and writing will continue and I hope to line up some amazing people to talk to come September! Now, onto my guided message for today. I have been aware of all the mass shootings in the United States, and although I try not to consume too much news, it’s imperative that I know what’s going on in the world. Sometimes it really feels like the world is falling apart. With the war in Ukraine to the mass shootings in the United States, to the spread of a new viral disease called Monkey Pox, to the economy tanking, to the housing market frenzy, and baby formula supplies in dire straits, what more? Well there will always be something – always. Here is what I am being guided to share with you:

Holding The Peace

Dearest Beloved Souls,

Now more than ever you must as an individual and collective find your inner peace. We truly are not attached to how you find this peace, but you must. You alone are not responsible for all the tragedies in the world. You are however responsible for your peace and we are urging you to work with yourself more than ever. You must create any kind of personal practice to get you back into your heart. Give yourself 2 minutes in your car. Be still and quiet. Find your center and feel, feel, feel. Feel into the web of life. Feel into the interconnection of all souls to God, see the oneness between all of you. Have you forgotten what you are? Dearest loved ones, you are love. You are not hate. You are not fear. You are not above anyone else. You are a walking, breathing, container of love. The mass population has forgotten this. We see how you have forgotten this. This is not just a simple answer to things. This is a Divine Truth of your soul. When you fall out of love with life and with yourself you become so dangerous. Find your center. We are not going to be easy on you anymore. Remember who and what you are. You are a child. You are still taking your first steps of development as a species. You only feel what’s around you and mostly what’s around you is false fear. Go deeper beloveds. You have the ability. You have the courage. You have everything you need to find your way back to peace; back to your center. You must be discerning. If something you are eating, watching, hearing, seeing doesn’t feel right, step back and go inward to check in with your inner intelligence which is a direct line to your God Self and God. Everything that is not working in your world is coming to a head, do you see this? Everything that is in complete misalignment has a giant beacon of light shining on it. This is us. This is your higher self saying, “look at this!”

The very best thing you can do when you feel your world is falling apart is to Hold The Peace. By holding the peace you raise your vibration and like an electrical charge, that vibration springs off of you onto the next person. Be an example with your peace. Stay calm in the storm. We are there holding your hand, saying, “you can do this.” You came here for a big reason and you came here to experience all kinds of pain as well as all kinds of love, but at the end of the day you are love. It is your basic foundation. Go back to that. Keep it simple. When the news is causing your heart to break, breathe deep and go to your inner peace and find your connection to the love bridge to God.

You alone, are not meant to change the world. You alone, are not meant to carry the burdens of all of those suffering, BUT you alone can hold love, light and peace in your heart for them. Everyone is your brother and sister you see. The great Oneness you feel when you’re in our Garden is gone the second you’re born. You are however, given a life line, a chord, a thread of connection that brings you to us, but you must find it. This connection from our love to your love will allow you to weather any storm, and there will be storms, many in fact (literal and metaphorically). Why stay separated from your true being, your inner truth, your peace? We do not want that for you.

Your peace will set you free. Your peace will inspire others. Your peace will shatter the mind chatter of the false narratives. Your peace is your Divine Lighthouse – let it out!

What brings you peace? How can you go to this place in your heart? It’s simple beloveds. Remember all the feelings that brought you peace if even for a nano second: The smell of your beloved’s hair. The warmth of your mother’s arms. The fresh air nature gives you. A beautiful vista that brings God just a little closer to your heart. The sound of rain. The touch of your child’s soft skin. The knowing that you helped someone today. A silent prayer. A humble awareness of life. Watching a birth. Listening to music you created. The voice of an angelic musician. You are all those things. They are not just outside of your body, you embody them! You are love no matter what life shows you, you are love.

The best thing to do to help all of those suffering is to hold the light for them. Hold the light for all those who are lost. Hold the light for those you feel hatred for – for they need it the most. You are not their final judgment. Share your glowing peace. Savor your peace. Love your peace. Imagine it as a warm glowing ball inside your chest that radiates out to the world. That is how you can help. That alone will be felt and will make a difference. Resist anger – go deeper and go higher.

Most of you are not operating from your full capacity. You are just doing the basics to get by and then you fall off and sink down into depression. You are not your depression. It is merely a symptom of a disconnected heart. Plug yourself back in beloveds, hold the peace, and share your love with everyone. The time to hold back is over.

With the deepest love and reverence – Peace Be With You,

The Divine Collective, Our Channel’s Higher Self, Yeshua and Mother Mary

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